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On top of all the living and experiencing in between engaging and studying, having copiously examined others goof so I could avoid similar blunders... well, I tried—that's what counts—so, please do know that, adding to those countless hours, are many more spent reading and researching, and thinking, and, occasionally, typing; this is an investment I've generously endured just for you, and countless others like you, who love the potential thrill that lies in wait in between a capital letter and a period... Wait for it... there:   .

That said, we're on the fast lane to bridging the info freeway through data-driven vehicles as we merge on to the super-highway for a victory lap.

For non streeters: We're integrating data features, making all our research material available whilst creating a rich source of references. For you. 

Knowledge Management

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Political Realms And Poles

WereVoting Canadians

Media Mourners, Maniacs, and Morons

MSM Logos Plastified v2

Abbreviations & Acronyms

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FBI - Hate Crime

FBI HateCrime Header

Ethics & Conduct: Data & Journalistic

Ethics WorkAndPersonal v2

Culturing Cancellations

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Race, Racism, And Social Justice

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Datasets, Databases, And Data

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US Government - Judiciary Branch

US Judicial Branch v2

US Government - Representatives

House of Representatives 113th Congress

US Government - Executive Branch

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The Biden Admin

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