In Spite of Temper and Cluster, AOC Endorses Biden, Upsets Fans

Posted: Jul 10, 2023   11:08:33 PM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:24 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Confirmation has now been made public that the nasty temperament we'd seen hints of is far more marked than what the Dems had allowed anyone to believe.

Several members of US President Joe Biden's White House staff have recently disclosed having experienced Biden's tendency to snap and swear, showing sudden and increasingly intense irritation and impatience toward all those handling his day-to-day who need to communicate or validate info with Biden.

I'm no doctor, but I've experienced it and so have many of you, and we've all seen enough of Biden since 2020 to harbour the same doubt: That type of nastiness indicates that the dementia that accompanies alzheimer has firmly set in. Keep in mind that, despite all appearances, Biden's always been a bit of a snarky a-hole, offering plenty of clips captured throughout his career that feature him in mean moments, so that side of him becoming more prominent would also be typical of some of the changes experienced by folks of a certain age.

However, surely, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was aware of this aspect when she tendered her endorsement of Biden for the 2024 run, even if Biden's aggressive outbursts were revealed in the days following AOC's announcement.

Plus, at the time of making her endorsement, AOC definitely knew that Biden had given the OK to send cluster bombs to Ukraine—the hypocrisy is beyond enraging—which she remained quiet about, as she had done for the depleted uranium shells sent by UK, whose PM, Rishi Sunak, now frowns on the topic of cluster bombs, as if the lack of international accord made his act in any way acceptable (how this idiot became wealthy is a mystery; nothing impressive about him)   

Is the "transformation complete"? Genuine Dem blood is what now flows through her?

Or is AOC buckling down and playing the inside game more shrewdly? One can surmise that the position now held by Hakim Jeffries may have been AOC's had she not been a thorn in her first years in office. The sacrifice would have surely earned her more hatred—few seem to understand what an inside game entails—but the payoff would have been infinitely larger, though, no doubt, all would have fully turned against her by then, thus motivating petty, vindictive, and self-serving politics in the face of constant attacks calling her a traitor.

As regards the Progressive's chosen route, both they and the voters who support them appear to be lacking a firm, common understanding, and because of that, and based on what's seen, it's gotten real hard to trust AOC.