Putin's Answer to Grain Deal Woes?

Posted: Jul 22, 2023   10:43:08 AM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:17 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

As if having anticipated the West's desire to make Putin look like the devil willing to starve countless, having foreseen the blatant disregard that his demand to keep the 'grain corridor' neutral would receive, Putin affirmed his position immediately after the Kerch bridge attack, pulling out of the deal while Russian forces pummeled the port at Odessa, shutting off an important supply point and possible pit-stop for American and NATO ships.

Further, letting the accusations fly to then show them for the empty tactic they're a part of, Putin already had a plan to make sure no one starves, offering free grain, with delivery,  to any developing country finding itself in need of them, should they be at the bad end of the unimpacted grain trade that guarantees rich-country needs first.

Recall how only 30-ish percent of last year's crops that 'evil Putin held back to starve the poor' ended up going to developing countries in need despite all the moaning coming out of NATO people, the rest going to Europe.

The US... massive grain production, yet, how much has it alloted to help out last year when collective West elites complained non-stop that Russia was blocking the grain route that was, in fact, blocked by Ukraine? As far as I know, India willingly offered to pick up the slack (created by the West).

Then, you got Poland, which wants none of Ukraine's grain, blaming the quality and an impact on its grain prices.

But why am I still babbling. "Free"! That should be all one needs to see the true colour of evil.