Regress from the Progressives

Posted: Sep 22, 2023   1:41:01 PM   |   Last updated: Mar 6, 2024   1:51:37 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

By now, all should know better than to expect from the Progressives the kind of behaviour that matches all that they'd campaigned on, one that fits the label that they gladly decided to wear in order to gain popularity among younger voters, which is why every single anti-war effort voiced in recent times came from Republicans, Marjory Taylor Greene compensating for some passive Squad? 










Following Biden's decision to send cluster bombs, having none of the unbanned stuff left that could be sent, Rep. MTG had introduced a proposition to stop the US sending the controversial ammunition to Ukraine.

Cluster bombs detonate while in the air, scattering several smaller bombs. Problem with these are the wide areas that can be impacted by one bomb, the spread potentially killing or injuring indiscriminately while also delivering a high ratio of duds, which sit on the ground, unexploded, remaining lethal should they be disturbed. Like forgotten landmines, kids playing and stumbling on units slightly dug in or hidden in long grass...

Many countries have signed a treaty banning the use of cluster bombs, whose use isn't illegal, according to international law, though usage of such weapons nearly always produces conditions which are in themselves considered a war crime.

The result of the vote on whether the US should send cluster bombs was:

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