Fearmongering Maketh Good Warmongering: BRICS

Posted: Jul 15, 2023   7:37:17 AM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:22 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

That Janet Yellen briefing she gave on her return from Beijing... whoa! She sure knows how to deliver a chilling moment; my mind keeps bringing me back to it. 

I'm willing to bet that it can be used to gauge the worth and honesty of one's geopolitical views simply by separating those who know precisely which comment I'm talking about from those who don't. However, here's the answer: The instance I'm referring to is the comment she made regarding the US dollar's role as global reserve currency, flatly asserting that the dollar was gonna continue to dominate and be universally accepted as the sole primary standard for many, many more years to come.

Everything about that moment creeped the hell out of me. The lack of emotion on the matter and in her delivery... yet, it was a comment dripping with menace and arrogance, and the cold detachment was a feature, passively suggesting a violent resolve if needed, for she was delivering an unquestionable fact that were to become fact by any means. 

Psychos. Power-lusting ones already dangerously drunk on limited power. And high on all types of drugs, too, it seems?

Yeah... OK. Let's just sit back and watch things get better, why don't we. I mean, how can it not?

The ability to hit stupidity levels that continually manage to surprise all isn't an easy feat, but it's just one of many rare skills that distinguish Western politicians from the rest, having perfected the talent to a degree that eclipses any and all competition.

The BRICS alliance; everything about it is sure to upset Washington, but they're the very reason that gave cause to the reasoning that gave it life. The White House has weaponised the very essence of what sets the basis for a relationship with the US, which it 'sells' as being both superior and secure. Yet, market crashes are now a part of tightening patterns with shortening relapse cycles whose cause can be identified as bankers and investment 'gurus' who are allowed to take all sorts of gambles that affect the world's economy while shifting massive wealth back to them, all without giving a thought to countless whose savings they scrapped, and that's when all's good and your country didn't piss off the US, doing so potentially linked to being too good a competitor.

The US, along with the EU and the whole Coco-Puffs Coalition, how many billions did they steal from other countries in the past few years alone? Absolutely, I call it "theft", for if it weren't for the same Loony-Tunes Team in the first place, there'd be no manufactured reason leading to what's presented as justification for freezing, for keeps, other nation's money.

It's long been clear to me that booting Russia from SWIFT was going to trigger a chain reaction leading to a dedollarization, and it's long upset me that the Crazy Crooners Crew either hadn't foreseen any of that or didn't care, and it's made me real nervous ever since the process was started then accelerated at speeds best captured on a Machmeter just how nonchalant and unbothered the Insanely Idiotic Ideologues were.

Then, Yellen's comment. Chill.     

And now, amid growing tensions and a Graham cracker that wants to invade the country, Mexico is seeking new global partners and it's considering the possibility of joining the group of 5 7 11 27 128 BRICS nations (not actual member count), the Annoyingly Avid A-holes' betrayed a twitch in their eye as a wince briefly floated past the proper power veneer. Finally, a clear sign that the Massive Missile Monsters were deeply affected, and a message, too, unofficially, rising from the bottommost depths of some lobbyists heaven: Mexico must consider this choice carefully, for it presents "a move that could significantly shift the country's foreign policy and its economic relation." 

And, so, what to make of the recent idiocy used to inject fear and amp the anti-Russian and anti-Chinese sentiments?

Here it is: BRICS is all a ploy to form an alliance with South American countries, and China and Russia are combining forces to surround the US, planning to move all kinds of military hardware as close to the US as they can! Be fearful, they warned, these being well-known media and military figures with a conservative leaning. Naming them is irrelevant and something I want to avoid. as I'm certain the narrative will eventually bounce your way and I don't want to send traffic in certain directions nor help establish as an initial source that may affect interpretation what appears to be little more than fear-inducing propaganda.

Oh, while on the subject: If NATO was no justification, why should anyone fear this??? 

By the way, did I ever mention that kooks are what's running things?