Five Days to Go. And Today, Much Snow

Posted: Mar 11, 2024   1:13:13 AM   |   Last updated: Mar 11, 2024   5:55:59 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

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In many ways, and also, because I'm me, I guess it's no surprise that my timing happens to be real bad, and on several levels.

After all, the situation I find myself in certainly isn't the product of a well-functioning and confident economy that sees companies acting per a five and ten-year plan; clearly, no one knows what's to come six months from now, making real-short projects and gig jobs that favour more junior and intermediate workers who are more likely to accept certain forms of exploitation with a smile the preferred hires.

And, with AI, there's a viciously-funny irony at play when one considers that highly-respected fields demanding long years of study are those more likely to be rendered obsolete through AI implementations. 

Sure, trades people may be better off, and with less debt, etc, etc, as conservatives are known to say whenever discussing this or similar topics, but I'll always value quality education no matter what, even if only for the sake of learning. More to the point: Though doctors may see themselves temporarily relegated to 'machine supervisor' roles during initial roll-out phases, personally, I think it's wonderful that none of today's doctors had opted out of their vocation, deciding to flip burgers instead given that Ray Kurzweil had predicted that the tech singularity would occur around 2030, arriving at such by basing himself on Moore's Law, the relationship it establishes being simple enough that even a doctor should be able to understand it.  

And. for those who haven't yet hit their forties: no matter what one is led to think, there comes a time when, want it or not, you're forced to realise that "age" turns into a major negative, detrimentally so if one finds themselves having spent too much time outside of the proper and expected paths, or without the expected holdings and status symbols, these making some problems unimaginable, especially if one betrays any sign of a higher education rather than radiating a 'redneck' quality while belching bigotry, as such would not only warrant any financial hardships faced, it would offer a reassuring sign that all within the universe is properly aligned, as all should be.

I'm 51. And given a whole whack of events and decisions and where this has led me and how that's interpreted along with how the 'system' is set up, geared toward those expectations within proper paths... that age is a huge problem for me, right now, and later on, too.

Plus, I’ve no doubt that my views have played against me on more than one occasion. I didn’t think things through, obviously, or I would have focused on setting money aside before attempting to call attention toward any substantiated truth that’s not in line with the establishment’s desired narrative. It's to be expected these days; certainly, I'm too old to understand.

•       •       • 

Of course, last week we had unseasonably warm weather that reached 15°C; even the nights were relatively mild. Yesterday, Saturday, things started taking a turn, the week's sunny skies now dark grey and heavy, gloom laden; a cold, stinging rain finally fell, ripping the sky as I was on my way back from meeting up with someone who bought my tagine and air-fryer, and still several blocks from my place. Got home soaked.

I had posted adverts last week for an indoor garage sale held today, Sunday. In the middle of the night, the rain turned into a heavy snowstorm that continued intermittently throughout the day. People woke up to a scenic but miserable scene; why go out if one didn't really have to. And one thing I noticed; very few are buying anything lately unless they really have to.

•       •       • 

The last snowstorms always crush one's soul and spirit just a little bit, more so the later it comes. But one always comes right when we've convinced ourselves it's finally over.


I hate winter. So very much.

However, I do think that Canada may offer some of the better living conditions should the climate continue to heat up. Well, in the winters, at least; our summers are quickly becoming unbearable and I can't imagine how horrendously-hot certain areas of the globe must be like, especially those without much water, or those seeing their water retreat.

Making our cattle obsession absolutely ridiculous, the 'methane issues' tertiary, the deforestation that usually accompanies beef cattle farming being secondary, water consumption and contamination leading to the depletion or destruction of important aquifers on which many life forms rely on for survival being a primary worry all should share.

But I only mention any of that to avoid having to say: Despite several emails telling me differently in the days prior, not one person showed up.

I'm so screwed...

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