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Iran protest Montreal Feb 2023

Sep 25, 2023 - Iran and Blunt Biases Showing. An Anti Example


How many Anti-Iranian Iranians does it take to be considered an Anti-Iranian Nation of Iranians?

I hope it's more than two, and, if all get their say, I hope it's an even number of them, too, for their sake. If I'm remembering correctly—been a while since I studied quantum sociology—nations are a lot like matter, and anti-nations behave in much the same way as anti-matter, which means that any election resulting in an equal number of Iranian and Anti-Iranian votes will cancel out Iranian and Iran simultaneously, both the nation and concept, which, per Washington's Proof of Newton's fourth law, always results in lower taxes for the rich. That's just the way gravity works; the natural world does not favour up-trickling theories, obviously.

So, if an Iranian doing anti-stuff, perhaps check with your government first, just to be safe?

What?! What did I say this time? Weren't you taught neo-algebra and anti-integrals and how to calculate the density of racism? Jeesh. Where'd you go to school? Did they teach non-racist math there or what?  

Honestly, I just don't get that headline.

I find it offensive. Very.

Did they forget to add "regime", perhaps? Even so. Anti-Iranian? Really?

If any Iranians were there, I'm certain none of them were calling it an "anti-Iran" protest. If I were to protest Poilièvre, I wouldn't call it an "anti-Canada protest", would I? And why did people opt for "anti-Macron" to qualify the protests in France, no one referring to them as "anti-French protests"? 

'Because I stand against the current government and certain decrees, I renounce my national identity and my history!'  

Is that how Global interpreted that, or did they pull that out of a press release? They didn't give it much thought if so.

That type of attitude and headline... that's the kind of Canadian behavior that's all sorts of anti-Canadian behaviour.

Did you catch that? One is a fake. It's "u" that gives it away.

That screen grab dates back from last spring, actually, but even if a few years old and older still, it's a glaring example of the boneheadedness that's led by inculcated modes of hatred. In this case it targets the Iranian government, an act encouraged—consciously and not—by the US and Western governments.

And all those who scream how much they care as they shout what such governments should enforce on their own people, having since forgotten all about those rights and human thingies back home, well, when you get down to it, do they really care about Iranians? Or are they driven by an unconscious desire to see Iran being turned into a US airport? 

You say, "No," yet...

Sep 23, 2023 - Changes Made. Changes Coming. But Not Social Ones, Duh! We're Too Hopeless for That


Despite the previous mention made, I know better than to wait until next Tuesday, and, so, I've already begun making changes (hence why site was temp. down). Not really the direction I wanna take, but things have to move forward, and all I see are activist-wannabe navalists. 

Activism is for losers, it seems, as no real positive can emerge from those who presently self-identify as such. For real change depends on unity, and, seeing what's been shaped by the internet, the current iteration of those who have a voice, those who inform, and those who want us to believe they are leading us toward change, there are very few of these I would actually qualify as activists or what they do as activism; very few. All the rest, they're simply a less-shameful-shell of the same deluded idiots they spend all their time and energy moaning over, blaming everything on them. 

The sheer stupidity that the West has demonstrated in regard to the Russian SMO in Ukraine is mind blowing, and anyone still saying "full-scale invasion" deserves to be catapulted into space. In great part, your idiocy is why people died and continue to die. And only baffling ignorance can argue that.

The Sikh situation that underscores the Canadian-Indian row and how little genuine consideration people are willing to show to the persecution endured by Sikhs, having given in to the brutal propaganda campaign mounted by the Indians, it revealed to me just how truly self-focused and full of shit you all are, bigotry playing a big part in determining what you all consider to be relevant, and how, in the end, once the pretenses are striped away, activism, for far too many, has become all about making oneself feel good, the "cause" just an external tag for the identity one wishes to sell.

Many things converged, reality and fantasy fusing into one, and though saying "psychosis" doesn't make me happy, I wouldn't be honest to qualify it in any other way. Past horrors and grief and a mix of current human rights concerns and whatever bits of concrete reality my brain absorbed, and there's a portion of yesterday that I'm still emotionally wrought over, yet, it would appear that none of that actually happened...  

'Reality'. Indeed. What? Is? If we're to keep things grounded, limiting ourselves to surface forms that feed all that keeps humanity churning along toward our doom, then, there's no good, no bad, just money to be made.

Maybe that's been my problem my whole life, hoping for more and not having been able find that suit that I can wear and feel good about myself. Time I change my thinking and focus on exploiting that which I want to change by advocating for change that won't change a goddamn thing but apply a real positive on all that truly matters: my bank balance.

Not sure how I or this site will survive, but what's real, anyways?

Fight. Or shut up! 

Sep 22, 2023 - Flashback: Behind the Wars. Kissinger's Ukrainian Afghanistan Moment


A Bit of humour

Excerp from: Insanity Is... (Sigh. If Only The Democracy Pushers Had Let Us Have A Say) - Posted 12-Jul-2022

Meanwhile, the US gas and commodities markets have clearly been severely Putinfected, per what CNN or similar may have informed viewers, adding that this is evident in the way that prices were forced to react to Russia’s brutal world-destruction tour, setting the market’s course for “Crash” months before any shots were fired. Now, that’s when you know you’re dealing with a really nasty Putin and not an incompetent Biden administration.

Americans and, especially, Europe are finally finding out just how thuggishly-evil a Russian Putin can be through the wicked, wicked Reverse and Bounce-Back curses he’s obviously cast over the sanctions instead of taking them like a man.

Ha! Where’s the virile male that Trump and Tucker Carlson love to play Hide the Big Dicktator with in between bouts of thug tug, eh, where? I'll tell you where: He’s raising your gas prices, locking in your student debts and raising interests, and he’s making sure that the Biden Bunch can’t build back better nor deliver a single promise to non-one-percenters, that's where. He's degrading your roads and collapsing your bridges while proudly price gouging you on the medication that's vital to your survival, and he's telling you to shut up, have that child, and to learn how to act like a legs-closed holier-than-thou Evangelist; he's closing public schools, grooming your kids from inside their closet, perveting them with CRT so they become racist compulsive maturbators; he's spreading Wokeness in workers and weakness in men, and he's forcing us all to become transgendered as he's setting pedophiles free so their cells can be filled with the racism that Putin has rammed on the US.

And, I think it’s only fair that you’re finally told the truth:

Putin is also the real reason why, silently, collectively, real Americans thought it wise to hold off on introducing new gun laws; they didn’t want to say so out loud to avoid needlessly offending the tyrant. Nonetheless, y'all should know: As long as there’s a Putin on this earth, then, one just can’t go to bed at night knowing whether they’ll need to unload a 30-round magazine on someone trying to rape them or their wife.

That’s just normal Cold War stuff.

And, so, with Putin having a Xi and the non-aligned weirdness of a Modi, all of Liberal media agreed that life was shaping up to be eerily reminiscent of that movie "The Devil's Rejects.” As the world dipped into deep fear-flavoured uncertainty, as did the economy, bringing us into an inflacessionary negative-growth with a positive-decline taxable moment that’s sure to turn into a major stagdecessflation period with crunching credit, that is, unless $2 billion is sent to Ukraine in the form of Stingers posthaste and/or should Putin die of a heart attack before the last stroke of midnight.

If opting for the first option, please include one or two aircraft carriers if possible. Thank you.

•     •     •           

Even Henry Kissinger, the man who had no qualms about illegally bombing Cambodia “back to the stone age,” playing a direct hand in creating a bombing campaign that deceived its own pilots with false coordinates that had them believe they were flying their B-52s over northern Viet Nam. Boiled down to its essence, the reason for that savagery was: Cambodia’s Prince Sihanouk refused to let the US forces use his country as base while not taking direct action against the Viet Cong who crossed into Cambodia in some areas, running a trail along the border that connected with North Viet Nam.

Kissinger’s logic, worked out with Nixon: Seeing the US’ difficult go at spreading Freedom on the rice-obsessed, pyjamas-wearing Charlie in Viet Nam and Sihanouk’s refusal to act in a proper pro-American way and kindly help the US bash in the neighbour’s head in the name of Coke-sponsored Liberty, this warranted destabilizing the country, weakening it to the point where it didn’t present a potential threat to the American peace-spreading efforts to its south, while it gifted Sihanouk’s opponents with a reason to rile up public anger and oust him, which would hopefully give the Americans a more US-friendly and cooperative slanted-eye, rice-fanatics leader—is that right, or are the Cambodians part of the rice-addicts of Asia? Frankly, they’re hard to tell apart, but being a member of the country that invented the concept of all men being created equal—per God’s guidebook—race doesn’t matter. For the business-end of an M-16, all that counts is: Are they white and pro-American or non-white but willing to work 20-hour days without O.T. or benefits or the expectation of a minimum wage?

And, by the way, don’t be fooled by squishy-lefty types and the majority of the world. Allied forces did a superb job in Afghanistan; the world now has a country whose entire population is willing to flip burgers for $1.93 per day, and it keeps getting lower, thank you, Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, the Pentagon still hasn’t figured out how to connect the consumer with the flipper in a cost-effective, fresh-burger-minded way, and there’s still the issue of getting people starved to the point of seeing a crap wage as a blessing versus the high cost of security to make sure the bulgur-buggers don’t eat the occasional burger. But we’re America, we don’t claim to be perfect, just to be the best enforcers of humanitarian good in our Free Market world, doing so at the risk of making others jealous of USA’s Freedom.

Back to Cambodia and Kissinger and Nixon’s truly-disgusting bit of war criminality that was never a part of Nixon’s impeachment: The pair got what they wanted, which resulted in Pol-Pot and the Khmer Rouge taking over Cambodia; the US sponsored a seat for him at the UN.

These are the types of people who, today, with far more practice, and a cultivated fanatical delusion that’s now fully immersed its creators into its folly and solidified convictions of God-given powers, these are the people who take it for granted that the world sees them as the obvious force for Good all should embrace as de facto global leader, which implies being wildly oblivious of the consequences of their ambitions on all who are in their wake, too focused on their bank balances?

And that’s how ‘far gone’ they’ve become, the current expression of the neoliberal order’s lack of humanity actually managing to shock the individual that helped concretize the ideology that’s now driving the world towards a major global conflict, for Henry Kissinger received hisses and scorn from all who’d normally praise him when he voiced seeing only futility in Zelenskyy’s unwillingness to negotiate territorial concessions as soon as possible, and in continuing to support Ukraine with weapons. To the implied suggestion that Ukraine give up Crimea and the Donbas region, Zelenskyy replied in a manner that the Western press characterized as ‘SLAMMING’ Kissinger, although ‘BLASTING’ and ‘RIPPING’ were also prominent, this perhaps being due to an outlet’s editorial culture or a need to vary, wanting to avoid overusing “SLAM” on that day?

Sep 22, 2023 - Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). India's Tool of Oppression


For those who get upset whenever the mention of Nazi-esque folks in Ukraine receives ridicule while an objective view of events earns one the moniker "Putin Lover"; for those who get deeply frustrated with the equivalency drawn between MAGA and "insurrectionist"; for every Latino who despises being labelled an "illegal alien"; for all Blacks who are deeply disappointed whenever "Whitey" refers to someone else (joke on that one), and for all those who, for whatever reason and whatever friction they may represent to the West, are tagged as "terrorists" and terminated if not dragged away without evidence or due process, locked up in Guantanamo in wait of a trial that may, several years from then, one day come...   

Please trust me when I say that the whole "Khalistan terrorist" shtick is motivated by a genocidal-type of hatred and it exploits the same type of generalized vilification that triggers set social reactions deemed "proper", hence, reinforced by peer pressure, such as the examples mentioned. Many of you should spot the similarity between what you've witnessed and endured and what's being applied in the Sikhs' case.  

I'm not asking you to take my word for it and to accept it as the truth, but, at the very least, to trust the veracity of my claim and to allow it to cancel out that which is claimed by New Delhi so that you may start from a more neutral place from which to assess the situation.

To clarify: During the Truckers' Protest, I wasn't willing to point out the Sikhs in Ottawa who were asking for donations because I was certain that the money would serve terrorist ends, but because these individuals were misrepresenting themselves to donors by abusing the case of a group of Sikhs truly in need. As such, I had the Sikhs' case in Montana in mind far more than I did those in Ottawa, while it's true that I was then more ignorant of the depth of the situation than I am now. 

Below are two documents that provide broad strokes and non-Sikh-related references (like Amnesty) that provide a starting point for stats or other relevant info. The following, from the first doc, highlights that which should ring a bell:

According to Amnesty International,“the UAPA, India’s principal counter-terrorism law was amended to allow the government to designate an individual as a terrorist. It gives an overbroad and ambiguous definition of a ‘terrorist act’ giving unbridled power to the government to brand any ordinary citizen or activist a terrorist. It stands to implicate individuals for being proactive members of the society, ban critical thinking and criminalise dissent by designating them terrorists.” (Amnesty International, 2020).

Chavda the Moron

Punjab lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjhpur says “Accused often are not implicated under UAPA to convict them, but to keep them in jail for a long period of time. Majority cases under UAPA have no criminal occurrence. In most of the cases, the police tells court that the accused was planning to carry out some  criminal activity and then uses UAPA to ensure that the person does not come out of jail on bail.”

This "row" may seem minor to you, but a heavy focus on facts—being extremely mindful of Indian propaganda—and addressing this particular hate-based issue will, hopefully, reveal wider ones that should be of greater concern to many.

Hindutva is poison, it seems. Melts braincells, apparently.

Refusing to cooperate—the whole would have been resolved quietly, in such a case—and willingly weaponizing one's entire mainstream media as a reaction, these having busied themselves with pumping out anything to make it all a "Canada bad and India blameless" affair... that's loathsome and psychotic. 

A recent one from Abhishit Chavda, Major Moron (right). Yep, that's a crown. What's in colour versus what's pushed back is very telling.

And, for these, anything goes to win "the battle"; this the Hindus' century. 

Indeed. Not India's. The Hindus'. 

India's War on Sikhs - 2020

 India's War on Sikhs - 2021

Sep 19, 2023 - India Credibly Linked to Canadian Assassination


I think I now have an answer as to why Part 2 of the recent series on India generated the type of activity that had me suddenly giving a thought to CSIS being at my door. I can't describe the sensation nor pinpoint to a single thing that communicated a reality that triggered it, I just felt it.

Canadian national security had, prior to the G20, advised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the June 2023 murder of a Canadian citizen has been credibly linked to "agents of the government of India".

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, 45, a prominent Sikh leader residing in BC, was found in his car outside the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara on the evening of June 18, having died of multiple gunshot wounds.

With parliament back in session today, PM Trudeau announced to Canadians that authorities were now investigating people linked with the Indian government in connection to Nijjar's murder.

Nijjar was pro-Khalistan.

Following certain difficulties, arrest, and torture, Nijjar fled to Canada in 1997 and became a plumber, but he persisted with his hope to see an independent state, and rose to key-figure status in the movement for a free Khalistan, otherwise known as a chunk of Punjap. 

This automatically designates him a terrorist, per the fascist PM Modi government.

His brother is said to have endured several beatings in India in the hopes of extracting the whereabouts of Nijjar.

Modi may call India "the mother of Democracy", but its first general election was held in 1951.

The navel-gazing elites may continually repeat that India is "the largest democracy in the world," but if saying so from a media position, that statement is an instant lie, but what do I know, let's ask all those arrested for not being in line with the BJP dictate if not for being a member of the opposition?

Canada has cut off trade talks with India, and we've now expelled an Indian diplomat who was found to have ties with RAW, India's foreign intelligence agency.

Indian media is indignant, though the only thing that seemed to be of veritable concern to outlets like India Today was the fact that "Canada snaps trade ties with India".

This may hurt their efforts to reach that #3 slot asap! Because "big economy" and nothing else matters. 

And they try to bring down Trudeau by reminding all that "he was snubbed at the G20". So visibly and nonchalantly vapid and barely human; at least out elites try to make an effort to hide that side.

To the Sikh community: My sincere condolences. Yes, for the loss of Hardeep Singh Nijjar and all that he signified to the community, friends, and family, but also for the act that serves as such a poignant reminder that you are truly stateless—though not as Canadians; may you feel that you belong—for in no way would the mother of anything be so determined to see the type of threat in any of its children that would justify such behaviour when what's asked is simply: to be.

Given the time lapsed, the Canadian government heard your pleas, I'd say, more so considering how touchy a matter this is. 

How terribly weak the "mother of Democracy" must be if it seeks to snuff out any voice that challenges the one-and-only democratic rule permitted.

Mother of Democracy, my ass. Work on the basics before calling yourself the oldest democracy, 'cause you're being an embarrassment to actual democracies, thanks.

And to hear Indian Media harp about "trade" and insult PM Trudeau for taking "senseless measures over a dead terrorist."

Zero remorse. Zero emotions. Terrorist Nijjar. Nijjar the terrorist. Just some piece of trash that Trudeau cares about more than trade. Can you believe it?!

Well, good for him. Add me to that list!

Murdering a Canadian citizen, in Canada?! If you think India wouldn't be shrieking and making ten times a fuss, well, you're severely lacking in self-awareness. Just look how ape-shit the country goes over a border tiff!

Indian media isn't just pointless. It's cruel and heartless. 

And be sure, I can differentiate between India and what's destroying it, just as, for the West, my anger targets leaders way before citizens, and not all leaders are targeted equally. And something gives me hope (next entry). 

I was well aware of certain subterranean activities and that India possesses a truly shady side ruled by the RSS, and had the murder been linked to a BJP-parallel faction that'd be one thing, but to a state entity, that's quite another.

Sadly, I'm not really shocked, for this is in line with the conclusions I've recently accepted regarding India's present state and governance.

I'd mentioned a second, short piece to seal off that series in the "Corridors" one, but I decided not to post it. It simply brought together elements from a piece I'd missed, having too many tabs open, which led me to another, the two substantiating my claim in terms of India's current economic state, one of them having the subtitle: The Myth that is india's Great Success. 

This is what they call terrorism. Grafiti.  

India Today propaganda garbage

There are genuine acts of terrorism in the movement's history, but these can be isolated to individuals sharing an ideal and are not representative of the movement, though keep in mind that it is the type of approach adopted, and the actions taken, by the Modi government that have reawakened a more militant form of activism, yet very little of that actually qualifies as "terrorism". 

And to think how they'd denigrated Pakistan and its ISI, yet the more I learn, the more it becomes clear that the true difference between the two relies on one's outlook and cunning. Like much of the West, they seem to see themselves as morally correct and justified the same acts they condemn when committed against them.

Indian propaganda against Khalistan

Sep 17, 2023 - Note to India About Its Digital Plan And Some B**ch


Hello, again, India.

Here's the thing: I like you but you don’t like me, and I still like you but you think I’m weird.

I don’t know where things went wrong; maybe it’s the dizziness you’re feeling, the one that comes upon reaching the higher rungs of power, and maybe it’s the best-before-last-week tuna casserole that’s making my world spin, but, right now, things aren’t working between you and I, India.

Plus, I’m busy these days. Real busy. What’s that? Oh, you know… there’s laundry, and dishes, and garbage to move. And I gotta take down some Post Its and erase my dry-erase board... And vacuuming, too. That couldn’t hurt. Should do that... I also gotta run around town, go pick up that stuff. Plus, I gotta see about that thing, then there’s that other thing comin up, and... you know… busy, busy, busy.

Oh, and Pakistan says “Hi,” and China misses you. And the US says you smell like rancid curry and they don’t like you and they’re all moving to space next week so don’t bother calling the White House to check, ok?

Fine. I lied. Their end of the continent sank. Disappeared. No more. No need to call the White House, you can trust me.

Fine. That’s also a lie. All is. Everything! Everything is a lie! The laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming… all’s a sham. I’ve none of those. My life is meaningless, untethered, and directionless. And... oh, the lackluster—remind me to tell the maid to give that gold railing a polish, would you?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, India, things to do; how can I help you? Really? Oh… yes, yes, of course. I wanted to warn you—see, I do care—of an AI forgery featuring your Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman.

I’m assuming it’s been caught and pulled? It seems to have come and gone in a flash. I'm only aware of one other person having been taken in, which would explain their's and mine's initial response à la: "What?! Nooooooooo!"

Lottaz wasn't the only Pascal that may have been duped last week. That all seems very anti-Pascal, no?

The little I did mention on it is in fact true, but within an entirely different reality, and one that's actually very sensible, like the India I remember, despite being so carefree and curious in those breezy summer dresses...   

Let’s just say that MP Sitharaman came across as, well, very gestapo-like, but not in her actions or prosody, but through her determination to force a digital life on the globe yesterday if not today.

What’s that B-word that very few women enjoy? Indeed, hence why I was so floored in that bit I’d inserted at the last minute in that “Corridors” post, wherein I’d mentioned the digital ID, CBDC, and portal.

There was nothing remarkedly 'evil' about the plan that the seemingly-manipulated video presented—hence its genius, I suppose, its subtlety—but the plan being presented was sure to lead to a global mutiny, and "insanely callous" are what describe its approach best, unless, which is what her composure and the alleged Western backing suggested, the implementation was merely the inconvenient phase of a long-established plan, this suggesting a totalitarian path under heavy boots was what was to be logically expected.

And from you, India. You. I was crushed. My heart whimpered its thump-thumps.

That certain outlets hadn't touched the news provides an example of one of the fact-checking processes that kicks in, the unsettling lack of attention to the matter letting me know something was off and I needed to look further before even broaching the subject again. 

Yes, I did have a look at your New Delhi Declaration, India. Looks good. One or two formatting mistakes but a fine looking plan. What's that? Oh, god no. I'm talking about 'presentation'; I'm not qualified to have a real opinion on much of the rest. I mean, I understand it all, I just haven't a clue if it ultimately translates into long-term "good' or 'bad', especially in comparison to other available options or currently implemented plans. Sure, other than particular aspects, of which I've a real good grasp, I probably understand it better than most, but far less than any expert. You know me, India, I was blessed, being born with an impeccable charm and quick, sharp wits; it's just too bad that the second cancels out the first.

But with words like "voluntary" and "testing", what's not to love, really? Although... I do have important critiques which, for me, make it impossible to support any of the plan. Even if overlooking the course that the G20 is determined to take, there are points relating to the underlying fundamentals, and the expression of such, found in the document that I'd be unwilling to budge on; I don't wanna be all Western-white-dude about it, but I'm confident that the developing world sees it my way, though you really ought to ask them:

I'd flat out reject the document, and any treaty, act, agreement, or similar, as long as the phrase "rules-based order" appears anywhere within that document in any manner that doesn't negate the validity of such a mindset. 

I'd flat out reject any plan that relies on the individual participation of, or under a joint partnership that includes, the IMF, World Bank, and/or the European Development Fund; those three entities are tasked with reviewing and implementing a globally-applied development program and bank. Anyone backing this is tone-deaf and/or deeply ignorant, maddengly so, frankly.

As long as any of those institutions carry over to any supposedly new plan, I'd be walking out, and military aggression would be the only way to get me to even consider signing anything. This sentiment appears to be a shared one, albeit to various degrees, this being so though Washington refuses to hear it.

And the reason for that is because the West obliterated whatever trust they took for granted! And that's what makes it so hard, India...

Oh, yeah... Yeah... well... uh, well me, Russia, and China have orgies planned each night this week! And Iran may join in on Wednesday night, so there! How you like that?!   

Wait! Don't go...

Should MP Sitharaman suddenly find herself being called that B-word from all parts of the Internet, then, my guess would be that it’s back in circulation.

So... uh, what are, um... what are you doing later tonight? Any, you know, plans?

Sep 15, 2023 - Ukraine, Hunter, and Third-Party Poopers


Before all else: Did anyone else catch that recent "Neutrality Studies" episode with that ex-CIA agent and concluded that Pascal Lottaz, the host, got played by the CIA. What was that? The Walt Disney version of the CIA?

I've no clue if it's so, but I could swear that Steven "Destiny" Bonnell has been doing his best to trigger me in the past few days, which would mean that he's figured me out pretty quickly. I wouldn't put it above him, to be frank. Damn him, if so.

But that's OK; I noticed I'd gotten to him. The day after I'd done that bit on him and Lance I watched him go for the first link provided by his search, but that hesitation, the pause, the scrolling abruptly halted by that unverbalized act that said "fuck it" as he went back to click on the first. Bingo.

So, keep in mind: if I hadn't acknowledged what's in that first paragraph, I'd still be one point ahead!

If not, then it's a particular aspect of Bonnell that triggers me, but only in relation to certain topics, and coincidence plays in weird ways.

Someone like Cenk Uygur (TYT) upsets me, but the exact same comment or behaviour from Bonnell... I'm not quite sure how to qualify my reaction.

Uygur and TYT have, in great part, established themselves to be utterly hopeless as concerns what's needed to bring about real change. They're great at promoting the Dems by shitting on the GOP, but that's not what people need nor want.

I think Ana Kasparian does a great job, but she's still badly trapped in partisanship, unfortunately, and Uygur's "change" is mostly BS to widen viewership, is what he's made amply visible. I'd even go so far as to say that he's devolved into being a cultist, and I hate how the whole lot identify as "progressives". More? I find Uygur incredibly disingenuous the way he's always bragging about being "honest" and the "most fair media" and a needed alternative to mainstream media given that, on too much that truly matters, he's pre-bought-and-sold-on the mainstream version controlled by the establishment and, consequently, consistently lies to TYT viewers for idiotically tribal or moronically patriotic reasons. By doing so, he's pissing all over the greatest opportunities to leverage change one could ever hope to see within US politics.

Instead, he's busy selling his book and has spent zero time on seizing the moment in a manner that isn't about his business or funnelling voters toward the Dems. That's fine, but they're misrepresenting themselves is what I honestly think. No shocker; I've already said as much. I don't think they're evil or a-holes, but I do question their genuine intent while I do have a hard time swallowing Uygur's bigotry. He seems to be making progress though.

What's their plan other than brow-beating viewers into voting for Dems again while equally pissing off anyone wanting to move away from the GOP? This will help voters when? Four cycles from now or is it five and a midterm? If you think any of that is what the working class wants to hear, you're dead wrong, and they hate you for it. And I'm not being facetious.

Ana, talk some more sense into him, please, unless it's a moot point due to financial obligations that bind TYT? That's also fine, honestly, but people need to know, otherwise. This moment in time, that one would opt to be a diluting force—and through 'omission', in a way—rather than a uniting one? If you've got your finger on the pulse of the demographic within TYT's reach, you'll realize that greater numbers are ready to move toward a third-party option than in the tired direction indicated by TYT. 

The rest are outside of TYT's reach, but if all unite and make noise rather than piss on one another because the corrupt a-hole thrust on themis a better shade of bomb-dropping evil than the other side's... Watching you all caught in a two-way trap and fighting each other to remain in that trap while elites suck up the wealth as they decide which country to bomb 'cause a few of them could do with a new Porsche and Bob's villa needs a new wing and that witch, Nanc—what's that? Awayee? What the hell's that? Oh, yeah... but those weren't rich people or Ukrainians, were they? So, what's your point?

Watching smart, civilized people turn so very stupid every four years and one's bid for presidency costing the GDP of small countries in advert space, I think that may be why the world is so intrigued with US elections if from a developed country. Those from developing countries keep track of US elections so they can get a sense of how much explosive tonnage they can expect to be dropped on their head I hear. More on that, but first:       

If you put together all the people who are angry at both parties with those angry at 'their' party who'd rather die than vote for the other, and add to that all the people who aren't gonna vote as they see no point on top of all those who can't be wavered and who will vote third party, etc., and—if not caught in tribal idiocy that hurts my brain to watch—the perfect opportunity is dancing in front of you all, and it's a rare one that's not bound to present itself so loudly and clearly for quite some time, and I'm almost certain I speak for the entire non-US world and a chunk of the US one when I say: Holy mother fucken' shit, y'all! Instead of uniting, you're fighting to have more of the same and crushing those wanting out of that insanity??? How braindead are you people?!

And did Kyle Kulinski just learn a new phrase, "ranked choice voting"? He's turned into a super arrogant wind-up-doll who's changed into everything he pretends not to be. Does bleach seep through skulls, kills braincells? His performance this past year... you'd think he were auditioning for MSNBC.

That whole Marianne Williamson thing is an embarrassment, quite frankly. Directing viewers' energy to a dead-end she hoped to milk a book promo out of as her staff scurries to hide. I do wonder how many subs that cost Kulinski and better-half Krystal Ball? Poor Saagar Enjeti. Am I wrong to think that he was told to stay out of it and keep his mouth shut, especially during that unprofessionally-hostile RFK Jr. interview headed by Ball?

And, RFK Jr.'s recent realisation; who didn't see that one coming?

Or Jimmy Dore imposing his agenda on Cornell West and brushing him off as if a Jehovah's Witness one got bored with after realising they're not atheists. What the hell was that? And why was that small portion of voters more important than others?

But, I agree: Cornell West ain't no politician. Which is a good thing, right? But, yeah, that he's willing to go with that consultant confirms that he needs a consultant. Perhaps not that one, though. I'd worry about how much time he'd spend brainwashing West into seeing the Uygur as the only path to the Dems, being the only path out.

Yes, I'm thinking of M.C. Esher right now, and a room where all doors lead back into. 

And Bonnell is completely wrong about Briahna Joy Gray. Damn him. I didn't dare stick with "completely", just in case. I hate that he's made me do that. 

Nonetheless, regardless what her net worth is—which is an aspect she'd need to package appropriately, but not hide it—what she articulates speaks for the majority of working class folks, the vast majority of hangups being linked to how the person perceives what's she's saying because of what they assume regarding her net worth and because of what she's saying. She's a tremendous voice for their fight, and super bright, not afraid to push things, and she understands 'government' pretty damn well and can differentiate between a pipe dreams on placards and a viable path by way of the necessary steps that can lay the foundation to what's on placards.

Sure, it all starts at the local level, but if a parallel political infrastructure isn't built at the national level, the local will always remain local. And people being people, elections are the best time to rally that energy. Do it well, and don't betray them or, simply, 'give up'—if preferred—and they'll continue supporting that movement.

Right now what I see are tons of people wanting the same thing but worded different ways, and it's semantics that's mostly shaping factions, each of these wanting the same thing through different ways so that, in the end, everybody has the same thing as always. 

•     •     •

I peeked into Bonnell's stream yesterday as he was working his way through the Hunter Biden and dad affair. He didn't know who Devon Archer is. But, how could he have had an opinion on the matter, then, and be so sure to boot? 

I couldn't watch. Couldn't go through that. There's something severely wrong with anyone who still thinks this is all a hoax by the GOP. 

For over two years I've held the same version, and all that's come out supports exactly that. I dug on my own and satisfied myself; are Dem supporters such shitty researchers and journalists? Gotta see things through a normal person's eyes and not through brain-limiting anti-orange lenses, and you gotta go beyond what all Dem lovers repeat, for the version that floods the web and the links in the Wikipedia pages will eventually have you realising that all's a pile of BS weaved together by people with a common goal but gaps in their communications.

There's plenty of proof against Biden; given the two impeachments called against Trump, you'd have called 52 if it were Trump involved in any of that instead. 

And prosecuting Trump is just a bad idea, in my opinion. The complete lack of consistency shouldn't even have anyone wondering whether it's politically motivated. If Trump had found his place and played the game, he could have done worse and still not be indicted. 

And here's the best defense I can think of for Trump: But I thought coups were a good thing?! We do them all the time.

If you grow up seeing your government repeat a certain act then get richer as oil prices drop, then that's got be a very positive thing, that act, no? And America needs some "great", so what's the problem?

Actually, my take on that isn't as simple, but I'll go with that for now.  

•     •     •

What kind of news anything can TYT be given how ridiculous and uninformed their take on both Ukraine and the Hunter affair are while still believing Russiagate was real? Everything Uygur repeats about those events and holds to be true is demonstrably wrong or the product of Western propaganda he's absorbed a bit too well and won't let go of.

Having genuinely looked into those events, and not by relying on establishment-friendly outlets or the dolts who simply repeat what these say, actually doing the research, you would have realised that you could have leverage those into a good position for citizens, not to mention that if these stopped playing interference to protect sociopaths and criminals, there'd be an even bigger crowd demanding change, as the collective anger wouldn't be so easily appeased the way it is by being kept fragmented, which all these so-called progressives are all so stupidly eager to do that ten, twenty years from now I still won't be able to wrap my head around it. Defending Biden and calling for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine... then you understand ZERO about the conflict and what's going on, and, Putin, all I've heard from Uygur are the vilest accusations that betray a deep Russophobia but not an ounce of courage to see that the version of Putin he loves to hate was almost entirely created by the West.

How can someone be so daft and be in news and politics? And Uygur isn't daft is what makes it so upsetting. So gold was pissed away and those fighting for change can't see the pattern that repeats, that for which the world is crying for a change. 

And you're damn right I blame NATO and the West for that, because nothing in life is as puerile as the version that only diminishing numbers of Westerners still believe. And these are the ones most assured they're correct on everything without ever truly delving into anything, just as long as it's an anti-GOP take, they'll take it!

Are they getting some pushback? Hence why they only discuss it in the "members only" portion? Gotta keep those viewers hating those non-Demers while believing that Dems are the answer? 

Just take five minutes and replace Biden with Trump—senior or junior, as appropriate—for all that's available to establish corruption and the Biden's involvement, and hear yourself. I'd be hearing a "Is he guilty? Of Cooourse!" coming all the way from California.

Denying that Biden is corrupt, that's a cultist, not a tribalist. Wanting to defend the Dems to that degree, it makes a total BSer out of Uygur, who, apparently, cares more about the Democratic Party than really, truly informing himself or viewers. 

That's sad. And it's gotten to the point where much of the world is starting to laugh at anyone being so perplexingly obtuse. Makes no sense. Nothing good about a political system that encourages such a pathetic defense of a corrupt comatose. 

 •     •     •

A recent video from Bonnell seems to indicate that he's seen the light. 

I'll imagine it's so for now; I'd hate to be disappointed.

The guy is too bright. 

That take down of Sneako (I think. Streamer names... Oy!) and the red pill movement, or however you wanna qualify it, just, damn! That was something else. Ad libbed, too. That was so very impressive, I gotta admit. I'm quite certain I could not have said any of that better; he obliterated that whole 'masculine men', Andrew Tate-style of thinking in a manner that deserves being repeated to all male teens once a year throughout high school.

And, yet, some of the claims he makes. That, too, hurts my brain.

The mainstream news outlets are rarely truly held accountable, and they lie far more than you realise, is all I'll say for now.

To his comment that, really, how can one know whether Russia or Ukraine is losing? You can't, no one can know:

Well, no, no one knows, not in the biblical sense, and there's plenty there for a good epistemological debate about trees and forests and falling bullets still making a sound if no one's dead, but, if objective and willing to spend the time, one knows.

The narrative I've had has remained relatively unchanged since before the SMO was launched, though many aspects have gained a degree of depth that has had an impact on how i see the whole, having more sympathy for Russians than I initially did being one example. And I've nothing against Ukrainians—they've been bamboozled—but what's commonly referred to as the Kiev regime, along with the West, I've got much anger for.

The details are too long for the answer I wanted to provide. The doodle may help. Those who, like me, aren't plagued by ideology and willing to dedicate a fair bit of time to sift through available info from a wide array of sources, including on the field people, well, we all pretty much seem to be following a line like the bottom one where all the hard facts that come to light fall pretty much in line with that version. On the other hand, European and North American narratives are all over the place, constantly having to adjust lies to the hard facts that come out.


It's the patterns, mostly, but you gotta be dedicated and give more than cursory glances at news or listen to the collective buzz, and for the patterns to be identifiable and meaningful, you gotta dedicate time to understanding various dynamics and cultural traits and... 

All outlets protect themselves with sporadic articles that contain the hard truth so they can claim objectivity; they make sure these get as little traction as possible, and they're never the stories that manage to draw any attention from other media outlets, who aren't to touch those. After a while, you recognize these without trying.

I know I already mentioned it and I'll try to post some—I am just one guy with only 24 hrs a day, I recently learned—but I've series of screenshots that show the absurd incongruence demonstrated by some outlets who are clearly saying anything from one day to the next. 

Any how, these 'truth' stories always converge with the version that get's one accused of being a Putin lover, which is the bottom one. And there's failings in what gets communicated between outlets sometimes (CBC, BBC, DW, France 24, are tightly coordinated, for example) or 'bloopers' that make it online but get ripped down super duper fast.

The censorship. That, too, carries significant info after some time; each case is unique and must be treated as such, but when it comes in waves, there's a certain change in narrative to be expected.

And banning Scott Ritter, yet, again... think what you will of the man, they've done nothing but try to silence him, and not for the reasons they give.  

There's an informal community as well as a formal one and the forces at play serves as a loose fact-checking system that's much more efficient than one would think, but much of that relies on one's intent and the trustworthiness they can establish, so there's an unofficial weeding out process, too.

I've only offered casualty counts twice and those numbers were eventually proven to be closer to reality than anything offered by Ukraine or the West, confirmation eventually coming from them. The last I offered was 100,000 more than anyone else's, and i was in the right range, it seems. I heard Western ex-militaries put the number of Ukraine casualties above a million. That seems high, though, but it confirmed that 40,000 was full of crap, as did the US counts at 90,000 that jumped to 190,000, etc.

No one knows for sure—it's impossible to have an exact count—but Russians are slaughtering Ukrainians.

And it all could have stopped long ago, even avoided. So easily.

This I can assure all: As far as the version that's held and pushed by Western leaders and mainstream media goes, there's very little there that I believe.

And if I say that I've dedicated at 15 hrs a day to "getting" info, and communicating it, then, I wouldn't be surprised if I were short and it's actually more.

That's why I get so very pissed off when Bonnell stops playing video games to glance at a WaPo or NYT or Politico et al. article to, 30 seconds later, confirm the mainstream narrative as the undeniable truth.

Dude, you're better than that.     


Sep 15, 2023 - The Difference Between Dirt and Filth


That cop in Seattle whose body cam captured him laughing as he described the unfortunate death of Jaahnavi Kandula, a 23-year-old graduate student he'd witnessed get hit by a speeding cop responding to a call on 23-Jan-2023... well, the excuse he provided, that he was role-playing to highlight the callous attitude with which lawyers try to resolve such matters, that's plausible; that sounded like a lawyer to me. It sounded far too realistic to me, actually. So much so that I've a hard time believing that he still thought he was a cop.

His excuse is plausible, per se, but I'm not hearing anything—nothing at all—in his voice that would substantiate such a version. And I've heard nervous laughter, and that's not what I'd qualify as such.

We don't have the full call? True. But do we really need it? There is a precedent. And, if a 'good cop', he's reached his cracking point and should have been identified for psych eval by a superior before he'd reached that point.   

Further, before wanting to hang all cops indiscriminately, keep in mind that it was a cop tasked with reviewing the recordings who reported the officer; they were concerned with what they described as a clear lack of respect for human life, and I'm certain that they heard the full recording. Thank you to that officer for doing the right thing and not allowing the fraternal bond that encourages silence on such things to rule over their good sense.

I'm curious to see the despicably creative ways with which some will attempt to defend the laughing sociopath.

Better filters and psych tests. And all the rest.

In Quebec, which is renown for being highly progressive albeit a few hang ups, we've actually moved past pilot testing on some projects. One in Montreal that put social workers in a mobile 'office' and on the streets to patrol and respond to a whole slew of 'street-related' incidents in those areas that are frequented by the homeless, addicts, and prostitutes received a $2.6 million 'boost' last January after having established far more positive results than straight policing.

"Montreal's alternative to policing most vulnerable gets boost after over 10,000 interventions" | CBC

The sad part is that I'm aware of a few pilot projects developed in the US, in connection to university programs, that were adopted in various places across the world and are proving to be successful or that have provided the basis from which an applied version was fine tuned and are delivering positives.

The "bigger forces, more guns" crowd are solidly proven wrong, consistently, yet that's all they ever want, this being the only solution they've ever been open to? 

And it's not a tribal thing except for the way the issues get wrapped up in the black-or-white politics that muddle matters. And I know that in between inhumane and sane, only a small handful would choose inhumane, and they're the ones with all the power, the same who are always happy to muddle the matter.

While they or their kids skirt around what they preach and impose. 

For the "Defund" crowd, you realize that it's through pilot programs that demonstrate cost-effective, live-saving measures that establish a plus for an administration that's bound to lead to change. At the very least, a meta-analysis of existing programs made available on a site that deals with the issue seriously and registers feedback and ideas in a packaged and meaningful way, rather than big bold "Defund" and vindictive attacks against the police that puts the latest victim of brutality in your face and demands that you support abolition of all police or you're a fascist SOB!, etc.

The last transmits your sentiments far better, no doubt, but won't achieve your goal in any manner comparable to the first. Also, focusing all efforts toward a single city to implement (well-thought-out) test programs and demonstrating results... No matter how much it upsets you, gotta remember that a bureaucracy, with bureaucratic modes, is what's run things, and you can count on that barrier being there as long as a "budget" is involved.     


Another story I found sickening was hearing how Alex Jones is trying to avoid his legal responsibilities by not paying the amounts due to the families of the victims of Sandy Hook.

After hearing he'd filed for bankruptcy, I had expected something like the $15,000 transfers to his wife, but over $93,000 in 'standard' expenses for July alone?! That's close to $20,000 more than the average monthly expenses he was paying before going broke?

Twilight Zone, non-racist math aside, what really peeves me is just how full of shit he is, and I'm not even talking about his "news" stuff. Everything he preaches and all he repeats on a loop about what makes America great, those are all true and valuable so long as it's making him money. He's willing to bend things, and bend, and bend, and dupe people and rake in the cash and call it fair game because of, essentially, capitalism, which is the excuse he embraces to harm countless, but when that same system is flipped over and not in his favour, he doesn't even have the balls to respect that which he swears by.

Dude should try his own boner pills and maybe grow a pair.    


Dirt, on the other hand, is good; let's you grow vegetables.

Sep 4, 2023 - While the US Boasted, China, Simply, (Out)Did


Huawei released a new phone that, again, manages to stir Western fears about China.

The Chinese benchmarking website An Tu Tu has identified a new cpu now used by Huawei in their recently released Mate 60 Pro smartphone, the HiSilicon-designed Kirin 9000S system-on-chip, which support 5G.

But... but... the Biden sanctions?!

The Washington Post, surprisingly, was one of the few majors to discuss this, stating on 2-Sep:

“It was no normal gadget. And its launch has sparked hushed concern in Washington that U.S. sanctions have failed to prevent China from making a key technological advance. Such a development would seem to fulfill warnings from U.S. chipmakers that sanctions wouldn’t stop China, but would spur it to redouble efforts to build alternatives to U.S. technology.”

For some reason, the Yahoo!News reprinted version of the WaPo article is the only one I found.

The next day, Fortune posted a piece titled “America and China’s $574 billion chip war has already scored an ‘extraordinary success beyond anyone’s wild dreams’ for Joe Biden”. 

The article touts the success of the export controls applied by the Biden administration, these meant to “restrict China’s procurement of highly advanced chips and the computers containing them”, as well as “the tools that could be used to make them, such as Netherlands-based ASML’s state-of-the-art lithography machine.” Along with the Dutch, Japan also backed this move.

Kevin Klyman, a technology policy researcher at Harvard University, told Fortune, “It has been an extraordinary success beyond anyone's wildest dreams that the Netherlands and Japan have joined U.S. export controls to the hilt. That was not what outside analysts expected.”

So, how can China make such a thing?! That's gotta deserve more sanctions, right?

And as usual, the US shows us how much it truly values the honest competition that it sells to the world, good sportmenship being what drives the Capitalism it holds as its religion.

Let’s recall that the US used to be a leading manufacturer of microchips, yet, over the last twenty years, 780 chip manufacturing plants were closed in the US, and 150,000 jobs were sent abroad. Let’s also remind ourselves how the microchip industry achieved this, doing so after having received over $9.5 billion in government subsidies. (Source)

So, after taxpayers paid to ship these jobs overseas so companies could make bigger profits and save on taxes, the policies that permitted this being ones that were supported by all of DC, including Biden and the Dems. And now, one of the Biden successes that’s repeatedly flaunted is his huge investment in these same companies so they’ll bring manufacturing back, and how, because of Biden, the US has won the tech war against China?

No wonder this new chip is stirring ripples but not making any real news in the West.

And all of this comes after Taiwanese TSMC folks voiced deep frustrations regarding developments inside their behind-schedule-and-over-budget Arizona plant on 28-Aug-2023, repeating the same complaints they’d voiced in April, but adding that “[the US] would not listen to us”.

The plant’s owner states that the conditions imposed by Biden are “unacceptable”, and that nothing delivered so far meets the extremely high standards required for the successful manufacturing of chips, including a severe shortage of qualified individuals.

Will US taxpayers have to pay to import workers to work in the plants the US brought back, creating employment…

Imperialism. It all seems so bonkers these days.

Perhaps it's outdated?


As an aside: 5G has always made me uneasy, though not for the reasons that are usually given by those who picket against 5G, or who implicate 5G as a weapon or cause in all sorts of convoluted stories, but, simply, because of the sheer volume of info that’s transportable through 5G. If you’re currently on a 5G network, chances are, your phone is exploiting just a tiny fraction of the info bandwidth 5G makes possible. With 5G, your phone can capture, transmit, and receive info about your heartbeat and blood sugar as you’re chatting and watching a video, and as the camera on the street corner captures you raising your hand and making a “taxi” signal, your biometrics are sent to some DB that confirms phone ownership as account info and geolocation is seized and communicated to Uber while banking info is sent and confirmed to verify available funds. This is massive amounts of info being transferred simultaneously—and that’s for one user—and my example isn’t really doing justice to what this represents, I feel.

In other words, the type of governmental control applied through some omnipresent computer system such as what’s been central to many dystopian tales, 5G makes that possible.

The Chinese already have 6G ready to go.

Yes, China has integrated many of those aspects in its society, but much of it in restricted areas, some purely as tests. And they’re fully transparent about those implementations. Conversely, I don’t expect the same from Western governments, and it’s that technology in their hands that frightens me more.   

Sep 2, 2023 - Ideological Scumminess. That's what I Hate About the West


These type of things, below, perfectly highlight what I find so despicable about the West, such things infuriating me as they simultaneously fill me with a sense of despair and deep shame; the arrogance overshadows the ignorance, unfortunately, and a desire to see bad things happen to one's perceived foe overwhelms good sense. 

The first is from the British The Economist's Editor-in-chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes, this being the intro to the magazine's weekly "Highlights from the latest issue" email; it states:

The Economist - 24-Aug-2023

How bad is it? Our cover this week tackles this important—and much debated—question about China’s economy. Our leader argues that things are very bad indeed. The blame lies with Xi Jinping and China’s increasingly autocratic government. Mr Xi’s centralisation of power and his replacement of technocrats with loyalists is leading to damaging policy failures, not least a feeble response to tumbling growth and inflation. This week my colleagues provide detailed coverage on the consequences inside China and for the rest of the world.

In the 2000s Western leaders mistakenly believed that trade, markets and growth would boost democracy and individual liberty. But China is now testing the reverse relationship: whether more autocracy damages the economy. The evidence is mounting that it does—and that after four decades of fast growth, China is entering a period of disappointment.

There's so much in there that's totally absurd, such interpretations and conclusions being the product of limited minds who can't help but see the world through their paradigms, which they want to impose on all.

The inverse is actually what happened and accounts for China's success: over 70% of industry assets now belong to the private sector, the complete reverse being true a few decades ago. Further, regional heads and city mayors are granted huge amounts of power to attract industries.

The mention of "centralisation" is purely for propaganda purposes, it acting as a dog whistle for Communism, any notions of centralisation scaring the bejesus out of libertarian-minded folks. And, no; in the 2000s, greedy and arrogant Western leaders assumed that Capitalism would win and crush 'government' rather than it being absorbed by said government and spat back through a far more efficient system. They assumed subjugation through markets, never once giving a thought that, one day—and quite so rapidly—they'd find themselves forced to 'collaborate with' rather than 'rule over'. 

Also, by "our leader," is the author referring to Rishi Sunak? Honestly, who cares what he thinks? His economy is truly down the crapper, whereas China's will weather this forced difficult moment—Xi (and the gang) planned for it; in great part, they are forcing it. That last part, that's something so very few seem to address. Why?

And, while the West seems to panic and points to it while declaring China a failed system, reality is, the government decided to let Evergrande go belly up, an event it triggered after "authorities cracked down on developers' debt-fuelled building boom" in 2021.

Central Garden, another major developer who had expected to be bailed out by the government for their bad decisions—after all, the real estate presents too big a risk to the economy—were also met with a slap in the face, forced to default on their interest payment; the company's creditor's delivered a vote late Friday, yesterday, for a bond extension that will let the company repay the $540 million (USD) owed over three years rather than having to cover the entirety today. It's an onshore 'private' bond. The government is, I'm certain, relieved that it went through, but they refused to interfere except to guarantee that citizens wouldn't be hurt or, in some cases, lose their deposits.

They're letting the market bleed, but controlling the flow of blood, one may say. How successful will they be? The West seems to be in a bigger panic. That says much.

Economists are baffled by the fact that the government is not doing anything to counter the huge drops in prices that developers are forced to swallow, nor is Beijing doing anything to counter competitive approaches taken by some regional heads in order to attract homebuyers, these having noted: "this signifies a clear change in local government's attitudes towards the real estate market, notably, without any intervention from the central government." This also lays waste to the "centralisation" BS.

In a way, China is being more American than they. Yes, China is currently undergoing a tough economic period, but that's because errors were made and the real estate market presents too big a chunk of China's current economy (30%), and the debt-level reached by developers has had too adverse an effect on the entire country's financials. As such, the Chinese government is taking advantage of the post-COVID situation and slow recovery to rectify matters, letting companies suffer the consequences of their decisions, refusing to bail out the tycoons though they're easing matters on banks hit by mortgage-related issues, injecting money when necessary, this being Beijing's current position on real estate matters. If events and the times should inform the entire machine that is the Chinese government—not just Xi Jinping—to take a more direct approach in the real estate market, then that's what they'll do if that's what's decided to be the best for the country.

And therein lies a major difference with Western ways; the entire Chinese government works together to constantly correct course, always making sure that what's 'going on' is what's best for the people, not just a few.

Along the same lines: the West may try to turn governmental folks being arrested for corruption in China or Russia as oppressive acts by totalitarian governments, but all points to, simply, governments that actually try to combat corruption, the problem with that view perhaps having far more to do with the propaganda Westerners have ingested?

On every level, China's is an entirely different model that can't be compared to ours, and the more I learn, the less of anything resembling all that feeds Western fearmongering is what I see. And you can stick those ingrained notions of an oppressed people where the sun don't shine, which is where your head obviously is.

For there's much to China's way of life that seems like a turn off to me, but that's because I'm a 'long-time' Westerner. I'm certain that, were I born in China in recent decades, I'd be utterly perplexed by the West and wouldn't want what we have. Those who come here now do so for education (increasingly less so) or for work opportunities, as the number of people in China make it far more intensely competitive and, thus, more difficult, depending on current demands, to secure certain types of jobs or revenues. Hence, convenience stores the world over have been overtaken by the Chinese, who work crazy hours to save money they can use to move on to something bigger, selling the store to another Chinese family who repeats the cycle. They're hard-working folks who seize an opportunity, not believing themselves born into, and owed, managerial positions, unlike too much of the West. And most of them end up going back to China.

There's good and bad everywhere. And there's much we can all learn from one another. Xenophobia has never produced anything positive.


The second is a recent Daily Express US article titled,  "Kissinger's prophetic warning would have helped the West stop Putin's war on Ukraine."

If you don't know how to recognize intellectuals who have absolutely nothing to say but choose to say something anyway, believing that what they're saying makes them seem intelligent and that, somehow, it validates their so-called expertise, here's an example to learn from:

Dr Sergey Radchenko, the Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, well, he's a "top historian" who read some stuff, coming across a passage in Henry Kissinger's "1,400-plus page memoirs" that carried a "prophetic hidden message"  that "could have even helped prevent the Ukraine war if it was [sic] listened to." 

Can someone who fails to use the subjunctive form be trusted? For a 'doctor', he does say stupid things.

My problem: 

"The passage from the White House Years book, published in the 1970s, reads: "All experience teaches that Soviet military moves, which usually begin as tentative, must begin resisted [sic] early, unequivocally and in a fashion that gives Soviet leaders justification for withdrawal.

"If this moment is to pass, the commitment grows too large to be dismantled short of a major crisis."

'According to Dr Radchenko, this suggests the Russians "always back off when faced with superior force.'

He said: "In the memoir, Kissinger argues that a more decisive reaction by the West against Soviet encroachment would have signalled to the Soviets that they could not go on, and they would back off. This particular episode relates to the Middle East (1970), but I think it is applicable more generally.

According to Radchenko, the West should have had "this logic in mind and responded more strongly to Russia's illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014." If only the West had been more aggressive in 2014, he claims, "we would have avoided all that followed."

First off, WWII, and Stalingrad alone, disproves Radchenko's conclusion regarding "superior force". 

Second, how can this idiot be considered an expert in anything is beyond me, if those are the types of ignoramus and wholly juvenile assessments he manages to provide, seeing value in any of that.

This idiot bases himself on Western BS, to boot, Crimeans refusing to be a part of Ukraine, the US-led coup being what triggered the civil war and Crimea's willing division from Ukraine.

Further, failing to understand Crimea's significance for Russia, geopolitically, is failing to understand what, in actuality, prompted the launch of Russia's SMO, and it's severely failing to understand that if Russia launched that SMO, it would have ramped up aggression if met with aggression, and things would have turned far more deadly for Ukraine then, though Russia would not have fared as well on the economic front, I'm sure.

His whole view fails to understand that these past eight years were used in preparation for this conflict that NATO's US-led neocons were determined to have, no matter what.

And 1970s Russians are much different than 2020s Russians, the 90s and the memories left by Western plundering having solidified an Eastern resolve while intensifying a national paranoia. 

The Wilson E. Schmidt people should give the fool the boot. He's wasting their time and money.

Aug 16, 2023 - ChatGPT Attempts to Do DMS&UY


I finally had a bit of fun with ChatGPT.

Neat! Night and day with previous models I'd seen.


Sure. But what scares me about AI isn't found at the AI end of things, but at the very human one; these relate to:

  • Our hubris and the general lack of consideration re the long-term that goes into most things of this scale.
  • The greed-filled, power lust that fuels those most apt to make important decisions regarding such technologies.
  • Our tendency to wedge such developments into the dysfunctional paradigms already in place rather than the willingness to embrace new and better possibilities. 

Otherwise, AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is the one I take more seriously in terms of potential existential threat to humans, but, albeit the lack of continuity in a human form, I'm not sure I actually see the technological singularity as the doom of mankind rather than our evolutionary ascension into new modes of being. 

But that's a longer talk...


For the hell of it, I asked "AI Bob" to do me a piece as, well, essentially, me. 

I love its answer, and I love how it appears to understand conceptual aspects of my approach without being able to apply them in an interesting and actually funny manner. It seems to have turned meta, adopting characteristics of my style it overtly expressed—the title's mention of "quirky", for example—but with none of the depth or linguistic manipulations I inject all over.

I'm safe. Can't be imitated. For now.   

•     •     •

Here's AI Bob's answer to my Q: Can you provide a report created in the style of the Down My Street & Up Yours blog, please? 
(Yes, I found myself saying "please" and "thank you" as I would for anyone else. I'm Canadian.) 

“I'm sorry, but I can't provide you with a report in the style of "Down My Street & Up Yours" as it is a specific writing style associated with a certain tone, language, and context.

“I understand that you're looking for a writing style similar to the "Down My Street & Up Yours" blog. While I can't replicate the exact style and tone of that blog, I can attempt to capture its informal, irreverent, and satirical nature in a short example. Please note that this is a creative interpretation, and I'll do my best to provide you with a similar style:”

Below the text was this:

“Please keep in mind that this example is a creative imitation of the style you mentioned. "Down My Street & Up Yours" has a very distinct voice and unique content, so the [above] text is intended to capture a similar tone while providing original content.” 

•     •     •

Title: The Quirky Chronicles of My Absurd Neighborhood

Subtitle: A Glimpse into the Wonderland that is My Street

Introduction: Setting the Stage

Hold onto your hats, folks, because we're about to take a wild ride down the rabbit hole that is my peculiar neighborhood. If you thought your street was the center of quirky happenings, think again. Welcome to a place where garden gnomes stage protests, squirrels drive toy cars, and the mailman moonlights as a stand-up comedian.

Chapter 1: Gnome Uprising!

Picture this: I'm sipping my morning coffee, contemplating the mysteries of the universe, when suddenly, a chorus of tiny voices fills the air. That's right, the garden gnomes have risen up against the tyranny of lawn ornaments. Armed with miniature picket signs and an attitude to match, they demand equal representation in the decorative hierarchy. Frankly, I'm just happy they didn't start a gnome-napping ring.

Chapter 2: Squirrel Speedway

Who needs NASCAR when you have the Squirrel Speedway right outside your window? These bushy-tailed speed demons have transformed our quiet street into a racetrack of epic proportions. They zoom past in their tiny toy cars, showing no regard for speed limits or common decency. I've even caught them staging pit stops for nut refueling.

Chapter 3: Mailman Mic Drop

Our mailman, Gary, is no ordinary postman. By day, he delivers letters with a wink and a smile. But by night, he transforms into a stand-up sensation, hitting local comedy clubs with punchlines that could rival the pros. Who knew that the man responsible for my Amazon Prime deliveries was also the master of one-liners?

Conclusion: Embrace the Absurdity

As I sit on my porch, surveying the chaos that defines my neighborhood, I can't help but smile. The mundane has become magnificent, the ordinary extraordinary. So, here's to the gnome rebels, the squirrel speedsters, and the mailman maestros. Embrace the absurdity, my friends, for it's what makes life on my street truly unforgettable.

Remember: If your neighborhood ever seems too quiet, just toss a squirrel a tiny car and watch the magic unfold.

Aug 6, 2023 - War & Peace. A DMS&UY Update


Yeah, yeah... I know: Where's new posts, damn, it?! What's up with this non-posting poster, crap?! What kind of lazy, non-communicative "info" dude, am I? Jeesh!

Fire me, somebody!!!


I apologize for the delay; got caught up in the backend, then, couldn't post... Long story made real short: Bugs and stuff. Some guy named Bob. He musta goofed. Maybe.

I still haven't been able to resolve my rendering issue on my base model but I simply extended a new 'base model' base model.

It. Just. Shouldn't. Be.

This one's gonna bug me until I solve it or die. Screwy goings on in there that I can't wrap my head around. I extend all my other base models from that one rather than reprogram for each, and all works correctly and renders on each, but not the base, which contains the controllers and scripts.

And, yes, if wondering, I start my array at 0. 

By the way: Here's one sure way to tell the diff between a programmer and someone not possessing a programmer mindset: all programmers start a "0"; everyone else starts, logically, at "1". For 'normal' folks, the first apple in a series is #1. whereas, for a programmer it's:

If apple_count > 1 then "first apple" = 0.

Wherever normies see "1 through 5", programmers see "0 through 4".   

Just one more way in which we all see the word in our own way. 

Made some good leeway despite not being where I wanna be, and time is starting to press; my window is closing soon, which means my having to focus on a job...

I also decided on implementing important structural changes, doing so now as I know I'll regret it later otherwise, and the idea and plan came after, seeing some obvious problems with the filters. 

That said, it's now: Realms --> Spheres --> Categories --> Tags, with Country, Persons, Organisations, and Sources as isolated relational Category tags  

In the meantime:

Allow me to offer you a different perspective on war and peace, from a Japanese minimalist composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, who passed away in late March; another among many sad losses.

I'm not a huge fan, if only due to the 'electronics' increasingly involved in his creations, but he certainly was an adventurous musician who delved in some of my fave areas of exploration, namely, loops and cyclicity, and I've a genuine fondness for his 'vocal' works, which draws many parallels with those of John Adams or Philip Glass' done in this vein. ("Einstein on the Beach" offers some real goosebump moments).

He's collaborated with some truly great 'greats, and left behind a musical archive well-worth exploring, one that isn't about 'sales' and 'radio plays', making it healthy brain food for all.

The lyrics are by Arto Lindsay. I wasn't aware until I dug up this live version—which I may like more than the album cut—and I mention it as... well... he's just... um... ain't no other like him...


There's far too much beauty, none of it deserving mankind's ugliness.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - War & Peace


Aug 2, 2023 - Gonzalo Lira. On the Run?


News of Gonzalo Lira has finally been received after he'd disappeared roughly three months ago, following his arrest by Ukraine's SBU.

Lira posted three brief videos and Tweeted a cryptic status update that alluded to an escape out of Ukraine, seeking political asylum in Hungary; he was roughly five kilometres from the Hungarian border when he'd filmed his first video, doing so to offer a record of events should things not quite play out the way Lira was betting on, for he'd now be an escapee rather than a refugee, but he was working under the assumption that his "escape" was the unstated conclusion that Kyiv was, in fact, hoping for.

Surprisingly, probably due to some pressure having been applied by citizens, the US State Dept did involve itself in Lira's case, but, from what we can deduce, only doing so by 'going through the motions', doing the bare minimum paper shuffling to avoid reproach while claiming they were doing their best. Still, this is more than many had anticipated.  However, this could have been resolved with a call to Kyiv, not Moscow, so, please, one phone call is absolutely all that this case should have needed to have Lira freed, Ukraine booting him out the country permanently, putting him on a plane back home.  

On the other hand, having dual US-Chile citizenships, the Chilean ministry is said to have "tried to move heaven and earth" to get Lira released.

Lira claims having undergone torture and asserts having been blackmailed into making certain admissions; the Kyiv regime has charged him with a list of crimes that equate publicly opining on known aspects of the Russo-Ukraine war as being particularly treasonous and anti-Ukrainian given that his views weren't—you guessed it—favourable to Kyiv.

In an odd turn that saw Lira test his chance as he hoped he'd understood the unstated, he hopped on his motorcycle and headed for the border...

Nope. The 'escape' part didn't include breaking out of jail. Lira was released on bail, but the Ukrainians sorta goofed on the monitoring bracelet and, oops, sorta gave him his passports back... but he better be there at his trial in a few days so he can face the big trouble he's in.

Either this is Kyiv's way of "getting rid" of him due to some pressure—he's not worth the trouble—though without actually releasing him, or they're setting him up, counting on Lira wanting to leave the country ASAP. Hence why he's hoping to receive political asylum from Hungary, rather than another European country, as Kyiv is bound to make trouble for him so long as there's an "escapee" status hanging over his head.

I wonder what's happening with his wife and kids?  

Rumour is that Victoria Nuland may have helped direct the SBU's attention toward Lira, perhaps motivating an arrest, if not having hindered his speedy release; this is pure speculation, this conclusion, advanced by some, is based on a comment made by Lira.

Aug 1, 2023 - Biden's Bad Bunch Not Getting Smarter or Nicer - Abrams, Burns, Nuland


I fail to see how, exactly, Trump would have been worse than Biden—for the non-US world, that is—if not for all the frenzy and those derangements and all the baggage that follows Trump, but, otherwise, other than selling all on the idea that the Dems truly did intend to deliver on all those social sweets, this time... 

Biden is actually no better, and he may very well be a far worse con man. Further despite what some seem to believe, he's kept nearly all Trump policies (that really mattered) in place, reversing only fluff that corporations don't care about, and, for those really obtuse individuals who are convinced that Biden is still the better of two evils, though they only label him as "evil" to placate frustrated liberals who may jump ship and join the Republicans otherwise, well, do know that President Joe Biden now shares another convincing bit of 'evil' with former US Presidents Ronald ReaganGeorge W. Bush, and Donald Trump.

On 4-Jul-2023, Biden appointed Eliot Abrams. When one thinks "evil neocon," the image of Abrams is what should come to mind.

Under Reagan, Abrams was directly involved in the Iran-Contra scandal—a despicable bit of warmongering that included some heavy lying to Congress and all Americans—a role for which he was convicted on two misdemeanor counts of unlawfully withholding information from Congress in 1991; he was pardoned by president George H. W. Bush (Oliver North ended up being 'everyone's patsy?).

Not letting legal stuff deter Abrams from doing Satan's work, during George W. Bush's first term, Abrams, a strong supporter of the Iraq War, served on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Directo, and then, during Bush's second term, Abrams was promoted to the role of Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy, where he was put in charge of promoting Bush's strategy of "advancing democracy abroad."

Under Trump, Abrams was appointed to serve as the US Special Representative for Venezuela from 2019 to 2021, and as the US Special Representative for Iran from 2020 to 2021. In Venezuela, Abrams had been tasked with "directing the campaign to replace Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro," per US establishment wants; this had led to the hilariously incompetent 'coup' that saw the US-backed Juan Guaidó simply enter the National Assembly and call himself the new leader, an act that failed to bestow the title on him or to garner any recognition, though he did manage to confuse the hell out of everyone over the next four years.

Maybe a good thing, but: only under Trump could such a farce of a coup occur? That's what I would have thought, but with all the bumbling that we've been privy too...

On 21-Jul-2023, Biden appointed William Burns to a cabinet position; Burns is currently the head of the CIA, and remains as such, gaining no new powers others than to now be directly included in all cabinet-level communications and decisions.

Burns, author of the now famous "Nyet Means Nyet" memo concerning NATO's expansion into Ukraine; here's a once-diplomat who's now a model for those who are unsure whether they should fall in line and be a hypocrite, playing the establishment's game, kissing the ass of the upper brass, acting like they buy into the BS they know to be false, and wonder what good can come from that.

Burns isn't the the first CIA director to attain cabinet status. Former President Bill Clinton's CIA directors, John Deutch and George Tenet, both served in his cabinet, as William Casey under Ronald Reagan.

Since 28-Jul-2023, Biden promoted Victoria Nuland, another neocon superhawk who certainly seems determined to beat Abrams and take home the "Human the earth should have aborted - Underrated Evil" title.

Personally, I'm not fussy about the rules of such contests; I say they both win. Let's get rid of both. Strap rockets to their backs and send them both into space, I say.

Nuland is now Deputy Secretary of State, replacing a now retired Wendy Sherman (no relation to cheerleader mentioned in India-Part1 post; I must have unconsciously had that name in mind). That's, practically, one step below that other dangerously arrogant and myopic scum-snot ideologue, Anthony Blinken. Absolutely nothing there that ought to make anyone feel comfortable and secure; these mega morons believe that good diplomacy relies on citizens being braindead, apparently, because everyone else I know calls what they do 'being an instigating irritant and a veritable POS' and never do I hear "diplomat" or "diplomacy" to describe their brand of supremacy-stroking power-lusting that does nothing but inflict harm on others.

Biden's whole administration is one that makes me real anxious, and it doesn't get better when one examines all the revolving doors that went 'round and who's in all sorts of positions with fancy titles that obfuscate the "killer" one that applies best, and who's earned all sorts of appointments with even longer job titles to dissimulate the "contract killer" one while the job description attempts to paint scum as a deity for the developing world.   


Oh, yeah, speaking of Burns: Per a statement released by its Director, William Burns, the CIA is currently running a massive social media campaign to recruit spies in Russia.

So, in concordance with allegations made against Russia by the CIA, FBI, DHS, and others, vis-à-vis the exploitation of social media, as well as the ongoing CIA activities that Burn's statement indirectly validate, I fail to see why Burn's comment doesn't qualify as an open, freely-offered admission of guilt regarding continued, illegal activities perpetrated by the US.

The United States have been illegally spying on everyone for decades, even those they qualify as "allies" in public but call :"stooges" and "tools" in private. Ask Angela Merkel if you don't believe me.

There's something disturbingly wrong, mentally, with these people, and what they believe themselves to be allowed.

Thankfully, the world has had enough of these ass-hats, and portions of the globe are pushing back against all that oppressive, single-standard, neo-imperialist dickhead mentality that these appointees represent, as do their brain-damaged neocon handlers. 

Jul 30, 2023 - Drone Strikes Moscow. Again.


That the more radical elements have been eager to get their hands on long-range weapons has been made clear through the damage that they've inflicted on Belgorod, on the Russian side, since the early months of the SMO. 

Then, in May, two drones had reached the Kremlin; these, managing to impact the roof, doing very little damage, but they'd provided what became some of the most watched footage of drones, and the act had scored an important point for Ukraine under the rubric "psychological warfare". 

In the early morning of last Monday, 24-Jul-2023, Moscow stopped a two-drone attack although one struck a skyscraper in Moscow that's said to house government offices, shattering glass on two floors , Russian officials reported. 

The drone had been brought down close to the headquarters of the defence ministry. The wreckage of a second drone was found on Komsomolsky Prospect, a main traffic vein in central Moscow. In all, the attack had lightly damaged the fronts in two non-residential buildings, resulting in no casualties.

This morning, Sunday, a three-drone attack was again attempted by Kyiv—the second in a week—this one also resulting in only minor damage to the facade of two office buildings in the Moskva-Citi business district, according to Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin.

For now, at least, the drones aren't capable of inflicting considerable damage, but when will that change, and it's a good thing Kyiv doesn't have NATO's nuclear missiles planted on the border Ukraine shares with Russia?

Jul 27, 2023 - And Then, Senator Mitch McCo...


I was wondering what was up with Kentucky's Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, but I think I got an answer yesterday as he spoke while his mind checked out.

While delivering his opening remarks to the press during Wednesday's weekly Republican leadership news conference, McConnell abruptly stopped talking midway through his sentence and stared off into space for 19 seconds—a long time when on air. Everyone thought he'd simply paused, but almost immediately, there appeared to be a swell of emotions that bubbled up, hijacking his facial expressions on its way to the surface as McConnell gave his all to keep the damn from bursting. One felt that McConnell had been overwhelmingly stricken by a deep grief, the loss of a loved one still too fresh, raw, but... no, as rapidly as they had appeared, the emotions dissolved to reveal the stupefaction of a profoundly puzzled man unable to speak, those few seconds surely sending many in a panic, certain that McConnell was having a stroke.

Whatever my feelings for the politician are, watching that, that was hard. It's the universality in what was witnessed, and the powerlessness we all must face.

For ourselves and those we love. 

McConnell had a nasty spill resulting in a concussion and a cracked rib last March when he fell after a GOP fundraising event.

Asked by a reporter later how he was feeling, McConnell replied that he was "fine". 

There's been no mention of a follow up with doctors nor have details been given if a pre-existing condition.  

Video: Mitch McConnell escorted away from cameras after freezing during a news conference


infographic pulse cash balances fig 1

Jul 26, 2023 - Shut Up! You're Better Off, OK. Vote Biden.


Glazing the events triggered by Dems and the decisions they take with a thin, surface-level shine meant to hide an unpleasant and voter-displeasing reality in an attempt to fool their base, and more, into seeing reasonable and people-focused out of BS and crooks is now, seemingly, a part of the establishment's efforts, it and the entities that are a part of its toolset—if not under its thumb—having creeped firmly into "anything goes" territory since Trump's turn in Washington, albeit this is a softer version of that.

What should present a serious problem and be cause for concern to all presents more cause for concern seeing how the tribal Dems and Trump haters seem perfectly happy to treat allegations of a pro-Dem establishment as the delusion of one's paranoia if not a malicious rightwing ploy in the same vein as the treatment afforded to issues that fit the GOP's Culture War narrative.

Well, saying "pro-Dem" isn't wholly accurate even if I think there's clear truth to that, the shift having been initiated by Bill Clinton's eagerness to help corporations do their thing outside US borders, the Clintons being prime members in a neolib globalist elite club that includes like-minded power-lusters from the older NATO countries. Nonetheless, saying "anti-trump" is what's near impossible to argue against.

Again: it's not that Trump is anti-establishment, he's just not liked nor wanted by the current establishment, as he's not a team player and got in the way of the Dems' plans.

And, yes, I do agree that a party embellishing one's results is nothing new nor sign of collusion, but the localised behaviour once expressed as peaks in outlets' visible biases has turned into a widescale practise across liberal media as well as more minor and indie outlets deathly afraid to be labeled as "rightwing". Since the latter half of Trump's term, certain outlets take clear pleasure in manufacturing all sorts of stories that paint the Dems as white knights while instantly negating—without knowing any details or having seen proof—any claims made by the evil ogre 'rightists', the reverse being equally true, of course.

That said, I'm not mentioning this story so all can rejoice given that, whatever you're living aside, you're better off 'since Biden took over', I mention it for the example it provides, the headline, "Americans are still better off, with more in the bank than before the pandemic", laying bare the author's political intent (link below).

That piece appeared in the Washington Post's "Economy" section, not the "Op-Ed" one, on 17-Jul-2023.

It's a piece peppered with anecdotes showcasing people who've found themselves making more money than before the pandemic, these imbued with a "get off your butt; money is waiting for you" vibe that downplays the stark downward path paved by rising costs and dwindling savings that the author mentioned, mostly in passing, and just for good posture?

Below, you'll notice that the title of the JPMorgan Chase report that the WaPo piece rests on specifies "March 2023"; trends indicate that the vast majority are now sitting square with that "pre-pandemic" number if not below, which is where many are heading should forecasted and broadcasted events play out as expected, Saudi Arabia cutting  back oil production being a major one.

So, there's much to peel in WaPo editors having allowed this to be printed: "Despite a year when inflation pushed prices to new heights, Americans are still better off now than before the pandemic, with nearly 10 to 15 percent more in their bank accounts than in 2019, new checking and savings account data shows."

That WaPo is now largely an establishment tool—ditto The New York Times—isn't a claim that finds much opposition other than denialist Dems, which is almost all pro-DSA Caucus Leftists.

That such an entity, which this particular piece is representative of, doesn't even discuss the report's two findings, below, and sees it fit to convert a surface observation into an opportunistically impression-creating headline with some text, that's cause for concern for me, because of the context that has brought us here, and the obtuse tribalism that accepts totalitarian-leaning behaviour as normal given what it means for their side...

Considering the 'mean machine' that Fox News is up against, one can't blame the GOP for its reliance on the network as they watch reality rendered flexible and always pro-Dem, certain entities spinning freely, their authority and good intent assumed and not to be questioned, especially when it's to divert attention from disturbing coincidences or to tip popular opinion—and that of the undecided—toward Biden and away from all else, especially Trump, such efforts being offered in combination with all sorts of denials and omissions, as well as very despicable ways of downplaying questionable activities, all of which centre around Kyiv.


According to JPMorgan Chase:

Finding One: Median cash balances for all income groups were 10 to 15 percent elevated by the end of March 2023, the lowest observed since April 2020.

Finding Two: Black and Hispanic households had consistently lower median cash balances than White and Asian households and saw greater relative balance gains during the pandemic; balance gains for all groups have since been depleting.


Analysis: Household Pulse: Balances through March 2023 | JPMorgan Chase

Article: Americans are still better off, with more in the bank than before the pandemic | Washington Post


Jul 25, 2023 - If it's Hip to Be Smart, and Smart to Be Young, then Biden & Bunch Bad


While young voters massively favoured Biden over Trump in 2020, votes being, respectively, split 58-38, and though no other age group had shown as much support for Biden as voters between the ages of 18 to 29 had done, per a Pew Research analysis, the Dems would be way off to think that they can capitalise on that difference again in 2024—young voters have abandoned the Dems. Almost completely.

And they have, do, and will, but, this time, they can’t blame the Republicans, period; their mess is entirely the expected product of the corrupt and destructive half of the power-hungry and ineffective system it’s an integral part of.

On every issue that matters, the Biden admin failed. Miserably. Overpromising and underdelivering.

And the whole "abortion" affair, far more than the trans issue, despite what some militant leftists and their mafia thinks, is what had made the real difference.

And those below 30 aren’t having it anymore. According to a June poll by the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics that was released today, support for Biden from that age group dropped from early Q2's 41% to the current 36%; it was at 39% at the end of Q3 2022. 

That pretty much signals to me that Biden is holding roughly the same level of popularity, immediate reaction to events indicating a tendency, not a drastic change. However, what that Pew Research poll shows that the Kennedy School numbers don't quite convey given how they're presented, is that the 30 and below group is quite firm: 94% say, “Up yours, Joe! Where’s Bob?” and opt for a completely different avenue.

Hold on!  There’s no reason to rejoice with utmost bliss just yet, as that “new avenue” isn’t this street. 

That's right. The world is a disappointing place, but cheer up, we're bound to live through naturally exciting and awestriking new weatherings.

And Cornell West is a better choice than this street, to be frank. Maybe(?).

And best thing about Cornell West is that, worse comes to worst and he's humiliated, we can look forward to the double-entendre of headlines like: "West lost war; faces facts" or similar.

Victories. Enjoy them. No matter how small. 

So long as they're real—tangible and provable—and not the Western elite kind.

Blinken Lying Ukraine 50p won back

Jul 25, 2023 - Blinken Claims Ukraine 50% Reclaimed. Western Leaders Are Math Idiots


Ukraine has taken back a reported 3,000 square miles of territory from Russian occupation in the east and south of the country since the start of September.

Oops! That's from late September 2022.

I get so mixed up with all their lies, having to side step so many stinky piles of BS all the time, the Biden Bunch and Bendable Buddies offering way more of those than anything that doesn't make one's nose grow but, when you got White House money... 

Ah! Here it is:

CNN reported on 30-Sep-2022 that Russia had, since 24-Feb-2022, managed to secure "one fifth of Ukrainian territory, or about 119,000 square kilometers (46,000 square miles) of the total 603,500 square kilometers Ukraine claims and considers “temporarily occupied.” 

Hmmm. We're in July 2023, correct? And "late September 2022" is roughly within the same time frame as "30-Sep-2022," correct?

Oh, hold on.

Newsweek had asserted on 8-Nov-2022 that Ukraine had "regained half of its territory," offering: "Based on its intelligence, ISW said that, at present, Ukrainian total counteroffensives had led to the retaking of 43,500 sq km of land. At the peak of its territorial control on March 26, 2022, Russia occupied around 133,137 sq km, with an additional 28,615 sq km of ongoing advances at the time."

So, in that big huge "great counteroffensive" of last autumn, Ukraine lost over 100,000 of its newer generations to achieve a meaningless 6.52% gain they couldn't maintain, having had such success because Russia prefers to retreat, regroup, replenish, and retake rather than lose lives for something that non-POS Western leaders with brains would know and understand.


When all the fanfare was on how successful Ukraine was, taking roughly 6.5% cost billions for some of the fiercest fighting ever seen, but a month later... SUPRISE! Despite all the woes and shortages and even with the easy advances into villages from which the Russians had retreated, Ukraine had taken back 26.9%, which is about 50% according to Biden Bunch math.


Meanwhile, Russia is demilitarizing NATO as Ukraine sends more troops that Russia simply shells...


The fucking lot of scum-snots already pulled the same trick when the reality of Ukraine's so-fucking-not-great counteroffensive and it's measly 3,000 square miles placed public support and funding at risk.         

Same shameless BS. On 17-Jul-2023, Reuters reports that "Ukraine says it has regained nearly 18 sq km of land in past week,"  and Kyiv's military heads are complaining about the slow going, every metre brutally fought for with few gains.

Comfy in Washington, the US and NATO elites are irritated by Kyiv's attitude and visibly peeved with its piss-poor success. 

And, as popularity wanes further and talk of needing to settle on peace terms is abuzz, Blinken suddenly announces a roughly 75,000 sq km gain??? 


Jul 22, 2023 - Putin's Answer to Grain Deal Woes?


As if having anticipated the West's desire to make Putin look like the devil willing to starve countless, having foreseen the blatant disregard that his demand to keep the 'grain corridor' neutral would receive, Putin affirmed his position immediately after the Kerch bridge attack, pulling out of the deal while Russian forces pummeled the port at Odessa, shutting off an important supply point and possible pit-stop for American and NATO ships.

Further, letting the accusations fly to then show them for the empty tactic they're a part of, Putin already had a plan to make sure no one starves, offering free grain, with delivery,  to any developing country finding itself in need of them, should they be at the bad end of the unimpacted grain trade that guarantees rich-country needs first.

Recall how only 30-ish percent of last year's crops that 'evil Putin held back to starve the poor' ended up going to developing countries in need despite all the moaning coming out of NATO people, the rest going to Europe.

The US... massive grain production, yet, how much has it alloted to help out last year when collective West elites complained non-stop that Russia was blocking the grain route that was, in fact, blocked by Ukraine? As far as I know, India willingly offered to pick up the slack (created by the West).

Then, you got Poland, which wants none of Ukraine's grain, blaming the quality and an impact on its grain prices.

But why am I still babbling. "Free"! That should be all one needs to see the true colour of evil.   

Jul 22, 2023 - Third-Party Path Feels Wrath! And Coming Soon: Russiagate 2


Freedom & Democracy. It comes in two flavours: overtly rightwing and covertly rightwing.

Both taste like seagull shit (SS). If I know, it wasn't by choice; there's some places you only have yourself to blame for looking up with your mouth open. No need to verify, trust me on this: You never forget the awful taste that lingered long after the gallons of anything-liquid used to rinse your mouth. Never.

But, because we all die and there springs forth a new crop of voters, the two parties are able to continue the cycle that turns hope into SS out of BS. Seems like we're entering an SS phase?   

Thank goodness that the US is the freest and fairest place on earth across all four dimensions of spacetime and the seven other hypothesized ones, too, for I'd hate to see what kind of treatment Biden challengers would receive otherwise, and how much more apparent the bullying would be for someone like Cornell West, an independent. 

CNN tried to reason with West, get his assurance that he'd support Biden once he's convinced that he's wasting his time. Kaitlan Collins had a first go at him, but blanked out and accentuated her duck-facedness in reaction to West's anti-war rhetoric, and she did give it a good attempt to get him to condemn only Putin—no one else—but he'd say weird, non-Capitalist sounding stuff, and, so , she'd blank out, and failed. 

In came Anderson Cooper a few days later with another West interview and another go at setting him straight in front of the voters that form his shrinking audience. Cooper opened the way then faked a left and leaned in for a solid right hit with the mention of the 2nd Chechen war and Grozny (the 1st being under Boris Yeltsin), which can't possibly be compared to Iraq, which Cooper knows, having been in Iraq—LMAO—and been told what to say about the harm inflicted on Grozny.  

"You can't compare [what I make sound like the apocalypse] in Grozny with actions that the US took." 

Perhaps one should ask Iraqis and Chechens what they think? War is awful, period, but there's a stark difference in terms of savagery attained, the number of casualties several magnitudes apart, this clearer while taking a glance at Mosul, and the rest of Iraq and the hell that the US left the country in, including Libya and Syria, the last through Iraq as the US continues its attempts to eradicate Ba'ath "socialism" that seeks to unite Arabs, a dream of Assad, the father, hence why Kissinger screwed Syria and demonized Assad, a task he'd made increasingly easy, consumed by rage.

The US illegally annexed the portion of Syria that boasts the richest oil fields and steals its oil while it's been funding Kurds as well as Al-Qaeda and ISIL subgroups in the hopes that the country topples because it fit their geopolitical plan to have a Bendable Buddy Yes-Man in there instead of the people's choice. And never mind the BS regarding toxic gas—because one case was fraudulent, the rest shouldn't be questioned, obviously.

Everyone is guilty on the say so of the US, but even a pile of evidence isn't enough to turn the guilt on the irreproachable US, so sayeth the Lord.   

The CNN folks figured it was a safe bet to play on people's ignorance of events at Grozny, chances being good that West was a part of that. However, the high-end number of 35,000 casualties, both sides included, this being for all chapters of the Chechen wars, is eclipsed by the several millions, 70+ percent civilians, that were killed by US and allied forces through their War on Terror.

In between that: Sean Hannity loves being called "brother" and Fox News loves West but only so long as West promotes reasons to hate the Dems. 

The Atlantic, on their end, already established the vote-shaming model to use and the guilt-pounding phrases to come should the Dems lose. Ralph Nader is dredged up and facts and stats tossed aside, and West may be a black man, but the Liberals, they do know how to work their way around accusations of racism. Republicans often help with that. They also had a recent piece about 'America doing real fine' by Joe Scarborough, this establishing both why I nickname him "The Idiot" and that The Atlantic can no longer distinguish neocon wet dreams from liberal aspirations. 

A few days later, a worried and exasperated Cooper chatted with campaign strategist James Carville, who, looking very Cajun, somehow, in his posh kitchen, admitted to CNN's Anderson Cooper that he didn't want to spread rumours, but he received a link to a picture taken of Jill Stein in proximity to Vladimir Putin at a formal affair, which, to him, maybe, who knows... establishes that she's a clear Putin puppet and works for the Kremlin and Western democracy is threatened—don't fall for their tricks—it seems like... logically, but... uh... he wouldn't want to spread rumours or nothing. 

Carville is getting closer to the truth! Should he stumble on that phone call that Putin made to Elton John after he'd been pranked by Russia's Vovan and Lexus pretending to be Putin and then link Elton John to Emmanuel Macron's recent concert escapade, all he'll need is a picture of Stevie Nicks sitting on Sergei Lavrov's lap and he and Cooper will be one step too close to discovering the underground lizard people! What to do?! I must protect my speci—Oh crap! I forgot to switch to private mode again, didn't I? Forget what you just read. Thanks.  


Jul 21, 2023 - Cluster Bombs and Ukraine. To Set the Record Straight...


Here's another quick example of that hypocrisy and lying I keep complaining about, this one concerning the accusation that Russia has been savagely destroying towns and using all kinds of immoral means to do so, when, in truth, the Kyiv regime and its more extremist elements are responsible for the more savage and deceitful side of things. 

From that Amnesty International press release mentioned in previous post: "Many of the Russian strikes that Amnesty has documented in recent months were carried out with inherently indiscriminate weapons, including internationally-banned cluster munitions or other explosive weapons with wide-area effects."

Russia denied the claim, which the Pentagon indirectly confirmed. I'm of the opinion that Russia probably used cluster weapons, but in a limited and confined manner, the post-event evidence blamed on Russia being mostly Ukraine's doing. 

So, sure, spin, forget or deny now, but once was said:

The Convention on Cluster Munitions, which took effect in 2010, bans their use because of the indiscriminate harm they can cause to civilians. More than 100 countries have signed the pact; the United States, Ukraine, and Russia have not. Ukraine forces have been recorded using banned cluster weapons since at least 2014.

Ukraine Used Cluster Bombs, Evidence Indicates | The New York Times


"...both sides have relied heavily on artillery and rockets to dislodge each other. But the Ukrainians’ decision to saturate their own village with a cluster munition that has the capacity to haphazardly kill innocent people underscores their strategic calculation: This is what they needed to do to retake their country, no matter the cost."

To Push Back Russians, Ukrainians Hit a Village With Cluster Munitions | The New York Times

Jul 18, 2023 - Sharp Right Turning Point USA - Ultra MAGA Meet


Conservative activist Charlie Kirks' rightwing-uniting, political-fireworks machine, Turning Point USA, held another one of its bi-annual rallies this past weekend.

Republicans are far more adept at solidifying a slogan and uniting a base than the Dems, and TPUSA  now plays an important role toward that end, both with on-campus activism and the flashy, US-flag-imbued and Reagan-styled-patriotism-dripping affairs, where passionately anti-Dem speeches by known rightwing stars—from pundits to politicians to the time's cause-serving flavour-of-the-month—take the cadence of a sermon inspired by a Mussolinian interpretation of a Jerry Lewis comedy roast, such efforts aimed at attracting younger viewers whilst warning them of a 'lefty world' and impressing upon them the wondrous and free times that once were and can be, again, but the Dems have to be destroyed before they destroy America.

This iteration was branded "Turning Point Action", and the few speeches I did hear did vibrate with a message meant to inspire action, but one that intensified a fear-induced hatred that sapped out a metaphorical reading of "destroy" to mean "a humiliating defeat," all such figures of speech taking on a more ominous feel albeit one that can be easily denied despite the general hatred steeped in ignorance that's exploited to generate fear through the Culture War they're determined to see as an event that pits True America against Marxist-infiltrated America killers, rather than the gross, asinine exaggeration of an opportunistic GOP versus the vicious 'Woke' overswing made worse by opportunistic Dems.

Every decade for the past 100+ years has been marked by moral debates that see "good and wholesome" struggling to beat back "evil progressive decadence," these battles  always related to changes brought on by increased knowledge about the world and the life-altering technology that this allowed to be introduced into common, daily life. With that comes the mingling and influence of varied cultures, and the reshaping of social mores—marketing and corporations being the biggest culprits as concerns the latter. Thus the dominant culture and the national identity it gives shape to is sure to be challenged by the perceptions and desires of the younger generations who will find themselves in conflict with the imposed ways whose course leads them toward an unnecessarily bleak future, today's problems compounded to an impossible resolve. This usually skips one generation every fourth one.

The Dems exploit this aspect as part of their image, but, having become obsessed with wars, this is reflected domestically, having instigated a deeper divide and delivered a half-ass handling of social issues contributed plenty that provided the firm skeleton on which Republicans, MAGA ones particularly, fleshed out their new Culture War chapter.

Albeit I do agree that there are areas of concern that deserve greater scrutiny, many related topics are sure to strike a public debate, period; fighting that process is ridiculous, but what's opted for. Conversely, on the GOP side, framing these issues in a productive, non-politicized manner is what's needed, but not what's applied; the weaponization witnessed, based on anecdotes and outliers, quickly turn reprehensible their attitude should one remember that fellow Americans fighting for their right to 'be' is what's at the other end of the comic-book Cultural Commie Cult villain they've created in order to win elections.     

Dan Bongino is one whose troubling tribal diatribe rested on a truly laughable interpretation of a foe that conflates a fictionalized understanding of "leftism" with outdated and ignorant stereotypes, mishmashing Progressives and communism and trans issues into reductive notions of Stalinism absorbed through Cold War propaganda, repeating the same incredibly stupid arguments that may work with the base he cultivates, but has me questioning what kind of mental deficiency produces such mindsets. 

Yes, Dan, those who vote Dem want you to give your iPhone to Bob, who's too lazy to work and buy his own. It has nothing to do with shifting power toward workers and putting a halt to the beyond-incredibly abusive and unfair distribution that's blindly celebrated but achieved through highly-exploitative and destructive means of corporatized control, for whom social welfare is always an unquestioned guarantee... how to explain the last? I mean, without turning into a babbling Libertarian idiot sure to say "small" and "big" followed by "government" too many times without actually saying a damn thing.

You wanna call 'em grifters—and I'm sure that many are—but, no matter how absurd and off the wall some of the claims may be, the conviction appears to be genuine. However, public people adhering steadfast to a surface form and seeking only to validate that interpretation whilst promoting false, negative views that generate hate, "grifter" may not be the right word, but there's definitely lots of honesty lacking there.

By the way, Republicans are mostly responsible for the sorry state of schools, not CRT.      

Bongino was let go from Fox News this spring, claiming an inability to successfully negotiate a new contract as the cause, stating that he held no ill-will against his former employer. In combination with Tucker Carlson's forced departure, I'm beginning to wonder whether his termination was related to a clean-up of sorts. 

The last speaker I heard, Steve Bannon, is what tied together all the impressions from the bits I'd seen, Bannon's rage, his speech laden with white nationalist lingo, the clarion call that formalised actual war out of the cultural one. 

Carrying both threat and defiance, Bannon proclaimed Trump the unquestioned Republican nominee; the crowd roared. 

The moment crystalized the change that had occurred, the GOP no longer in charge of their party, the establishment Republicans bullied into stepping aside and remaining quiet, this split made visible through more freely expressed attacks aimed toward other conservatives. Those not fully dedicated to their MAGA leader.

DeSantis, having taken aim at Trump, has fallen out of favour. When asked to vote for a second-place choice, those present voted on the one that Charlie Kirk calls "Big Brown Swamee", Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Nothing racist, "Big Brown" is all in good humour... That's my fear with Ramaswamy: he seems to be trying to be more conservative than traditional white conservatives in order to make up for that "Big Brown" aspect... that's used to identify him, hence, his success within that sphere relies on more hardline politics than those of traditional white conservatives, the racist moniker thus applied, and allowed, as jovial derision denoting a conditional form of acceptance.   

Of interest, in link with the previous entry: All those present 95.8% replied with "No" to the question: Do you think that US should be involved in the Ukraine war?   

Jul 17, 2023 - The Real War Party Is? Cluster Bomb Says...


By now, all should know better than to expect from the Progressives the kind of behaviour that matches all that they'd campaigned on, one that fits the label that they gladly decided to wear in order to gain popularity among younger voters, which is why every single anti-war effort voiced in recent times came from Republicans, Marjory Taylor Greene compensating for some passive Squad?

Following Biden's decision to send cluster bombs, having none of the unbanned stuff left that could be sent, Rep. MTG had introduced a proposition to stop the US sending the controversial ammunition to Ukraine.

Cluster bombs detonate while in the air, scattering several smaller bombs. Problem with these are the wide areas that can be impacted by one bomb, the spread potentially killing or injuring indiscriminately while also delivering a high ratio of duds, which sit on the ground, unexploded, remaining lethal should they be disturbed. Like forgotten landmines, kids playing and stumbling on units slightly dug in or hidden in long grass... 

Many countries have signed a treaty banning the use of cluster bombs, whose use isn't illegal, according to international law, though usage of such weapons nearly always produces conditions which are in themselves considered a war crime.      

The result of the vote on whether the US should send cluster bombs was: 











Jul 17, 2023 - Student Debt. See! So, Shut Up, Biden Delivered. And DeSantis Struggles


With the heat of election fever boiling to a frenzy as we near autumn, the electo—What's that? Primaries. Really?! Elections aren't this upcoming Novembre? Next year?! Are you kidding me?! You mean things are only gonna get worse? Oh.


And Florida's Ron DeSantis is already running low on money (Williamson, too), his campaign said to be "burning through funds"? Are fake AI images and placing a temp hold on one's own preached ethics that expensive, or is it the frenzied anti-Trump and anti-LGBTQ video that drained campaign coffers? Double "antis" aren't cheap, I hear. DeSantis may want to consider better campaign managers, methinks, acquiring more campaign funds, too?

Trying to "shake things up" and rethink a new strategy is how DeSantis explained laying off about a dozen staffers this weekend. 

Frankly, I'm not gonna complain that, so far, everything about DeSantis' campaign took a wrong turn; he frightens me more than Trump as he's a firm ideologue in a way that Trump isn't, and he's shown that he's willing to executive order rightwing policies in to force his exceptionally white and hetero America on the country, and he's the kind who'd flex American muscles all over just to assert ol' fashioned strength.

Everything that is the essence of DeSantis is a throwback to the 1950s archetypal view of America, which sees any Commie and, therefore, "radical leftist Marxists" like Joe Biden and The Squad—who've offered next to no squadding lately—can only be dangerous enemies of the state pushing lethal social programs; any and all issues classified under "social justice" and "welfare" are anti-America cultural nuclear bombs, of course.

So, Biden wanting to wipe out a share of student debt, that's never been popular with DeSantis, ditto the GOP. Following their train of thought, your final destination is sure to be "inflation", which comes after "handouts bad"; in their world, all other paths clearly lead to everyone wearing the same pyjamas and sharing the exact same thought. Of course. Though that course is limited to America, per evidence. Must be the geography.

And, aware of it or not, Biden has much to make up for on that issue, "radical Commie policies" being what the working class were hoping for. The student debt proposal was big; it made all but the Big Money people happy.

So, the expected thing was what became reality: the promise took on the shape of empty election BS the Dems tried to play out while allowing their efforts to be blocked by the big meany GOP, who very easily had the Supreme Court overturn the Biden Bunch's student-debt forgiveness plan, claiming it "exceeded the authority Congress delegated to the executive branch."

Two possible routes, and not one Dem in the Bunch that's qualified to point out that Biden was choosing the wrong one by taking the "state of emergency" path? Any which way you slice it, nothing there to make the Dems look good.

But wait! Biden's working real hard to live up to his promise... it's not his fault... but if you vote for him again, he'll wipe all students debts—every penny—and re-instate that pond thing with the boats... oh, you know which one; that thing. Where people rent boats and swim... Row and wade! That's the one. He swears he'll take care of that, too. 

What's that? Roe vs. Wade? No, Biden never eats caviar; he prefers swimming. Now that the Biden agenda is clear, let's applaud these wonderful results: 

"President Joe Biden's administration will cancel $39 billion in student debt for more than 804,000 borrowers,"

In a statement, Biden boasted: "These borrowers will join the millions of people that my administration has provided relief to over the past two years – resulting in over $116 billion in loan relief to over 3 million borrowers under my administration," (Reuters)

The liberal media produced headlines proclaiming the grand news, all of them letting on that Biden fiercely got a win for over 800,000 (one said 8 million) who were seeing their debt being forgiven. 

But, like much else, all's in the presentation, and with a sinking administration, gotta spin what you got, and hope people see a rainbow and not another pile of BS, like this one:

The $39 billion isn't, technically, "relief", it's a correction made to the repayment program, which affects those who got their loan directly from the federal program, these being reimbursed through an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan. There was an error in the program limits and terms, and billions in interest overcharges... and only older loan recipients will benefit.

The IDR plan is meant to spread fixed repayments adjusted to one's income over a period of 20-25 years; the balance is then forgiven, if any left   


Statement from Biden: Statement from President Joe Biden on New Student Debt Relief Actions

Jul 15, 2023 - Fearmongering Maketh Good Warmongering: BRICS


That Janet Yellen briefing she gave on her return from Beijing... whoa! She sure knows how to deliver a chilling moment; my mind keeps bringing me back to it. 

I'm willing to bet that it can be used to gauge the worth and honesty of one's geopolitical views simply by separating those who know precisely which comment I'm talking about from those who don't. However, here's the answer: The instance I'm referring to is the comment she made regarding the US dollar's role as global reserve currency, flatly asserting that the dollar was gonna continue to dominate and be universally accepted as the sole primary standard for many, many more years to come.

Everything about that moment creeped the hell out of me. The lack of emotion on the matter and in her delivery... yet, it was a comment dripping with menace and arrogance, and the cold detachment was a feature, passively suggesting a violent resolve if needed, for she was delivering an unquestionable fact that were to become fact by any means. 

Psychos. Power-lusting ones already dangerously drunk on limited power. And high on all types of drugs, too, it seems?

Yeah... OK. Let's just sit back and watch things get better, why don't we. I mean, how can it not?

The ability to hit stupidity levels that continually manage to surprise all isn't an easy feat, but it's just one of many rare skills that distinguish Western politicians from the rest, having perfected the talent to a degree that eclipses any and all competition.

The BRICS alliance; everything about it is sure to upset Washington, but they're the very reason that gave cause to the reasoning that gave it life. The White House has weaponised the very essence of what sets the basis for a relationship with the US, which it 'sells' as being both superior and secure. Yet, market crashes are now a part of tightening patterns with shortening relapse cycles whose cause can be identified as bankers and investment 'gurus' who are allowed to take all sorts of gambles that affect the world's economy while shifting massive wealth back to them, all without giving a thought to countless whose savings they scrapped, and that's when all's good and your country didn't piss off the US, doing so potentially linked to being too good a competitor.

The US, along with the EU and the whole Coco-Puffs Coalition, how many billions did they steal from other countries in the past few years alone? Absolutely, I call it "theft", for if it weren't for the same Loony-Tunes Team in the first place, there'd be no manufactured reason leading to what's presented as justification for freezing, for keeps, other nation's money.

It's long been clear to me that booting Russia from SWIFT was going to trigger a chain reaction leading to a dedollarization, and it's long upset me that the Crazy Crooners Crew either hadn't foreseen any of that or didn't care, and it's made me real nervous ever since the process was started then accelerated at speeds best captured on a Machmeter just how nonchalant and unbothered the Insanely Idiotic Ideologues were.

Then, Yellen's comment. Chill.     

And now, amid growing tensions and a Graham cracker that wants to invade the country, Mexico is seeking new global partners and it's considering the possibility of joining the group of 5 7 11 27 128 BRICS nations (not actual member count), the Annoyingly Avid A-holes' betrayed a twitch in their eye as a wince briefly floated past the proper power veneer. Finally, a clear sign that the Massive Missile Monsters were deeply affected, and a message, too, unofficially, rising from the bottommost depths of some lobbyists heaven: Mexico must consider this choice carefully, for it presents "a move that could significantly shift the country's foreign policy and its economic relation." 

And, so, what to make of the recent idiocy used to inject fear and amp the anti-Russian and anti-Chinese sentiments?

Here it is: BRICS is all a ploy to form an alliance with South American countries, and China and Russia are combining forces to surround the US, planning to move all kinds of military hardware as close to the US as they can! Be fearful, they warned, these being well-known media and military figures with a conservative leaning. Naming them is irrelevant and something I want to avoid. as I'm certain the narrative will eventually bounce your way and I don't want to send traffic in certain directions nor help establish as an initial source that may affect interpretation what appears to be little more than fear-inducing propaganda.

Oh, while on the subject: If NATO was no justification, why should anyone fear this??? 

By the way, did I ever mention that kooks are what's running things?  


Jul 10, 2023 - In Spite of Temper and Cluster, AOC Endorses Biden, Upsets Fans


Confirmation has now been made public that the nasty temperament we'd seen hints of is far more marked than what the Dems had allowed anyone to believe.

Several members of US President Joe Biden's White House staff have recently disclosed having experienced Biden's tendency to snap and swear, showing sudden and increasingly intense irritation and impatience toward all those handling his day-to-day who need to communicate or validate info with Biden.

I'm no doctor, but I've experienced it and so have many of you, and we've all seen enough of Biden since 2020 to harbour the same doubt: That type of nastiness indicates that the dementia that accompanies alzheimer has firmly set in. Keep in mind that, despite all appearances, Biden's always been a bit of a snarky a-hole, offering plenty of clips captured throughout his career that feature him in mean moments, so that side of him becoming more prominent would also be typical of some of the changes experienced by folks of a certain age.

However, surely, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was aware of this aspect when she tendered her endorsement of Biden for the 2024 run, even if Biden's aggressive outbursts were revealed in the days following AOC's announcement.

Plus, at the time of making her endorsement, AOC definitely knew that Biden had given the OK to send cluster bombs to Ukraine—the hypocrisy is beyond enraging—which she remained quiet about, as she had done for the depleted uranium shells sent by UK, whose PM, Rishi Sunak, now frowns on the topic of cluster bombs, as if the lack of international accord made his act in any way acceptable (how this idiot became wealthy is a mystery; nothing impressive about him)   

Is the "transformation complete"? Genuine Dem blood is what now flows through her?

Or is AOC buckling down and playing the inside game more shrewdly? One can surmise that the position now held by Hakim Jeffries may have been AOC's had she not been a thorn in her first years in office. The sacrifice would have surely earned her more hatred—few seem to understand what an inside game entails—but the payoff would have been infinitely larger, though, no doubt, all would have fully turned against her by then, thus motivating petty, vindictive, and self-serving politics in the face of constant attacks calling her a traitor.

As regards the Progressive's chosen route, both they and the voters who support them appear to be lacking a firm, common understanding, and because of that, and based on what's seen, it's gotten real hard to trust AOC.  

Jul 9, 2023 - Xi Jinping Tells Troops to Ready for War


Last Thursday, on 6-Jul, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare for war, warning that “the world has entered a new period of turmoil and change and China's security situation has become more unstable and uncertain.”

According to Reuters, reporting on a Xinhua news agency release, the state of the Chinese troops’ combat readiness was upped; current training maneuvers have apparently been upgraded to simulate ‘actual combat’, complete with live ammo.

Xi Jinping is said to have increased combat-readiness on the same day that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen arrived for her four-day visit in Beijing, wherein she hoped to secure the safety of current supply and manufacturing chains, which the liberal press referred to as “aiming to ease tensions”.  

A similar announcement was made in Western press on 14-Nov-2020 and on 9-Nov-2022, outlets claiming that Xi had stated as reason: China's national security is facing "increased instability and uncertainty".