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A DMS&UY revival? Indeed. The Trump versus Biden, media, Pelosi & DNC, and Big Tech epic that many witnessed, though many missed it—a necessity, sadly, for that which was witnessed required non-witnessing spectators for it to matter. Exactly. Russians did it. Hunter Biden never had a laptop... And here we are. So spectacularly surreal.DMSaUY Logo

I spent the last 6 weeks of the electoral campaign trying to fight disinformation through various digital means; I was triggered in action out of sheer disgust, heeding the warnings of freedom-obliterating threats amplitudes worse than any evil deeds you've been told Trump is capable of! The scare? Didn't we all read the same books as teens and/or as angst-filled or idealist beings (sure, movies, too), which painted as heroes those raging against the all-consuming mighty steampunk machines of corporo-governmental oppression?!

It'd be nice to think that many failed to grasp the extent and gravity of events due to social media apps being too bright and gleeful—made by unicorns, after all—but does anyone really believe that making all apps dark & grim would steer us away from dystopian drear? And there's the rub, and punch, and burn! Meanwhile, riding on ignorant bliss or raging anti-Trump hate, the Woke & Winded were waging peaceful beatings and vicious cancellings on the stunned Awake, who veritably feared for Freedom, but were too afraid to freely talk about it, for only weirdoes (and white-supremacists) feared the Kafka-esquishly Engelsian sitcom of Orwellian dark-titude that clearly unfurled before us...

So much to explore. And far too many money-hungry, ethics-lacking and irresponsible yet grossly-overpaid raconteurs, shamelessly snuffing out their profession with arrogant stupidity, passing themselves off as the "news", pounding us with petty op-eds and propaganda if not with contentless, lowbrow-gratifying, syllabically-restrained clickbait. These people are at the heart of society's cancers, though that's not the narrative that pays their salary, so...

Evil Looms Over Corporations

Why do I care? Because communication and information, humanity, too, are things I truly value, and because unfettered self-expression sits amongst what I hold dearest, but, mostly, because the real worth of the latter is best captured through a concept like challenge;  I aim to challenge, positively.

Also, because I'm a writer, to the core, which means that the pain of writing is far less than the pain of not writing; having a space such as this is a necessity of sorts for someone like me.

So, albeit you may not understand or agree with all that's expressed on the site, and although I'll rarely offer direct details of my personal life unless these are vital to contextualizing whatever happens to be the actual focus of a piece, you'll nonetheless get a clear and honest glimpse into my being. And yours. Providing you like being challenged.

To learn more about my approach to activism within this context, please read: A Word On Activism

Thanks for being here.