Student Debt. See! So, Shut Up, Biden Delivered. And DeSantis Struggles

Posted: Jul 17, 2023   1:54:25 AM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:22 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

With the heat of election fever boiling to a frenzy as we near autumn, the electo—What's that? Primaries. Really?! Elections aren't this upcoming Novembre? Next year?! Are you kidding me?! You mean things are only gonna get worse? Oh.


And Florida's Ron DeSantis is already running low on money (Williamson, too), his campaign said to be "burning through funds"? Are fake AI images and placing a temp hold on one's own preached ethics that expensive, or is it the frenzied anti-Trump and anti-LGBTQ video that drained campaign coffers? Double "antis" aren't cheap, I hear. DeSantis may want to consider better campaign managers, methinks, acquiring more campaign funds, too?

Trying to "shake things up" and rethink a new strategy is how DeSantis explained laying off about a dozen staffers this weekend. 

Frankly, I'm not gonna complain that, so far, everything about DeSantis' campaign took a wrong turn; he frightens me more than Trump as he's a firm ideologue in a way that Trump isn't, and he's shown that he's willing to executive order rightwing policies in to force his exceptionally white and hetero America on the country, and he's the kind who'd flex American muscles all over just to assert ol' fashioned strength.

Everything that is the essence of DeSantis is a throwback to the 1950s archetypal view of America, which sees any Commie and, therefore, "radical leftist Marxists" like Joe Biden and The Squad—who've offered next to no squadding lately—can only be dangerous enemies of the state pushing lethal social programs; any and all issues classified under "social justice" and "welfare" are anti-America cultural nuclear bombs, of course.

So, Biden wanting to wipe out a share of student debt, that's never been popular with DeSantis, ditto the GOP. Following their train of thought, your final destination is sure to be "inflation", which comes after "handouts bad"; in their world, all other paths clearly lead to everyone wearing the same pyjamas and sharing the exact same thought. Of course. Though that course is limited to America, per evidence. Must be the geography.

And, aware of it or not, Biden has much to make up for on that issue, "radical Commie policies" being what the working class were hoping for. The student debt proposal was big; it made all but the Big Money people happy.

So, the expected thing was what became reality: the promise took on the shape of empty election BS the Dems tried to play out while allowing their efforts to be blocked by the big meany GOP, who very easily had the Supreme Court overturn the Biden Bunch's student-debt forgiveness plan, claiming it "exceeded the authority Congress delegated to the executive branch."

Two possible routes, and not one Dem in the Bunch that's qualified to point out that Biden was choosing the wrong one by taking the "state of emergency" path? Any which way you slice it, nothing there to make the Dems look good.

But wait! Biden's working real hard to live up to his promise... it's not his fault... but if you vote for him again, he'll wipe all students debts—every penny—and re-instate that pond thing with the boats... oh, you know which one; that thing. Where people rent boats and swim... Row and wade! That's the one. He swears he'll take care of that, too. 

What's that? Roe vs. Wade? No, Biden never eats caviar; he prefers swimming. Now that the Biden agenda is clear, let's applaud these wonderful results: 

"President Joe Biden's administration will cancel $39 billion in student debt for more than 804,000 borrowers,"

In a statement, Biden boasted: "These borrowers will join the millions of people that my administration has provided relief to over the past two years – resulting in over $116 billion in loan relief to over 3 million borrowers under my administration," (Reuters)

The liberal media produced headlines proclaiming the grand news, all of them letting on that Biden fiercely got a win for over 800,000 (one said 8 million) who were seeing their debt being forgiven. 

But, like much else, all's in the presentation, and with a sinking administration, gotta spin what you got, and hope people see a rainbow and not another pile of BS, like this one:

The $39 billion isn't, technically, "relief", it's a correction made to the repayment program, which affects those who got their loan directly from the federal program, these being reimbursed through an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan. There was an error in the program limits and terms, and billions in interest overcharges... and only older loan recipients will benefit.

The IDR plan is meant to spread fixed repayments adjusted to one's income over a period of 20-25 years; the balance is then forgiven, if any left   


Statement from Biden: Statement from President Joe Biden on New Student Debt Relief Actions