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Posted: Mar 4, 2024   3:18:40 AM   |   Last updated: Mar 5, 2024   10:34:01 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

DMSaUy happyFace

To be frank, I know I'm wasting my time, but thought I'd give it a try, as any help would provide a huge relief to me as I set off into the world with no safety anchor.

Please take the time to consider what I'm undertaking. It's one hell of a scary situation I've willingly opted to take, by, simply, allowing events to force me on this path.

Also another new for me, as a whole, but, as far as DMSaUY goes: I've never attempted to fundraise previously as asking for any charity does not make me comfortable but, more importantly, I hadn't felt that I could justify such an act. Now I can, and must; failing to offer a 'product' means I wither and die. I didn't become homeless and give up all my comforts and material goods to just drift around and find some meaningless job elsewhere.

Here's the link: (if unavailable: still temporarily "paused" by GoFundMe)

Here's the text:

Whether I was aware of it or not, and whether I acted willingly or not to make it happen, all that is moot as the reality I experience is the same either way: I'm now set to live out my dream, having passed any point of no return. And I'd be lying if I were to say that I'm not totally scared right now.

So, what is the plan?
Taking a leap; attempting to grab some of that happiness I've long sought.
Taking the jump; I've given up any footing and safe space I can call "my place", or "home", having committed to moving out by 15-March-2024, and, now, I'm in the process of getting rid of all I have save what I need to set off on my journey.
Though I'm sure I'll eventually lay my hat somewhere I can call "home", again, I'm breaking free of any holdbacks that may influence one's mobility and perspectives, hence, simply allowing myself to go where a story lies and it may take me, merging with local folks as best as I can in order to tap into regional political sentiments that impact their views on global affairs, especially any conflicts, the last being my primary focus.
I do have India as a target, Cambodia, too. For what and for how long... time will tell, if I do make it out there.

Developments on site functionalities that exploit relevant data and the graph protocol are to be continued, since, after all, besides covering the minimal monthly fees due for the hosting and data storage space I'm utilizing, an internet connection is all I need to pursue ongoing devs.
The graph approach I'm implementing lets one perform all sorts of analysis and to unearth links and correlations, narrative mapping being a small part of what this allows, this method also facilitating efforts to identify relationships between any two entities. Given Down My Street & Up Yours' (DMSaUY) focus, you can trust that, corporations, NGOs, think tanks, as well as, governmental players and their organisations, are what I focus on, along with the role of each in any narrative that's playing out, or sold as reality. Media outlets of all types are increasingly being added to that, for, without media allies, it's then to my benefit to treat all of these the same way, no matter their stance.
Keep in mind that this is being done, in part, to counter the "narrative" approach applied by Western governments in order to censor individuals or clusters delving into narratives the official bodies prefer left alone, for whatever reason. The narratives that are targeted by the government and corporations aren't those that DMSaUY concerns itself over, except to establish relevant contexts.

Any help is awesome and qualifies as "tremendous help", as any support is a clear sign of encouragement, this providing important and powerful 'fuel' for such a project.

Your generosity will help me cover what's needed and offer a small buffer, if I'm to leave with some peace of mind and not find myself struggling for food before I'm able to complete even one story...

In addition to the perks offered with each donation tier, all those who donate will be granted access to exclusive content and site features, as well as being provided the ability to voice aspects or questions you'd like me to tackle or ask.

A big, hearty thank you.

As an aside: Regarding that "narrative mapping" aspect and a recent segment by Tucker Carlson featuring Mike Benz, which, I know for a fact, was entirely motivated by the approach I had broadly detailed, that, along with his Moscow promo videos that were, IMO, suggestive attempts to promote the value of illiberal forms if one wishes to MAGA, it quickly re-established Tucker Carlson as the scheming, lying, self-centred arse I usually suspect him of being, sadly.

Mike Benz, whatever his function and skills may be, clearly knows, and understands, next to nothing about the very approach I'm implementing, except that the general approach—narrative mapping—is what Big Tech and "the Dems" exploited to censor many during COVID, etc. Had he any real understanding, per the limited context he discussed, he wouldn't have mentioned any of the aspects he did in regard to "NLP" and "meaning", having, at the very least, mentioned "relationships" or "relational semantics", such being a tiny subset of the field he lumped into a vague evil for Carlson's audience.

Carlson's singular and juvenile take on "free speech", which contradicts his present efforts re illiberalism, led him to a very stupid interpretation of a complex topic he doesn't seem to have the capacity to comprehend, being too preoccupied with delivering puerile "free speech" statements to grasp what a veritable dumbass he's being, if not actually in cahoots with those exploiting censorship techniques he seems to think encompases all that's possible, forcing only one conceivable path?

Him and Glenn Greenwald seem to want to make sure that no one but the government are making data work for them in ways that those fighting to maintain info and speech freedom must be aware of and put to their use. They infuriate me on this issue, as they're clearly, and deeply, ignorant of all and any tech aspects and of the myriad implications while they force a surface interpretation that is sure to do great harm.

You don't want to lose certain freedoms? Don't let the government establish the norms that are sure to dominate all that's data if no other functional standards are there and widely adopted, hence, offering competing methods, you dumbasses! Ughhh! They make me so upset. They may act smug on this issue, but all I see is detrimentally stupid.    

If someone is attempting to take control of info, whining and sticking one's head in the sand is how stupid people get screwed, for the technology and methods won't go away simply because... Carlson's way of combating makes him richer, and achieves little else of real substance in this fight. His attitude thus suggesting all the more the type of control he's anticipating should Trump win.

All that said and for reasons I'll leave unsaid: I'm fairly sure that Tucker wasn't fired albeit having been given his leave. His departure was 'arranged', IMO, and there's "Fox" backing behind his new network. The result—Carlson gaining a larger audience still—is what many had foreseen, after all, this playing into the GOP plan for the upcoming elections.   

Lastly, an aspect I hope to resolve, if my suspicions are correct: How many media people are convinced I'm a state actor looking to penetrate outlets, and, while, at it, looking to implement a system that will facilitate state control over all media? And everything I do is, somehow, further proof of that?

Am I right in assuming that this originally came from Tim Pool? I can understand why Pool may have had such doubts, but I highly doubt he's the one still pushing such a notion.

Anyone who believes such a thing... supreme dumbass, you are. 

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