Shut Up! You're Better Off, OK. Vote Biden.

Posted: Jul 26, 2023   9:07:46 PM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:13 AM
by Lee Camp. source for UA site and Pascal-Denis Lussier

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Glazing the events triggered by Dems and the decisions they take with a thin, surface-level shine meant to hide an unpleasant and voter-displeasing reality in an attempt to fool their base, and more, into seeing reasonable and people-focused out of BS and crooks is now, seemingly, a part of the establishment's efforts, it and the entities that are a part of its toolset—if not under its thumb—having creeped firmly into "anything goes" territory since Trump's turn in Washington, albeit this is a softer version of that.

What should present a serious problem and be cause for concern to all presents more cause for concern seeing how the tribal Dems and Trump haters seem perfectly happy to treat allegations of a pro-Dem establishment as the delusion of one's paranoia if not a malicious rightwing ploy in the same vein as the treatment afforded to issues that fit the GOP's Culture War narrative.

Well, saying "pro-Dem" isn't wholly accurate even if I think there's clear truth to that, the shift having been initiated by Bill Clinton's eagerness to help corporations do their thing outside US borders, the Clintons being prime members in a neolib globalist elite club that includes like-minded power-lusters from the older NATO countries. Nonetheless, saying "anti-trump" is what's near impossible to argue against.

Again: it's not that Trump is anti-establishment, he's just not liked nor wanted by the current establishment, as he's not a team player and got in the way of the Dems' plans.

And, yes, I do agree that a party embellishing one's results is nothing new nor sign of collusion, but the localised behaviour once expressed as peaks in outlets' visible biases has turned into a widescale practise across liberal media as well as more minor and indie outlets deathly afraid to be labeled as "rightwing". Since the latter half of Trump's term, certain outlets take clear pleasure in manufacturing all sorts of stories that paint the Dems as white knights while instantly negating—without knowing any details or having seen proof—any claims made by the evil ogre 'rightists', the reverse being equally true, of course.

That said, I'm not mentioning this story so all can rejoice given that, whatever you're living aside, you're better off 'since Biden took over', I mention it for the example it provides, the headline, "Americans are still better off, with more in the bank than before the pandemic", laying bare the author's political intent (link below).

That piece appeared in the Washington Post's "Economy" section, not the "Op-Ed" one, on 17-Jul-2023.

It's a piece peppered with anecdotes showcasing people who've found themselves making more money than before the pandemic, these imbued with a "get off your butt; money is waiting for you" vibe that downplays the stark downward path paved by rising costs and dwindling savings that the author mentioned, mostly in passing, and just for good posture?

Below, you'll notice that the title of the JPMorgan Chase report that the WaPo piece rests on specifies "March 2023"; trends indicate that the vast majority are now sitting square with that "pre-pandemic" number if not below, which is where many are heading should forecasted and broadcasted events play out as expected, Saudi Arabia cutting  back oil production being a major one.

So, there's much to peel in WaPo editors having allowed this to be printed: "Despite a year when inflation pushed prices to new heights, Americans are still better off now than before the pandemic, with nearly 10 to 15 percent more in their bank accounts than in 2019, new checking and savings account data shows."

That WaPo is now largely an establishment tool—ditto The New York Times—isn't a claim that finds much opposition other than denialist Dems, which is almost all pro-DSA Caucus Leftists.

That such an entity, which this particular piece is representative of, doesn't even discuss the report's two findings, below, and sees it fit to convert a surface observation into an opportunistically impression-creating headline with some text, that's cause for concern for me, because of the context that has brought us here, and the obtuse tribalism that accepts totalitarian-leaning behaviour as normal given what it means for their side...

Considering the 'mean machine' that Fox News is up against, one can't blame the GOP for its reliance on the network as they watch reality rendered flexible and always pro-Dem, certain entities spinning freely, their authority and good intent assumed and not to be questioned, especially when it's to divert attention from disturbing coincidences or to tip popular opinion—and that of the undecided—toward Biden and away from all else, especially Trump, such efforts being offered in combination with all sorts of denials and omissions, as well as very despicable ways of downplaying questionable activities, all of which centre around Kyiv.


According to JPMorgan Chase:

Finding One: Median cash balances for all income groups were 10 to 15 percent elevated by the end of March 2023, the lowest observed since April 2020.

Finding Two: Black and Hispanic households had consistently lower median cash balances than White and Asian households and saw greater relative balance gains during the pandemic; balance gains for all groups have since been depleting.


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Article: Americans are still better off, with more in the bank than before the pandemic | Washington Post