Biden's Bad Bunch Not Getting Smarter or Nicer - Abrams, Burns, Nuland

Posted: Aug 1, 2023   11:01:00 PM   |   Last updated: Aug 2, 2023   2:06:14 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

I fail to see how, exactly, Trump would have been worse than Biden—for the non-US world, that is—if not for all the frenzy and those derangements and all the baggage that follows Trump, but, otherwise, other than selling all on the idea that the Dems truly did intend to deliver on all those social sweets, this time... 

Biden is actually no better, and he may very well be a far worse con man. Further despite what some seem to believe, he's kept nearly all Trump policies (that really mattered) in place, reversing only fluff that corporations don't care about, and, for those really obtuse individuals who are convinced that Biden is still the better of two evils, though they only label him as "evil" to placate frustrated liberals who may jump ship and join the Republicans otherwise, well, do know that President Joe Biden now shares another convincing bit of 'evil' with former US Presidents Ronald ReaganGeorge W. Bush, and Donald Trump.

On 4-Jul-2023, Biden appointed Eliot Abrams. When one thinks "evil neocon," the image of Abrams is what should come to mind.

Under Reagan, Abrams was directly involved in the Iran-Contra scandal—a despicable bit of warmongering that included some heavy lying to Congress and all Americans—a role for which he was convicted on two misdemeanor counts of unlawfully withholding information from Congress in 1991; he was pardoned by president George H. W. Bush (Oliver North ended up being 'everyone's patsy?).

Not letting legal stuff deter Abrams from doing Satan's work, during George W. Bush's first term, Abrams, a strong supporter of the Iraq War, served on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Directo, and then, during Bush's second term, Abrams was promoted to the role of Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy, where he was put in charge of promoting Bush's strategy of "advancing democracy abroad."

Under Trump, Abrams was appointed to serve as the US Special Representative for Venezuela from 2019 to 2021, and as the US Special Representative for Iran from 2020 to 2021. In Venezuela, Abrams had been tasked with "directing the campaign to replace Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro," per US establishment wants; this had led to the hilariously incompetent 'coup' that saw the US-backed Juan Guaidó simply enter the National Assembly and call himself the new leader, an act that failed to bestow the title on him or to garner any recognition, though he did manage to confuse the hell out of everyone over the next four years.

Maybe a good thing, but: only under Trump could such a farce of a coup occur? That's what I would have thought, but with all the bumbling that we've been privy too...

On 21-Jul-2023, Biden appointed William Burns to a cabinet position; Burns is currently the head of the CIA, and remains as such, gaining no new powers others than to now be directly included in all cabinet-level communications and decisions.

Burns, author of the now famous "Nyet Means Nyet" memo concerning NATO's expansion into Ukraine; here's a once-diplomat who's now a model for those who are unsure whether they should fall in line and be a hypocrite, playing the establishment's game, kissing the ass of the upper brass, acting like they buy into the BS they know to be false, and wonder what good can come from that.

Burns isn't the the first CIA director to attain cabinet status. Former President Bill Clinton's CIA directors, John Deutch and George Tenet, both served in his cabinet, as William Casey under Ronald Reagan.

Since 28-Jul-2023, Biden promoted Victoria Nuland, another neocon superhawk who certainly seems determined to beat Abrams and take home the "Human the earth should have aborted - Underrated Evil" title.

Personally, I'm not fussy about the rules of such contests; I say they both win. Let's get rid of both. Strap rockets to their backs and send them both into space, I say.

Nuland is now Deputy Secretary of State, replacing a now retired Wendy Sherman (no relation to cheerleader mentioned in India-Part1 post; I must have unconsciously had that name in mind). That's, practically, one step below that other dangerously arrogant and myopic scum-snot ideologue, Anthony Blinken. Absolutely nothing there that ought to make anyone feel comfortable and secure; these mega morons believe that good diplomacy relies on citizens being braindead, apparently, because everyone else I know calls what they do 'being an instigating irritant and a veritable POS' and never do I hear "diplomat" or "diplomacy" to describe their brand of supremacy-stroking power-lusting that does nothing but inflict harm on others.

Biden's whole administration is one that makes me real anxious, and it doesn't get better when one examines all the revolving doors that went 'round and who's in all sorts of positions with fancy titles that obfuscate the "killer" one that applies best, and who's earned all sorts of appointments with even longer job titles to dissimulate the "contract killer" one while the job description attempts to paint scum as a deity for the developing world.   


Oh, yeah, speaking of Burns: Per a statement released by its Director, William Burns, the CIA is currently running a massive social media campaign to recruit spies in Russia.

So, in concordance with allegations made against Russia by the CIA, FBI, DHS, and others, vis-à-vis the exploitation of social media, as well as the ongoing CIA activities that Burn's statement indirectly validate, I fail to see why Burn's comment doesn't qualify as an open, freely-offered admission of guilt regarding continued, illegal activities perpetrated by the US.

The United States have been illegally spying on everyone for decades, even those they qualify as "allies" in public but call :"stooges" and "tools" in private. Ask Angela Merkel if you don't believe me.

There's something disturbingly wrong, mentally, with these people, and what they believe themselves to be allowed.

Thankfully, the world has had enough of these ass-hats, and portions of the globe are pushing back against all that oppressive, single-standard, neo-imperialist dickhead mentality that these appointees represent, as do their brain-damaged neocon handlers.