If it's Hip to Be Smart, and Smart to Be Young, then Biden & Bunch Bad

Posted: Jul 25, 2023   3:07:55 PM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:14 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

While young voters massively favoured Biden over Trump in 2020, votes being, respectively, split 58-38, and though no other age group had shown as much support for Biden as voters between the ages of 18 to 29 had done, per a Pew Research analysis, the Dems would be way off to think that they can capitalise on that difference again in 2024—young voters have abandoned the Dems. Almost completely.

And they have, do, and will, but, this time, they can’t blame the Republicans, period; their mess is entirely the expected product of the corrupt and destructive half of the power-hungry and ineffective system it’s an integral part of.

On every issue that matters, the Biden admin failed. Miserably. Overpromising and underdelivering.

And the whole "abortion" affair, far more than the trans issue, despite what some militant leftists and their mafia thinks, is what had made the real difference.

And those below 30 aren’t having it anymore. According to a June poll by the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics that was released today, support for Biden from that age group dropped from early Q2's 41% to the current 36%; it was at 39% at the end of Q3 2022. 

That pretty much signals to me that Biden is holding roughly the same level of popularity, immediate reaction to events indicating a tendency, not a drastic change. However, what that Pew Research poll shows that the Kennedy School numbers don't quite convey given how they're presented, is that the 30 and below group is quite firm: 94% say, “Up yours, Joe! Where’s Bob?” and opt for a completely different avenue.

Hold on!  There’s no reason to rejoice with utmost bliss just yet, as that “new avenue” isn’t this street. 

That's right. The world is a disappointing place, but cheer up, we're bound to live through naturally exciting and awestriking new weatherings.

And Cornell West is a better choice than this street, to be frank. Maybe(?).

And best thing about Cornell West is that, worse comes to worst and he's humiliated, we can look forward to the double-entendre of headlines like: "West lost war; faces facts" or similar.

Victories. Enjoy them. No matter how small. 

So long as they're real—tangible and provable—and not the Western elite kind.