The Street

Hello! Welcome to My street. 

And, please, don't speed through; feel free to park your eyes on DMS&UY's pages, either to take in some info or simply to enjoy the view.

Despite my initial intention with this iteration of Down My Street & Up Yours—this is the fourth—I wasn't able to separate the opinionated self-expression that is DMS&UY, proper, such being the outlet's very raison d'être, nor did I wish to go back to using Process Data Logic (PDL) in order to keep 'serious' business stuff from the less refined and more raw, humour-driven punditry, mainly because, unlike before, I've a hard time seeing these two spheres existing without major overlaps.

And it provides a far more universally positive means of 'putting my skills to good use' than the usual exploitation of data and info usually imposed on one through corporate enterprises, this due solely to the nature of corporations and their legal obligations (i.e., make a profit) and what this entails in terms of focus. 

The core is built on an open source PHP framework and makes use of source codes from some open source apps as well as that of projects I'd previously developed in order to quickly marry functionality to that which is my main focus: data and knowledge management.


A few things to note about the site:

  • Do know that some portions are not optimized for smaller screens, nor is there a plan to do so. The reason for this is simple: some things shouldn't be done on one's phone, and there are some things that one simply doesn't want to do on their phone, which includes anything involving large tables and detailed graphics.  As such, anything that one can qualify as work—or as being work-like—which involves tasks that one would expect to do on a desktop or notebook computer or brand their boss as torturous tyrants were they forced to accomplish their days on their phone... such spaces aren't fully reflexive.
    That said, emphasis has been placed on making sure text-based pages are reflexive for optimal reading on any screen size.
  • Also, you may find the menu situation an overkill. That's because I want the freedom to devise the best menu strategy, which is an aspect that's refined over time, with usage, and also because I absolutely hate context-specific menu options that force one to trace—or retrace—a specific path to access the menu option that will lead you to that page you wanted... Making sure certain parts are always easily accessible from whatever page one is on is part of that.
  • Setting up a fully-flexible and highly-useful base that can take advantage of new Machine Learning technologies, data object approaches, and APIs in order to apply results to a wide range of case uses that are relevant to those with a focus on info-gathering and data-driven presentation, this isn't something that one can achieve overnight unless focusing on a single task. Datasets have to be built and structures and end points have to be present, and functional needs and process steps established so that the system is being 'trained' in a manner that actually concords with reality.   
  • Current limitations come with the hosting package that presently fits my budget (a major part of what had motivated a rebuild) which, in turn, imposes restrictions on certain implementations and data flow strategies (I/O usage often hits 80% at idle with current GETs and event listeners, and CPU load sits at about 26% with a regular (uncached) page load... slowly nearing the limits of my current package. If an investor: DMS&UY needs one of those. Perhaps a few?   


Check out the links available either through the navigation menu on the left that's available on this side of the street (if not on a phone; a button to access the menu should appear at the top of the page if on a small screen).


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Updated: 20-Aug-2023