Third-Party Path Feels Wrath! And Coming Soon: Russiagate 2

Posted: Jul 22, 2023   9:49:23 AM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:18 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Freedom & Democracy. It comes in two flavours: overtly rightwing and covertly rightwing.

Both taste like seagull shit (SS). If I know, it wasn't by choice; there's some places you only have yourself to blame for looking up with your mouth open. No need to verify, trust me on this: You never forget the awful taste that lingered long after the gallons of anything-liquid used to rinse your mouth. Never.

But, because we all die and there springs forth a new crop of voters, the two parties are able to continue the cycle that turns hope into SS out of BS. Seems like we're entering an SS phase?   

Thank goodness that the US is the freest and fairest place on earth across all four dimensions of spacetime and the seven other hypothesized ones, too, for I'd hate to see what kind of treatment Biden challengers would receive otherwise, and how much more apparent the bullying would be for someone like Cornell West, an independent. 

CNN tried to reason with West, get his assurance that he'd support Biden once he's convinced that he's wasting his time. Kaitlan Collins had a first go at him, but blanked out and accentuated her duck-facedness in reaction to West's anti-war rhetoric, and she did give it a good attempt to get him to condemn only Putin—no one else—but he'd say weird, non-Capitalist sounding stuff, and, so , she'd blank out, and failed. 

In came Anderson Cooper a few days later with another West interview and another go at setting him straight in front of the voters that form his shrinking audience. Cooper opened the way then faked a left and leaned in for a solid right hit with the mention of the 2nd Chechen war and Grozny (the 1st being under Boris Yeltsin), which can't possibly be compared to Iraq, which Cooper knows, having been in Iraq—LMAO—and been told what to say about the harm inflicted on Grozny.  

"You can't compare [what I make sound like the apocalypse] in Grozny with actions that the US took." 

Perhaps one should ask Iraqis and Chechens what they think? War is awful, period, but there's a stark difference in terms of savagery attained, the number of casualties several magnitudes apart, this clearer while taking a glance at Mosul, and the rest of Iraq and the hell that the US left the country in, including Libya and Syria, the last through Iraq as the US continues its attempts to eradicate Ba'ath "socialism" that seeks to unite Arabs, a dream of Assad, the father, hence why Kissinger screwed Syria and demonized Assad, a task he'd made increasingly easy, consumed by rage.

The US illegally annexed the portion of Syria that boasts the richest oil fields and steals its oil while it's been funding Kurds as well as Al-Qaeda and ISIL subgroups in the hopes that the country topples because it fit their geopolitical plan to have a Bendable Buddy Yes-Man in there instead of the people's choice. And never mind the BS regarding toxic gas—because one case was fraudulent, the rest shouldn't be questioned, obviously.

Everyone is guilty on the say so of the US, but even a pile of evidence isn't enough to turn the guilt on the irreproachable US, so sayeth the Lord.   

The CNN folks figured it was a safe bet to play on people's ignorance of events at Grozny, chances being good that West was a part of that. However, the high-end number of 35,000 casualties, both sides included, this being for all chapters of the Chechen wars, is eclipsed by the several millions, 70+ percent civilians, that were killed by US and allied forces through their War on Terror.

In between that: Sean Hannity loves being called "brother" and Fox News loves West but only so long as West promotes reasons to hate the Dems. 

The Atlantic, on their end, already established the vote-shaming model to use and the guilt-pounding phrases to come should the Dems lose. Ralph Nader is dredged up and facts and stats tossed aside, and West may be a black man, but the Liberals, they do know how to work their way around accusations of racism. Republicans often help with that. They also had a recent piece about 'America doing real fine' by Joe Scarborough, this establishing both why I nickname him "The Idiot" and that The Atlantic can no longer distinguish neocon wet dreams from liberal aspirations. 

A few days later, a worried and exasperated Cooper chatted with campaign strategist James Carville, who, looking very Cajun, somehow, in his posh kitchen, admitted to CNN's Anderson Cooper that he didn't want to spread rumours, but he received a link to a picture taken of Jill Stein in proximity to Vladimir Putin at a formal affair, which, to him, maybe, who knows... establishes that she's a clear Putin puppet and works for the Kremlin and Western democracy is threatened—don't fall for their tricks—it seems like... logically, but... uh... he wouldn't want to spread rumours or nothing. 

Carville is getting closer to the truth! Should he stumble on that phone call that Putin made to Elton John after he'd been pranked by Russia's Vovan and Lexus pretending to be Putin and then link Elton John to Emmanuel Macron's recent concert escapade, all he'll need is a picture of Stevie Nicks sitting on Sergei Lavrov's lap and he and Cooper will be one step too close to discovering the underground lizard people! What to do?! I must protect my speci—Oh crap! I forgot to switch to private mode again, didn't I? Forget what you just read. Thanks.