War & Peace. A DMS&UY Update

Posted: Aug 6, 2023   3:30:32 PM   |   Last updated: Aug 6, 2023   3:30:32 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Yeah, yeah... I know: Where's new posts, damn, it?! What's up with this non-posting poster, crap?! What kind of lazy, non-communicative "info" dude, am I? Jeesh!

Fire me, somebody!!!


I apologize for the delay; got caught up in the backend, then, couldn't post... Long story made real short: Bugs and stuff. Some guy named Bob. He musta goofed. Maybe.

I still haven't been able to resolve my rendering issue on my base model but I simply extended a new 'base model' base model.

It. Just. Shouldn't. Be.

This one's gonna bug me until I solve it or die. Screwy goings on in there that I can't wrap my head around. I extend all my other base models from that one rather than reprogram for each, and all works correctly and renders on each, but not the base, which contains the controllers and scripts.

And, yes, if wondering, I start my array at 0. 

By the way: Here's one sure way to tell the diff between a programmer and someone not possessing a programmer mindset: all programmers start a "0"; everyone else starts, logically, at "1". For 'normal' folks, the first apple in a series is #1. whereas, for a programmer it's:

If apple_count > 1 then "first apple" = 0.

Wherever normies see "1 through 5", programmers see "0 through 4".   

Just one more way in which we all see the word in our own way. 

Made some good leeway despite not being where I wanna be, and time is starting to press; my window is closing soon, which means my having to focus on a job...

I also decided on implementing important structural changes, doing so now as I know I'll regret it later otherwise, and the idea and plan came after, seeing some obvious problems with the filters. 

That said, it's now: Realms --> Spheres --> Categories --> Tags, with Country, Persons, Organisations, and Sources as isolated relational Category tags  

In the meantime:

Allow me to offer you a different perspective on war and peace, from a Japanese minimalist composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, who passed away in late March; another among many sad losses.

I'm not a huge fan, if only due to the 'electronics' increasingly involved in his creations, but he certainly was an adventurous musician who delved in some of my fave areas of exploration, namely, loops and cyclicity, and I've a genuine fondness for his 'vocal' works, which draws many parallels with those of John Adams or Philip Glass' done in this vein. ("Einstein on the Beach" offers some real goosebump moments).

He's collaborated with some truly great 'greats, and left behind a musical archive well-worth exploring, one that isn't about 'sales' and 'radio plays', making it healthy brain food for all.

The lyrics are by Arto Lindsay. I wasn't aware until I dug up this live version—which I may like more than the album cut—and I mention it as... well... he's just... um... ain't no other like him...


There's far too much beauty, none of it deserving mankind's ugliness.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - War & Peace