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Down my Street and Up Yours

Hunter Biden’s Laptop And Twitter Files. On Censorship And Tribes

HuntersDickPics 3

Reform v. Revolution? Have A Reforution! - Polly Ticking 2.875

ReformRevolution HEADER 45 Polly2

Reform v. Revolution? More Preliminaries - Polly Ticking 2.75

ReformRevolution HEADER 3 Polly2

Oh, Ye, Of Little Jewish Faith! Kanye's West Goes South

WheresKanye HEADER

Hell Hath No Fury! Two Devils Meet A Stewart, And More

ThisIsntUkraine HEADER

Two Herds, One Flock; No Hope. Zero Change?

pdl TwoHerds HEADER

Big Missiles And Little Richards: Western Pin Pricks

BigMissilesAndSmallRichards HEADER v2.pngPNG

Tribes, And Seeing What They Want

WhatYouSeeIsntWhatYouGet Header 5 1

Being Cosmically Screwed And Universal Rights Or Wrongs. Some Relevant Events

Cosmic rights HEADER

Imperial Impressions Versus Reality - Folly Taking Us To The Brink

FistBumb RealityVersusMemory Landscape HEADER

Polly Ticking 2.5 - AOC Vs Baselines And Progress

ICON PllyTicking Part2 5 2

A Whiter Shade Of Power - De-preprograming The Progressives

TalesOfEuroDom HEADER Graphic

Bullies And Terrorists, Rebels And People. Is the Sun Setting in the East?

TerroristsAre KerchBridge HEADERpng

Donbass, You Dumbass. Repudiating The West; Revealing Our BS

Donbas Annexation HEADER Lloyded 2

Xipudi Motinping - A New United State of Mind

XipudiModinping HEADER 2 v2

Biden Bunch And The Bendable Buddies - If You Believe... (But There's A Catch)

BidenBunch OffOfCliff v2

Polly Ticking 2 - Parroting Progressives

BenShapiro Polly Ticking CenkUygur PART2 HEADER

Sham Empires And Other Shamanigations

ShamEmpires Mosul

Mixed Bag - Some Meaningful Mid-September Pre-World War Events

MixedBag HEADER 2

US Empire: Axis of Resistance, The Beginnings

Destruction Serialized plus1 EmpireBuilding

Brain Dugin Put In Putin?

Dugin Brains 2 HEADER

Jordan Peterson: Think Again, Sunshine! - And Other Rightwinging Nonsense

JordanPeterson GettingWeirder HEADER

Amnesty Versus Amnesia: Reevaluating 'Good' Vs. 'Bad'

Ukraine Amnesty theRealOtherSide

Spelling It Out: For Diplomatic Dummies and Arrogant Tyrants

Taiwan SpellingItOut HEADER

The Bumbling Biden Bunch Bagged al-Zawahiri? I Have My Doubts...

Zawahiri Strike HEADER

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