If, My Own Soundtrack - Henry Texier - L'éléphant

Posted: Apr 7, 2024   4:36:34 PM   |   Last updated: Apr 14, 2024   3:56:11 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

HenryTexier Varech v4

If I had to select a handful of charts—none being my own compositions—worthy of being a part of my own soundtrack, this one would be among them.

It's called "L'éléphant" (The Elephant), and it's from French bassist Henri Texier's 1977 solo album, Varech (reissued in 1979 on JSM), on which he plays double bass, oud, bombard, flute, and percussions, as well as 'sings'. 

Texier plays all the instruments heard on the album, and he's the sole vocalist, too; each chart was made using overdubbing techniques.   

I've just one complaint: at 3:14, it's way, way too short. It could go on for 30 more minutes and still be too short, in my opinion.

The whole (album) is steeped in French folk music, the wordless vocalisations being a staple of that era, although, evident on this particular track, to those with an ear for such things, is an Indian influence, which is undeniable from the halfway point on. 

I so love this simple tune. 


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