India. Caught In The Center, Gravitating Around Itself - PART 3

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Posted: Sep 7, 2023   3:33:02 AM   |   Last updated: Sep 7, 2023   3:34:02 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

India. Be India.

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Continued from: India. Caught In The Center, Gravitating Around Itself
                           India. Caught In The Center, Gravitating Around Itself - Part 2 

On with part 3. But, first off:

Indeed, I meant "hedging one's bets" and not "edging". That's one error I always seem to make.

More importantly, I do want to clarify that my saying that 'stupid' is what's leading the country was meant to refer to misguided policy positions and the collective wants of 'that segment' and the persuasive and coercive power they hold, this producing 'stupid' given the incentives that drive these individuals, and not to imply that PM Modi is a stupid man.

Additionally, I want to make clear that I'm neither for nor against the BJP. I've no say in any of that. What I'm critical of in my mentions of the BJP are media outlets being used as tools of the state, which is different from, and not always implied by, 'receiving state funding'. My position would be the same no matter the outlet or country where it's based if such is a relevant factor to what's discussed and, so, if India wants to broadcast its news internationally, then New Delhi must accept that certain aspects are open to scrutiny and criticism.

Also, as my Canadianness compels me to do, I'll apologize to Abhijit Chavda, but not for having called him a 'fucking moron', but for my not wanting to apologize for that, especially given his latest video (from yesterday morn), which has convinced me that he's an arrogant, bigoted, and puerile moron if not a paid shill.

While this series is sure to be seen as a critique of India, I wouldn't describe it at such myself, but as a warning, one that urges a given segment to take a step back and to have a good, honest and hard look at what's happening around them and to consider that that which they've decided to make their focus may not be such a good thing. Especially, Chavda, though he should only focus on taking a step back first, stop, then think, to avoid tripping.

The motivation for these posts isn't a negative one, it's a mix of anger and sadness, seeing a what is that doesn't have to be. After having voiced it... I've voiced it; I rarely beat a dead horse. 

Why voice it? Perhaps, because I, myself, hold romanticised notions of India, and hate seeing it undergo a certain Westernisation? That could play a part, but as background noise with no real impact on what I express in this series. I don't pretend to be an expert on India or Indian affairs, but I do have a real good grasp on aspects of the Western world and ways, and I want it to be clear to 'India' that today's USA is yesterday's UK, the one they're all too familiar with, having suffered much.

The fact that this aspect isn't any clearer to them seriously boggles me, more so in light of what BRICS represents.   

Of course, saying "USA" isn't accurate, but it's the flag flown by elite a-holes and their army. And because flat-out colonialism is now heavily frowned upon, neo-colonialism snuck in through economic vehicles promising Freedom & Democracy while applying a similar result on developing nations. Flaunting money opens more doors for these waring pillagers than did swords and bayonets, apparently, but the end result is far too similar. And far too often achieved in ways that one only seizes on once it's too late. Ask around; this is their game, and India is a real rookie on that turf.

And I do want to point out that the relationship between Modi and Putin isn't questioned, nor do I believe that Xi Jinping's absence from the G20 is any type of message against Modi and India; what's motivating that absence, in my opinion, despite the truly shameless propaganda pushed by India Today, is that Xi's heart is now entirely in BRICS, and he desperately wants to avoid a face to face with Biden, while Putin's situation is understandable and outside his control.

For all of India's media, however, this has been turned into an opportunity to attack both Putin and Xi, the blackened cherry on top of India Today's lies being the assurance that "absolutely no Indian gives a damn if Xi comes."

Another outlet offered the title "Are Putin and Xi Jeopardizing BRICS." A few others accused just Xi of that.

It's becoming increasingly hard to not lose respect for Indian news folks, I find. And that's entirely their doing. On every single list, Indian news ranks real low, and after what I witnessed today, i guess none of them understand why nor are they willing to do anything about it?

And I think I've established that a hatred of India is in no way a part of what motivated this series. 

•     •     • 

Am I wrong to assume that part 2 ruffled a few, hushed, international feathers? Strange visitors, and a few pieces felt targeted... The thought that CSIS may crash through my door did occur to me.

I had warned readers in the intro of part 2 that I was in a bad mood. 

As such, this part 3 isn't the one I had structured, adjustments having been made to ensure that my exact message is what's grasped—not to be full of myself, but I do think there's value for many, especially BRICS members, to give consideration to those concerns which all that I'll have forwarded should coagulate into as a conclusion.

I don't have answers, I have concerns. Simply stating them, they'll be discarded; awareness of what serves as the context for these concerns, which barely touches all that informs my opinion, may lend them the necessary credence that will lead those concerned to address them, should this not have already been achieved. And should this be read by them, of course.

•     •     • 

Do know that, as concerns the BRICS, those Westerners yearning to see its success and voicing what appears to be anti-West rhetoric... the 'intelligent' voices, we know what this means to our Western ways and comforts, and I've yet come across one of these valid voices that was actually "anti-West". But Western leaders have crafted a system that inflicts too much pain as it caters to their deluded wants and no longer serves the people, their form of "globalization" simply being a normative process for the mechanisms that deliver pain and redirect wealth and power, applying these the world over. For all the ugliness that's now being inflicted, providing no sign of an abatement, none of us know what to expect, but we accept the fear, willing to face the potential hardships that this change may force us to endure, acknowledging the necessity of such if we truly aim to build a fair, peaceful world.

Doing so, and avoiding a global war, too.

•     •     • 

A good way to describe the turn in media narrative that's now noticeable across the majority of Indian outlets is a comparison to a group that's forced to keep a secret for their own good. Then, someone lets something slip by mistake, but nothing happens. Another lets something else slip some time later and same thing. Eventually, the group mention the secret through cryptic references or discuss it in hushed voices, and nothing ever happens so that, after some period of time, everyone openly discusses that which they knew wasn't good to voice out loud.

The shift to 'openly discussing' happened in recent weeks; with the G20 countdown clocks now counting down... it's reached the free-for-all, no-holds-barred level.

Therefore, governmental spokespeople can keep repeating one thing, but it's not what's being heard across the Indian media and social network landscape.

Ties between Modi and those concerned may be good, but have BRICS members truly listened to India's general public narrative in terms of related topics and what the overall messaging is?

One of the few things I'd bet my life on right now is that the ruling class in India, which is meant in the Western sense, i.e. the well-off, would betray BRICS in favour of the US in a heartbeat if it means they can take down China.

Much like how a portion of Ukraine has an insanely intense hatred of Russians while I've yet to hear a Russian say they hated Ukrainians, Indians have a similar hatred of Chinese that finds no equal among the Chinese.

So, yeah, I'm keeping that wager.

Ultimately, that's my main concern, and it's a big one, I'd say. 

And Modi's economic frenzy and the nationalism that frames it is facilitating what's shaping to be a war between the two countries, India and China, and it's the Indians, driven by internal forces and backed by the West, whom I see as the possible instigators, though they'll lay all blame on China, of course.

So, things with Modi may be good, but that segment holds all the right institutional cards and it 'doesn't give a damn about BRICS,' so what assurances are being made beyond Modi, once he's no longer in office?  

•     •     • 

The following phrase from some business magazine was featured over a few Indian outlets today: "G20 being looked as a ray of hope for the world."

LOL. I'm sorry, but that's an incredibly ridiculous and asinine statement. Pure propaganda by some business entity.

I'll let India have its parade, but anywhere in the West, G7 or G20 or its variants, you can be sure that major protests are involved. Perhaps India believes it can change what's long been the aims of that Western institution, but seeing any value in such a slogan makes it look foolish to too much of the world.

That India feels a certain degree of pride is understandable and earned, but, in full honestly, that the G20 is heralded and lauded the way it is and said to "represent India's moment", I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone fighting for global change that's not willing to tack on "pathetic" to that sentiment. Just being honest.

The real ray of hope for those individuals is BRICS. Period. 

Nope. Period.

Indians are welcomed to comment and opine on the West, but you're not going to convince me of what I know, without a doubt, that the West is not. Here, I'm not trying to convince Indians of anything, I'm trying to convey in a summarised way what Indians are voicing and have put on display. 

So, despite "BRICS. Period", no matter how emphatic that "period" is, India wants very so badly to gravitate in the same sphere as the Western powers it reveres and to be seen as one of them, looking down on Pakistan as India beams with pride. And, finally, India has its chance... but it's right when a huge chunk of the world has had enough and those structures that India needs in order to establish its raised social status, as India is visibly desperate to do so, well, those have lost all validity.

When I stated that the goal of BRICS is to undermine the G20, it should have been clear that self-cancellation left one with the G7. In other words, the G20 is redundant. So, for India to have its moment, it has got to keep it alive.

And, yes, I read that RT piece, to confirm, should you have wondered, and I do see validity the G20 acting as a "bridge", though as a tool to combat colonialism, fat chance, is what I deeply believe. Think India is the first to try? This 'mindset' is what had prompted me to point out that india is clearly ignorant on certain matters.

MOVING ON IS WHAT WILL PROVIDE THE NEEDED CHANGE. Trying to alter what doesn't work is something a huge number of Westerners have fought for, so hearing Modi imposing G20 on us like it's a great thing and a solution to any current problems, well, we mostly want to give him the finger in response, for that's a slap in the face of any Westerner who's fought for change. We don't give a shit about the G20 because of what the G7 made out of it, so India is also making very few friends who aren't looking to gouge the country with its G20 looniness—and certainly not because, ta-da, India is now a member. India's glee is India's glee. I can't think of one other country that shares it, though the US will tell India so...  

Further, does India really think it's gonna walk in there and make the G20 be what India decided it was going to be if it's something that the G20 doesn't wanna be?! Insane.

If so, let's see how long India remains a member should things normalize between the West and China. Though, honestly, I wouldn't give it long and my money would go on "coup", "library", "candlestick", and "West blames China".

And let's be honest, peace with China is something that that segment does not want to happen, which explains a country filled with so many eager liars, that relevant segment being those who have the majority of control over India's voice as few outlets or institutions aren't in their grasp.. 

And that Pew poll reflects what I'm saying if one looks at the who had the least favourable opinion of India. Two of its four BRICS partners give India the least favourable score out of all countries polled, and China and Russia weren't included.

The Global South countries are mildly 'favourable' on average and the level of influence they accord India does not establish it as "the leader of the Global South", sorry. And only Indians seems to believe that India has become far more influential than it was, and by 32% percent more than the next country.

I did want to point that out, for morons like Chavda, who sees zero value in the BRICS and keeps telling his viewers that india has emerged as the leader of the Global South and Modi is responsible for their hope as Modi is the one that triggered the path for a new world order, not to mention that India, with its self-promoting "India Stack" platform that it makes available to the developing world entirely for free, India is already at the forefront, tackling all issues of the Global South and leading the way by having already delivered solutions to their employment problems and organisation issues, educational deficiencies, health problems and it's even solved their corruption. (But not India's... What gives? Is India using the Internet properly?)

I'm paraphrasing, but I swear to you that's exactly what he presented.

Honestly, if a Web portal could do half of that we'd be bathing in rainbows already. Truly, a fucking moron. And one that pushes a pro-Western narrative through Pentagon-pleasing talking points to boot. And what a pretentious ass he is.

All of a sudden, as G20 looms closer, those types of views are what's now being pushed by the majority of significant Indian voices. What's crystallized is an entity that claims to be that essence that has now made the BRICS so valuable, and it's gearing up to become the BRICS, but without the B, R, C , or S.

I hate to break it to the Russians, but, as concerns that segment, any respect they show for Russia is purely a formality they feel compelled to uphold 'for historical reasons', and more and more of them seem to find themselves curtailing their true opinion, having to remind themselves of the proper, nationally-assumed view of Russians. But more and more common is an anti-Russian sentiment that supports the US view of the Ukraine war.

And yesterday, Chavda, a.k.a. The Moron, he gave his viewers his true opinion of BRICS and, word for word, it was the talking points listed by the likes of DC's Sullivan and Kirby, and I'd have to look it up to confirm, but I'm pretty sure he was reading a version that was on NBC—which he passed off as his own—claiming that BRICS is no real organisation, or coalition, or... and it doesn't have a direction, or aim, or goal, or mandate, or.... etc. Word for word, he gave viewers one of the US' definition of the group, which is pure propaganda to downplay its relevance. And his disdain for BRICS was palpable.

•     •     • 

And let's be frank, none of this would have happened based on anything Modi did or has done. For that, Putin and Xi are the real initiators. Modi mostly got cheap gas and snuggled with the Americans on military matters while many kissed his ass for the geopolitical significance of India, and none of it having to do with Modi, I assure you. I'm sure many would enjoy going fishing with him, and I've no doubt that he makes a very pleasant boat companion, but interest from the West wouldn't extend to a weekend trip with a shared bed UNLESS India represents a solid need for them, this being true no matter how well or not he governed the country. And do know that that's also of little concern to me; none of what I'm saying has to do with his politics.

However, while I do believe wholeheartedly that Modi's economic plan is terrible for India's long-term—we've already lived it—it's also what, beyond overexploiting India, I do believe the US will use to pry themselves in and set themselves up to take down China, and I also do believe that a portion of Indians are misguided enough to not only wish it to happen, but to facilitate it.

Otherwise, when have I ever made a country's economic plan my focus? I hate the subject. 

And do remember that every other country thought like India—they're better than the rest—and every single one got shafted.

Sadly, certain deals may already force India's hand in certain respects, but I'm quite certain that India's bed is made if a war should break out.

Ultimately, what this also signals, for all can be sure that the West will press the issue until, and with no in between, they either get their way or things break, is just what they'll be willing to do to get their way, turning increasingly uglier as their desperation mounts, this being inversely proportional to the dollar's descent.

And India prefers siding with failing economies currently run by psychopaths that have done much harm to the world??? That China hate is something else, all right.

•     •     • 

Modi may have rated more favourable than not across the countries polled, but no Indian outlet touched on the fact that nearly all of them were less favourable now than they were when last polled (Modi was in office then, too). Further, all Indian leaders were rated favourably by Indians even if the gap between Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi was by 16 points (62 and 78, respectively) and this, despite the poll having been conducted from the very onset of Gandhi's politically-motivated arrest, this impacting opinions in the early days of polling.

That being said, presenting that as "The world rates Modi the most favourable leader at 78%" is all kinds of wildly inaccurate. 

PM Modi at Indonesia' G20 meeting

Indians may be gaga over Modi, but the hype isn't shared, even per that poll.

And look at the image that Pew opted for from Getty; tell me that that's not calculated, along with the timing when the poll was released.

The bigger Indian channels may tell viewers that India is the new leader of the Global South and that it's resolving corruption and famine because Modi is responsible for triggering the new world order, but do I really have to point out the BS in any of that when corruption and famine are still major issues in India?

All that self-delusion is leading to something bad.

Consequently, and what the G20 makes abundantly clear, India is the one and only element that—through willingness or coercion—is not embedded in Western Establishment institutions but it's dying to be for some unfathomable reason based on some ego thing, hence why it's the only one fighting against the current and trying to pump such grand importance into what isn't. 

Plus, India has more of an "in" and sway, socially, in any Western club that China also belongs to, and that seems to be more important to many Indians than what's of true importance. 

•     •     • 

Thus, that the Minister of External Affairs, Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, appeared on ANI TV today with the message that "We are India, we know how to handle the world," precisely supports the wide criticisms as concerns India's general and very off-putting attitude. 

To that statement, I gotta say: I was fully aware that Westerners are deeply arrogant, but I'm learning just how self-destructively so Indians can be. 

Firstly, what's happening isn't about India, it concerns the world. So the underlying attitude demonstrated by Jaishankar... I'm holding back wanting to tell him to go F himself.

Secondly, what the world has witnessed is a modern India that's "suffered' through the world—for whatever reason, externally imposed or not—and not one that has had anything even remotely resembling a "handle" on it, hence, Jaishankar offers only empty rhetoric. Also, what's now seen is an India trying to compensate for that through means and frameworks that are now outdated. Embracing the "new" and "digital" have nothing to do with it.

Thirdly, what stands out loud and clear as concerns India is an internal dynamic that suggests the presence of a real threat to the success of those elements that are external to India, which are those that can guarantee a better path for all; if it were only about India, I've reached a point where I'd have already given up and I'd be happy, for a prolonged period, to close myself off from the hate that spews out of its loudest parts, frankly. 

That leads to, fourthly, as long as harmful lies about other nations will come out of India to be spread around the world, then Jaishankar et al. can keep telling the world to mind their own business, but India won't have earned the right to demand it and expect it.

Hope that's clear.

Having said that, unless Jaishankar can assuage the anxieties of many, I can think of far more productive ways to use his time, to India's benefit, than on building a reputation for snippy "mind your own business" comments that, essentially, achieve nothing at all and now betray little more than arrogance. Does he want a list? Lemme know.

Otherwise, being a smartass has never been a smart de facto foreign policy, methinks.

And trust me, and not to brag about it—OK, maybe just a little bit—but I can out smartass Jaishankar in ways that'll make his head spin if that's the game he wants to play. I'm not saying I'm smarter, but he certainly won't win the smartass game with me, I've seen "his stuff".

Plus, claiming that joining the schoolyard bully that's the cause of so many people's woes is 'joining forces to patrol the world and assure its stability', as Jaishankar claimed while still in the US, well, that's all kinds of stupid, isn't? You've opened the door to facilitate a war, you numbskull. Yeah, maybe I am smarter... 

And keep in mind that this is what's communicated while Modi summons everyone left and right, expecting all to react at the snap of a finger for whatever New Delhi finds displeasing. There's a serious problem with the thinking in most instances; I'll establish one real fast: 

Either the Sikhs who are identified, or who identify, as Khalistani are Indian citizens, or they're not. If they are, then countries should snap their fingers and have India come clean up their mess that their own citizens created by attacking Indian embassies given that India is unable to contain its internal issues.

And if they're not Indian citizens, thus leaning toward validating the indignation shown by Modi and his news outlets as they blame countries for the attacks on Indian embassies, then, in that case, the Khalistani would be justified in their efforts to seek a sovereign state and break away from India, wouldn't they?

So which is it?

•     •     •  

I do believe that it should now be obvious to all that kissing butts is something that I either don't do well at all or that I don't aim to do... I'll let you choose which.  

Plus, for whatever problem plaguing India, its news outlets always complain "that no one in the West is talking bout this." Again, which is it? Is it a need for attention that must be delivered in precise ways to avoid being labeled Hinduphobic? Seems like there's much that's too childish for me.

In many ways, India isn't helping itself and I can spot some parallels between it and the general Black community in the US. The hostility and the lack of trust toward a segment of the West that’s noticeable is plenty understandable, but what's shown is wildly inconsistent and far too often misplaced or counterproductive these days unless it’s targeted wisely. For that, my conclusions tell me that all I can do is be a positive voice for, and play a positive role in, creating an inclusive atmosphere and better conditions for all, the rest depends on them, and certainly not on my bending to any lies they wish to push.

So, does India really want to keep going down the path that's focused on telling anyone not treating it with kid gloves to F off, 'cause that attitude has never favoured "a collaborative spirit" such as the one India purports to possess, or does it wish to seek a grounded one that's reflective of some degree of self-awareness? The last implies having the ability to stop blaming everyone else for situations they're a part of, and, I'll be honest, I've given up any hope of seeing such a skill from India. 

There's a great deal of that less-than-attractive attitude at play in that whole situation with China, and, albeit the fact that I've no real opinion on who the blame ultimately rests for the dispute—I'm not qualified to judge the validity of historic claims involved—I do see India as the bigger problem in that issue given all it invests in hate and spreading lies in reaction to that—and only that is all they ever offer—versus so very little on "resolution", although, to be precise, little blame rests on India itself and a heck of a lot of it rests on that segment. The mention of "India", "peace talks", and "China" brings out their cynicism and already has them voicing 'failure' and blaming it on China.

In consequence, hearing morons like The Moron, Lord Chavda, say that the entirety of the tensions that plague India and China are 100% Xi Jinping's doing, that show's the height of moronicity that The Moron, Lord Chavda, is aiming for. I say: Reach for that dream! The Special Olympics and I believe in you!

Hey, Moron! You realize that an entire segment constantly shitting on China and spreading gross lies about it to the world is far from being blameless behaviour??? Are you really that much of a fucking moron?! 

Ask around, Chinese propaganda about India isn't something people just stumble on while the reverse is far from true, the Internet now saturated with a dizzying number of BS stories about China that are coming out of India. I'm repeating myself but: India deserves respect... why? 

As I've concluded last year: there's a hatred that's beyond anything that qualifies as "normal", reasonable, or "justified" expressed by India, unless they can offer more than what they've consistently offered as a reason for it.   

As such, the constant, empty hatred they push that leaves no room for tolerance or understanding is helping to, simply, create another USA-Soviet scenario and climate, what they focus on shaping an eventual India-China cold war situation while fully encouraging what currently provides a platform that sustains the delusions of Western neocons and fuels their hopes of a China take-down by keeping a possible path to war open.

Meanwhile, India constantly blasts out how it's finally recognized as the dominant voice it is, having the power to influence the world. However, the portion of stats and polls they never mention support an entirely different interpretation, one wherein its only real relevance to Western players is the threat that diversification offers as a leverage over China, and how much harm they can do to China through India, while Western bankers have spotted a country that's ripe for the pillaging and so very eager to let it happen.

The Western press has done nothing but hate Modi, ditto US administrations, doing little more than criticize him... until very recently. What makes more sense: the West suddenly realized that Modi deserves rock star status, or the West is shamelessly kissing Modi's butt and worked things and events to flatter his ego? Yet, I hear plenty of Indians say that Xi is planning his "evil" scheme, as the Chinese always do, having flattered and seduced Putin into being his 'bitch'.

Attention to details and self-awareness, two things that that segment is severely lacking? Along with self-respect and integrity, of course.

True, India has the genuine respect of many, but this is being weakened in favour of flattery. You can argue, but the portion of those polls and stats that India never presents, this is what they identify. I'm not normal, I contend, for I do look at those portions. Sorry.

•     •     • 

Anyone in India taking into account Bangladesh's 2024 general elections that are coming up in January, and the fact that the Americans have already been all over that? Members of its "democracy police" were already dispatched to review all electoral processes in order to "ensure fair elections". Yeah... right. They plan to be there for the actual elections.

While Abhijit Chavda readily accused all his Indian colleagues of being "incompetent", I actually see it as "naiveté", which, in this case, is a good thing.

It shouldn't be normal to have to think about, on a global scale, all the ploys and legal tricks and lies and aggressions that sit behind anything one country does, and, for the majority of India, the details that comprise those layers, it's just not a part of the normal thinking that someone like Palki Sharma has had to shape into a reflex. Again, it's a good thing. But it leaves one vulnerable to certain entities and it doesn't, a good geopolitical analyst, make.

Nonetheless, it saddens me more that someone should have to develop such thought patterns and delve through all sorts of sordid acts to efficiently relay the politics that tie countries, and the West's role in all of that.  

•     •     • 

My issue is with that segment. Why? Because: the rest of India! And the Global South.

And this segment either reflects Modi's true intent, or obscures it, and despite what this segment repeatedly claims, the ambiguity that's externally projected is having a negative effect, allowing competing interpretations to be derived out of all that Modi says or does while what they themselves truly betray is a course that's detrimental to India, a fact that's hard to deny when the foundational stone for many of their 'grand' claims aren't even supported themselves, hence turning the pure speculations offered as guarantees into dangerous delusions.

Aside: Events in Africa... Middle East, too. I don't yet have the words. Each time I try, a swell of emotions... True joy. Uncertainty. The West's desperation, this frightens me.

In yesterday's video, Chavda made it a point to specify that both the IMF and World Bank are obvious debt trap apparatuses, doing so in a way that makes me think I may have hit a nerve, more so as the moron doubled down on accusing China of deb-trap diplomacy—it's all they do; they're expansionist bullies—the Chinese having "learned from the best" and they're merely emulating those two, i.e., IMF and World Bank, and he also emphasized that China was responsible for Sri Lanka. 

Chavda far too often makes sweeping declarations to denigrate some group, India's neighbours regularly being featured. He's a bigot.

He's obviously lying or speaking through his arse, unable to provide one clear proof behind what he accuses China of, I'm certain. He simply believes it's so. because he's an arrogant, hate-filled bigot. That entire segment sees India as being a superior nation to China and deserving of being higher on "the list" and thought of as a superer power if China is a super one.

I'll give some references below, or maybe do a single post on just that topic, but I can provide the say-so of top academics, two think tanks and two Sri Lankan economists, and more, that say he's full of it. Among the latter is a very smart woman, Asoka Bandarage, who recently gave an interview on the excellent "Neutrality Studies" channel with Pascal Lottaz (no relations with me), as she has recently released a book on the subject titled "Crisis in Sri Lanka and the World: Colonial and Neoliberal Origins: Ecological and Collective Alternatives"; an article derived from the book is available here. She painstakingly formalized a confirmation to what I claimed, along with all those trying to put the spotlight on the real culprit while others readily bought into—some still do—what's been established to be clear lies blasted all over, powered by xenophobia, and created to preserve worse institutions as dominant development options, those that Chavda calls 'the true masters', for "they are the best". 

The very honourable Vandana Shiva severely frowns on all of that BS, I'm certain.

Personally, i find those Indians' behaviour on the matter to be repugnant.

But, back to Chavda, for those who don't live in Moronia, is it just me or is it not clear whether Chavda is saying that he's an underground dweller in Moroncity—also known as a "big bigoted moron"—or that he's keenly endorsing the IMF and the World Bank? 

The absolute, obstinate need to hold on to that falsehood, yet only ever offer grand accusations, never any proof, nor signs of having listened to an overwhelmingly positive response, that's petty, hate-filled jealousy. Small-minded small man.

And, if I were Chavda, before establishing a greater degree of incompetence by attempting to provide any proof to the contrary, I'd have a real good look at those numbers and follow up on claims made to make sure I don't present well-debunked though well-funded Western propaganda. (Pssst! I think he already got fooled; morons will do that.)

Further, he sees it as being all too clear that China wants a war with India,' and that 'it is very conceivable that China's attitude will lead to a war between China and India'. So, India unable to rely on Russia because of China, prefers seaking security guarantees elsewhere, taking sides with—uh... I mean, joining the US "in order to contain China."

Not only does the moron uses neocon talking points, all he offered for that potential all-out-war scenario is a very unfortunate dispute the world refers to as a "border tiff".

The same applies to an overwhelming majority of his guests.  

And how does a moron know that there's a war to be had? The proof that China wants war with India lies in that new map, according to Chavda. It's so offensive that he refused to show it. Or he's lazy and couldn't be bothered?

After discussing India's reaction, he mentioned Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island and reduced a century-old dispute to the seven-month long Sino-Soviet border conflict, "in which hundreds of soldiers died. The Soviets had actually decided to nuke China; the Americans stepped in at the last moment and saved the Chinese."

Yep. His exact words. Remember when I said that this segment is highly selective of the historical facts and events it believes in? It invents a lot of BS, too.

I'm sure both the Russians and Chinese are insulted by that version. There was fear of a nuclear escalation but no such decision had been reached by the Soviets. The war ended because the two premieres met and agreed on a cease fire. A formal agreement was signed in 2003 that was revisited in 2008. After the 1969 event, the Chinese, feeling vulnerable, sought a rapprochement with the US (feel familiar?), leading to Henry Kissinger visiting China in 1971. Two years too late, but OK.

The US didn't sweep in to save anyone from nuclear annihilation except in Chavda's Uncle Sam-fueled wet dreams.

And I find it odd that Chavda would say that China would take advantage of the situation "considering the fact that Russia is kind of isolated in the world over the the uh... Ukraine Special Operation, and Russia seems more dependent on China for a variety of things... Russia is kind of, right now, a Chinese client state".

Presenting both Xi and Putin as isolated from the rest of the world is being increasingly normalised throughout all Indian outlets.

So, the India portions of the map is Beijing calling for war, per Chavda, as the "Chinese have no interest in resolving the India-Tibet [issue]", and, for the Russian's part, he mentioned this bit, "On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova dismissed any suggestion of reopening the territorial dispute, which she said had been settled by bilateral agreements more than 15 years ago." (Source)

Chavda would like spokesperson Zakharova to know that he doesn't care what she says; China re-opened the dispute and it will be a thorn in Russia-Chinese matters unless China settles it pronto! 

No, I'm sure they'll resolve it like adults and spew public venom only should things ever reach a level that justifies that rather than starting with that, like morons do.

Just a thought, as I hear morons occasionally have them: Could it be that what's sometimes categorized as Hinduphobia may at times be an obvious annoyance in reaction to a juvenile tendency for melodrama and self-inflicted martyrdom while simultaneously passing off one's nation as perfection concretised?

The Newsweek piece I got the previous quote from was titled, "Russia Breaks Silence Over China Map Claiming Its Territory." The Russians made a public statement because morons made a big deal of the situation for them. And trust me, if the Americans care now, it's because they hope it will stir a feud between China and Russia, and they're all too happy to see India and neighbours get angry with China, otherwise, Captain America is awaiting Chavda's next wet dream to save the day again!

I'm not through with Chavda yet; I'll deal with more moronic matters further below.

What's that? I'm rude? You betcha. Certain types of liars are a cancer and "respect" gets pushed aside when their lies impact too many in negative ways, or provide the potential for such a course.

To contrast, per those I had named: Smitas Prakash is detached from 'working class' reality and sees the world through an elitist viewpoint so that, as far as media product goes, "snob" is apt though I'm certain she's a nice person. Her views are the product of her 'bubble', or 'echo chamber', and, despite a result that foments negative attitudes based on falsehoods, her intent appears to be positively genuine. Until proven otherwise, she can expect clear honesty as well as respect from me rather than just honesty with a twist of venom.

Similar applies for Palki Sharma.

Although... Arnab Goswani... does anyone still respect him?

That said, does the moron get the point?  

•     •     •

Last June, in a video that belittled all of Pakistan while aggrandizing India, Chavda claimed that, "finally, after years of mediocrity, India is rising as a major world power and the only economy that is projected to surpass the US in the 21st century is India. China is no longer able to do that because of a variety of factors."

Here's a harsh slap of reality; and this is the most gentle viewpoint I could provide: 

India far behind; wanting to compete is for idiots

That said, that segment's obsession with beating China is not a fair battle seeing as India is so far behind, which, somehow, as far as I can tell, they've convinced themselves that, in the name of competition, their constant and horrendous lies are a good and fair thing.

When I use the word "petty" to describe some of their behaviour as I also mention "mental deficiency", I'm not just throwing those words around for fun.

•     •     •

The course with which that segment of India has become obsessed—economic growth at the expense of all other societal facets—and the neoliberal mentality it now embraces to achieve higher numbers, that all seems to me like a non-Western entity trying to force itself into a Western world, only being able to gauge its true value per Western standards and metrics. And it's far from being a true positive for India, in my opinion, except in the short term. This is what the numbers indicate, but these are not the numbers India focuses on.

Can I be faulted for believing that the two elements forming the basis of the Modi government plan and what it believes all power rests on isn't all that becoming of India? These being:

  1. economic power
  2. military might

That isn't to say that I believe that India should be a poor country, but notice that this segment never addresses growth in terms of  'alleviating poverty' and only in terms of global stock index and ranking in comparison to other countries. The meaningless GDP means so much to them...

"People power" for a strong economy in mind is more along the lines of what one would expect but it's not what's being applied. 

The focus is on artificial aspects and the image projected is highly controlled and mostly false. 

Consequently, the kind of growth that's cheered on and become the country's focus invariably encourages, as it simultaneously dissimulates, synthetically inflated facets that eventually come to light, forcing a downward path. Or investors to run... leading to a troubled upward path.

I'm already seeing some, these relating to demographics. Investors have seen it, too. But because the established mainstream outlets greatly favour the mention of 'good news' in order to project a strong and successful India—what most call "propaganda", and some call "BS"—then, that's the overwhelming sense that one is left with, though things aren't quite presented as they are, and a healthy, solid growth isn't what's the normal product of all current indicators.

Measures taken are having a dwindling effect on the pool of heathy and available workers, and the disparity that's amplified by these same measures means that, despite the huge market potential, a huge market it ain't when 49% of the population is struggling to meet its basic daily needs.     

India rings the bells when an investment is to be made but remains quiet when they pull out. Apple keeps teasing India, having pulled software operations out of Bangalore in 2006 after only three months, leaving 30 employees in the dark as to why they left, never hiring 570 more. Now Foxconn forcing Apple's hand in July, and pulling out of a $19.5 billion dollar semiconductor deal.

Yet, Firstpost had presented Apple's initial announce ment in 2022 as: "Apple Chooses India Over China". The article led readers to believe that Apple was transferring all its manufacturing to India from China, when the reality described "a portion" and targeted a 5% transfer over three years. 

There's been a few of those companies making headlines about a possible future presented as established fact to be celebrated, but the reality that never materialises is then kept real hushed. 

•     •     •

The very path that's touted is the one that took down the US empire in only a few decades while obliterating what had been left of the UK, this, the consequences of policies set in the 80s having since set a course to an unavoidable and eventual fall.

Biden is responsible for having chosen the wrong path—opting for aggression over understanding and diplomacy—this, and the EU's complicity, being the one-time-too-many that convinced the globe to seek alternative paths and to ditch the dollar, but the inevitable fall has been in the making for quite some time.

The following is part of the investor promo used by GQG, a US-based investment firm; the entire text is revealing, but I've included these salient parts only:

In an era where government intervention is becoming the norm globally, it is refreshing to see one major country going the opposite direction. We believe India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is following the playbook that has proven successful in many other countries. Prior examples include the United Kingdom under Margaret Thatcher, the United States under Ronald Reagan, and probably most closely, Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew (although Singapore is a city-state with a population comparable to that of a mid-tier city in India).

Every Indian corporate we speak to mentions how much the current administration has streamlined day-to-day business, whether it is acquiring land, obtaining business permits, or bidding for projects. For example, this administration simplified India’s complicated tax policy with its landmark GST Tax Reform in 2017. This bill reduced the tax burden for businesses while still increasing government tax collections. The bill also allowed the government to eventually reduce the corporate tax rate from 30 per cent to 22 per cent in 2019.

Except by wealthy conservatives and overly patriotic ding-dongs and exceptionalism-fortified neocons, the names Thatcher and Reagan will draw a lot of ire and plenty of swearing. And their success relied ENTIRELY on arming other countries and bombing the shit out of them. 

The militarization witnessed and the discussions heard from Indian military commentators take me back to my youth and the attitude oozing out of our southern neighbour, projecting that might that the younger Indians seem so keen on, future generations sounding more and more like American neocons, is that really a desirable thing?  

But they did open the door for full deregulation, giving bankers and corporations an orgasm though creating an economy that's now increasing its number of poor on a daily basis, and markets that are rarely truly stable, doomed to periodically crash. Having burned out their markets is why India is so interesting to them, and not because of Indians.

THE WORLD IS MOVING AWAY FROM ALL THAT FOR A REASON. But, no, India, is convinced it's better than the whole world and nothing but good will come from India if it takes that same course.

To counter what individuals like me are saying, GQG even included this little bit:

We have also been surprised to witness such negative media coverage on India despite the remarkable progress. Jefferies’ strategist Chris Wood attributed this lopsided coverage to the fact that most “Indian correspondents talk only to the traditionally champagne-socialist intelligentsia so visible on English language Indian TV channels…[who] have found themselves removed from all forms of influence in Delhi since Modi took power in 2014…[and] are willing to air their frustrations to anybody prepared to listen. This lack of financial and media interest in India creates an attractive entry point for long-term investors in our opinion.

I hope Indians see through the propaganda, the type of manipulation applied here a form of vilification that's all too common and leads to the tribalism that plagues the US.

And the reality measured by others show that, since Modi has applied his "Gujarat method" on all of India, inequality has risen sharply across the country, half of the population struggling all the more, not being able to afford the very basics.

So, I equally hope that India's general population realizes that everything that's promoted as a positive by GQG, all have led to a measurably worse situation for them. That GST thing, that really hurt the non-ruling class, I hear. And making it easier for corporations to buy up land has rarely been a positive for the poor, either.

Here's how Oxfam India saw the hikes and GST affair:

Before the pandemic, in 2019, the Central Government reduced the corporate tax slabs from 30 per cent to 22 per cent, with newly incorporated companies paying a lower percentage (15 per cent). This new taxation policy resulted in a total loss of INR 1.84 lakh crore and had a significant role in the 10 per cent downward revision of tax revenue estimates in 2019-20. To increase revenue, the Union Government adopted a policy of hiking the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and excise duties on diesel and petrol while simultaneously cutting down on exemptions. The indirect nature of both the GST and fuel taxes make them regressive, which invariably burdens the most marginalized.

Their recent report, released this summer, paints a truly grim picture for those not part of that segment.

Are they even aware that India still has the world's highest number of poor at 228.9 million? 

In recent years, since going Gujarat, the wealth inequality is said to have "stripped 70 per cent of Indians from a basic necessity as a healthy, consumable diet leading to the yearly deaths of 1.7 million owing to diseases resulting from a poor diet."

Indian health-related reports themselves substantiate this, things having gotten worse, with 70% of doctors treating 28% of the population only. Despite its top-line services, they're very limited or only accessible to the very rich, and what's available to all has worsened to now qualify from "passable" to "worst in the world".

The very real reality is that, beyond legislation and demands that are a deal breaker, what's frightening many investors is, simply: there's no real, substantial middle class, which means limited disposable income for a certain type of consumption. And Modi's way is also shrinking what middle class was there through the wealth inequality that's bound to be the only result of what he preaches—that gap has increased substantially, as a matter of fact—while his neolib thinking means that people are increasingly less able to access good care or basic services, and health issues are shrinking the working population substantially or presenting too much of a potential burden with high HR costs due to absenteeism, as well as those associated with constant replacements, as well as the potential insurance costs 

Is Modi OK with turning too many into 'work cattle' at very little pay to keep his growth promise?

He'll get desperate in order to fulfill that promise, and attract increasingly 'dark' money or the wealthy having fun betting through India's markets. Few concrete-goods service investments are what's being attracted given the heavy initial investments required, but financially-focused ones aimed at that segment's increasing wealth are, as these require little, and easily redeployable investments. Consider store locations versus a website. And the latter let's one syphon wealth out of the country far more easily.

Down side. Should be obvious. Creates little employment. That kind of investment, such as the Jio-Blackrock deal, they get splashed across headlines as being real awesome for India—or whatever country—but... they're not. They produce next to nothing for the working class.    

And that recent job fair that saw 51,000 new recruits placed into policing and intelligence services and sold as Modi keeping his promise of high job creation and high employment... those are state agencies, right? What I see is a huge cost on taxpayers while turning India increasingly into a police state. I'm sure that wasn't a promise.

I may look and sound dumb but, no, I'm not concerned about superficial BS or who likes who, for Pete's sake! 

And it's the fact that none of this ever appears to be of concern to that class I refer to as 'the segment', and because its news services are useless PR boxes that don't question anything, they just praise Modi, that I feel compelled to voice it and maybe knock some sense into one person with influence who's able to snap out of the 'stupid' and inject better sense as concerns India's course and ranking in the G-numbers world, and consequently, about BRICS.

For, sadly, BRICS means nothing to them. In recent weeks, referring back to that "secret" analogy, I've heard a disturbing number of Indians say that they are against it, or who identify it as an "almost-there" second-rate group for those aspiring to be in the G club. And I've also heard a handful say that not only were they against BRICS** , they "honestly believed that [India] was still in it just to undermine it." The last is from one of Chavda's guests.  (**initially indicated the G20 by mistake) 

And to prove himself even more of an incompetent moron than he already has: Given the claims he made regarding BRICS, it's clear he doesn't see the connection between China's approach and why the West fears it and tried to counter it with promises that the IMF and World Bank were going to offer a new approach—which didn't fare too well, by the way—and why they spread the "debt trap diplomacy" lies that major morons like Chavda believe in.

But I suspect that he knows that his lies are such, but something deep down and ugly propels these people to act in ways that are completely devoid of morality but they manage to ground themselves in justifications that are born out of pure hatred yet successfully presented and held as reasonable and logical. The nationalist undercurrent is turning real ugly, methinks.

•     •     •

G20 is it for them; they've reached it and now they don't need BRICS, it's an embarrassment.

I really don't get it. Seriously. Have some self-respect and draw your value from something worthy, not the G20, I urge you.

Honestly... pathetic. And I say that, not for what India has accomplished, but, in terms of human virtues, because of how little meaningful value this segment actually attributes to India's accomplishments. All's turned synthetic and any lie and deception is justified because they'd be even 'bigger' and richer without China.

And all whilst clearly never paying attention to over half of their fellow Indians to boot!

Like I had said, as maybe the sense I'd intended is starting to be clear: I'm so not impressed with India.

Nothing in saying so makes me happy, trust me.

•     •     •

Here's something else of interest, which I'll fly through as I want to be done with this topic, being utterly disgusted by the recent news segments on Indian mainstream. There's something real wrong, mentally, with that group.

Some weeks ago, Palki Sharma, like all Indian outlets, made a news segment out of India's highest day ever on its stock market, stretching the topic with a "How does India's stock index compare to its neighbours" excuse to shit on its neighbours while boasting India.

It didn't take me long to identify the source of the day's spike. A US firm had invested $1 billion into Adani. The GQG group.

The Hindenburg report. That lost Adani how much? He went from, what, the third to the forty-seventh richest man in the world overnight?

The GQG group bought over $2 billion of Adani on the cheap because of that.

And now, with what just came out about Adani as names were tied to those bank accounts... he may very well be guilty of corruption, but the OCCRP didn't stumble on that info.

Meanwhile, the one that sounds like Adani but owns Reliance and is all too eager to push Indian-dressed Americanisms and establish the ties that open the door for the US to both media and financial markets, he seems to be prospering all the more...

I'm telling you, India, you're absolute amateurs at their game.

You think you're smarter than the world. Fine. Lemme know if you still think so in a few years.

Adani Group investigation

The main reason for what's seen relates to class, the assured degradation the result of today's reality and indicators, the all invariably leading to a fall that's worse than necessary, the undeniable reality being that the upper one will cannibalise the nation then itself in order to maintain their way of life beyond any clear indication that it can no longer be sustained. Unfettered capitalism appears to accelerate that process. And in ugly ways, too, due to the inequality it creates and the shallow, uncaring attitudes it promotes and reinforces.

I get the sense that most are walking on eggshells around India, this no doubt due to how reactive and snippy that segment and the Modi government can be; the opinions are there nonetheless, and not directing them at 'India' doesn't do anyone any good, methinks, especially as there's plenty that can be done to change course.

For whatever reason, whatever the cause, those details being ones I wish to avoid in this post, the reality is undeniable: a chunk of India shows clear signs of delusion, and this, in great part, appears to be the product of India being obsessed with how the world sees it, and all it does to control its image.

I'd opened up the previous part with a mention that I was angry at India but didn't know where to aim that anger. In great part that's because the main problem I've identified is, in broad but key ways, identical to the one faced over here in the West, this issue being centuries old; the result is clear, singling out a blame less so.

That segment I continually referred to in the previous two parts, this is the segment that's reaping the benefits of Modi's approach, having seen their wealth increase substantially in recent years; these are India's equivalent to the West's Professional Managerial Class and it include India's ruling class as well.

A major hurdle?

As it's designed to do, those who benefit within such an economy are apt to suffer from all sorts of specialized cases of blindness that prevent them from seeing the harm being caused though it lets them see all sorts of creative justifications to focus on their navel and to look the other way.

In a short time, Modi's policies have revived a caste mentality, though one more akin to our Western class system. And greed seems to be a big driver for that segment.

And with that, I'm through. More to say and references I wanted to add, but I've had my honest-to-god fill of India for a while. Too much of it is propaganda, and it's too filled with hate and unreasoned behaviour for me, i guess.