And Then, Senator Mitch McCo...

Posted: Jul 27, 2023   3:51:56 AM   |   Last updated: Jul 28, 2023   12:30:12 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

I was wondering what was up with Kentucky's Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, but I think I got an answer yesterday as he spoke while his mind checked out.

While delivering his opening remarks to the press during Wednesday's weekly Republican leadership news conference, McConnell abruptly stopped talking midway through his sentence and stared off into space for 19 seconds—a long time when on air. Everyone thought he'd simply paused, but almost immediately, there appeared to be a swell of emotions that bubbled up, hijacking his facial expressions on its way to the surface as McConnell gave his all to keep the damn from bursting. One felt that McConnell had been overwhelmingly stricken by a deep grief, the loss of a loved one still too fresh, raw, but... no, as rapidly as they had appeared, the emotions dissolved to reveal the stupefaction of a profoundly puzzled man unable to speak, those few seconds surely sending many in a panic, certain that McConnell was having a stroke.

Whatever my feelings for the politician are, watching that, that was hard. It's the universality in what was witnessed, and the powerlessness we all must face.

For ourselves and those we love. 

McConnell had a nasty spill resulting in a concussion and a cracked rib last March when he fell after a GOP fundraising event.

Asked by a reporter later how he was feeling, McConnell replied that he was "fine". 

There's been no mention of a follow up with doctors nor have details been given if a pre-existing condition.  

Video: Mitch McConnell escorted away from cameras after freezing during a news conference