This version of DMS&UY is now deprecated. A data-focused service app that caters to media needs is in the works, one that isn't dependent on having a more costly server hosting package that grants one full access to do with the space as they will... which I can't afford to have presently; full freedom is never cheap.

A new version is up and running ('/pdl-app') but with coding still left to do before being useful to anyone. So, back in my bubble I go...

You may encounter some errors as the php version (prog lang base for this project) was changed to 8.2.4 while the original build relied on 7.4. I tailored the required packages and setup to be able to run both versions of DMS (no budget + big ambitions = creative solutions), but emphasis is on the new and there could be quirks. Also, there could be issues with the redirects, taking you to an error page that is itself an error...


Just One

black box v2

The Usual, Hitting Me Harder...

Sorry HEADER 2 v2

US Empire Flashbacks: Domination Despite Idiots Leading The Way

Iraq Bush HEADER

The Brain, The Division, And The Ugly - A Vid Confirmation (Unherd)

Brain Division False Vid UnHerd HEADER

Polly Ticking 2.95 - Reviewing the Volting Form

PollyTicking 2 95 HEADER

Police. More Defunding. Even More Problems There - Part 3

PoliceDefunding Part3 HEADER

Police. Defunding. More Problems There - Part 2

Defund Police 2 HEADER

Police. Defunding. The Problem There


Hear About The Uterused Birthing Person Who Claims To Be A Woman? Yep, TYT


Floyd's Pinko Roger Vodkas Against The Sheep And Pigs - On Media And War

Riots HEADER France Israel Waters 3 v3

The War Between the Peace People

Peace Supportiung War HEADER 2

Warmongering for Dummies - Preliminaries And Foreplay

Ukraine v2 ResizedImageWzk3Miw1MDBd.ATaleAsOldasTime HEADER

The Brain, The Division, And The Ugly

LeftRight Brain HEADER v2

Biden Oopsies - More Piles Of Them

TheBidenFiles v2

2022 - DMS&UY's Up Yours Awards

DMSaUY UpYoursAwards 2022 HEADER 2

Hunter Biden’s Laptop And Twitter Files. On Censorship And Tribes

HuntersDickPics 3

RBN v. AOC And Caucus-Left. Confusing Whining With Revolution


Reform v. Revolution? Have A Reforution! - Polly Ticking 2.875

ReformRevolution HEADER 45 Polly2

Reform v. Revolution? More Preliminaries - Polly Ticking 2.75

ReformRevolution HEADER 3 Polly2

Oh, Ye, Of Little Jewish Faith! Kanye's West Goes South

WheresKanye HEADER

Hell Hath No Fury! Two Devils Meet A Stewart, And More

ThisIsntUkraine HEADER

Two Herds, One Flock; No Hope. Zero Change?

pdl TwoHerds HEADER

Big Missiles And Little Richards: Western Pin Pricks

BigMissilesAndSmallRichards HEADER v2.pngPNG

Tribes, And Seeing What They Want

WhatYouSeeIsntWhatYouGet Header 5 1

Being Cosmically Screwed And Universal Rights Or Wrongs. Some Relevant Events

Cosmic rights HEADER

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