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Corrections and Additional Info

Factual Errors

  • The mention of "Rockefeller Bank" should be "Rothschild".

    Refers to: Rogan v. Soros - Boundless - Biden Boobery - Improv | DMS&UY » DRDMS 

  • The text mentions two missiles, which is the number initially reported to have landed in Poland. Later reports specify only one missile having gone astray.

    Refers to: Big Missiles And Little Richards: Western Pin Pricks

  • The text specifies that only one of the two protesters is a LaRouchite (member of the LaRouche party / Diane Sare) but, in fact, both are. 

  • The text makes a mention of "supersonic missiles"; it should be "hypersonic missiles".

    Refers to: Sham Empires And Other Shamanigations

New Evidence

Change of Mind

  • Earlier posts reflect an apprehension of China, even a clear degree of mistrust toward the Communist Party of China (CPC), some references identifying this as the "CCP", this form, I'm now aware, being seen as an insult by the Chinese.

    Going just off of the propaganda that Westeners are subjected to, it's hard not to reach such a conclusion.

    However, events forcing a deeper examination of all that lies behind the dynamics and behaviours that play a role in the tensions and frictions that are reshaping the world fails to provide the monster Westerners are told to fear.

    Reality is quite different; the fear is the West's. All's about money and power.