India's Disinformation Campaign Against Sikhs

Posted: Sep 19, 2023   5:19:29 PM   |   Last updated: Feb 21, 2024   6:21:51 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

For those who get upset whenever the mention of Nazi-esque folks in Ukraine receives ridicule while an objective view of events earns one the moniker "Putin Lover"; for those who get deeply frustrated with the equivalency drawn between MAGA and "insurrectionist"; for every Latino who despises being labelled an "illegal alien"; for all Blacks who are deeply disappointed whenever "Whitey" refers to someone else (joke on that one), and for all those who, for whatever reason and whatever friction they may represent to the West, are tagged as "terrorists" and terminated if not dragged away without evidence or due process, locked up in Guantanamo in wait of a trial that may, several years from then, one day come...

Please trust me when I say that the whole "Khalistan terrorist" shtick is motivated by a genocidal-type of hatred and it exploits the same type of generalized vilification that triggers set social reactions deemed "proper", hence, reinforced by peer pressure, such as the examples mentioned. Many of you should spot the similarity between what you've witnessed and endured and what's being applied in the Sikhs' case.

I'm not asking you to take my word for it and to accept it as the truth, but, at the very least, to trust the veracity of my claim and to allow it to cancel out that which is claimed by New Delhi so that you may start from a more neutral place from which to assess the situation.

To clarify: During the Truckers' Protest, I wasn't willing to point out the Sikhs in Ottawa who were asking for donations because I was certain that the money would serve terrorist ends, but because these individuals were misrepresenting themselves to donors by abusing the case of a group of Sikhs truly in need. As such, I had the Sikhs' case in Montana in mind far more than I did those in Ottawa, while it's true that I was then more ignorant of the depth of the situation than I am now.

Below are two documents that provide broad strokes and non-Sikh-related references (like Amnesty) that provide a starting point for stats or other relevant info. The following, from the first doc, highlights that which should ring a bell:

According to Amnesty International,“the UAPA, India’s principal counter-terrorism law was amended to allow the government to designate an individual as a terrorist. It gives an overbroad and ambiguous definition of a ‘terrorist act’ giving unbridled power to the government to brand any ordinary citizen or activist a terrorist. It stands to implicate individuals for being proactive members of the society, ban critical thinking and criminalise dissent by designating them terrorists.” (Amnesty International, 2020).

Chavda the Moron

Punjab lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjhpur says “Accused often are not implicated under UAPA to convict them, but to keep them in jail for a long period of time. Majority cases under UAPA have no criminal occurrence. In most of the cases, the police tells court that the accused was planning to carry out some criminal activity and then uses UAPA to ensure that the person does not come out of jail on bail.”

This "row" may seem minor to you, but a heavy focus on facts—being extremely mindful of Indian propaganda—and addressing this particular hate-based issue will, hopefully, reveal wider ones that should be of greater concern to many.

Hindutva is poison, it seems. Melts brain cells, apparently.

Refusing to cooperate—the whole would have been resolved quietly, in such a case—and willingly weaponizing one's entire mainstream media as a reaction, these having busied themselves with pumping out anything to make it all a "Canada bad and India blameless" affair... that's loathsome and psychotic.

A recent one from Abhishit Chavda, Major Moron (right). Yep, that's a crown. What's in colour versus what's pushed back is very telling. Hilarious.

And, for these, anything goes to win "the battle"; this the Hindus' century.

Indeed. Not India's. The Hindus'.

India's War on Sikhs - 2020

 India's War on Sikhs - 2021

Posted 8 months ago  Last updated: Feb 21, 2024, 6:21 PM


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