Dictators, Autocrats, Fake Democrats, and Major Idiots

Posted: Apr 11, 2024   7:54:22 AM   |   Last updated: Apr 11, 2024   8:00:08 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

One thing I'm seriously tired of reading/hearing from idiotic ideologues—they act the part; I merely apply the label they fit—is the pseudo psycho-analytical description of the type of people who support Russian President Vladimir Putin and the why—never mind what they define as "support"—or the tendency for these to lump all such opinions as those of rightwing individuals, usually of the "far" variety, and to qualify anything voiced about Putin that isn't negative as being a part of a "love affair with a dictator", reduced to infantile terms like "Tankie".

On such things, TYT has definitely been that; anything foreign affairs related turns them into mindless, pro-Pentagon propagandists, all whilst claiming to want to put an end to imperialism. Methinks they open their mouths way before having given some topics any serious thoughts, perhaps?

TYT still idiotic ideologues

Absolutely asinine behaviour. Totally immature and superbly ignorant. Entirely tribalistic, but on a larger scale, is all.

Such comments betray how easily brainwashed and made to act in a certain manner that segments of the West can be. These people gobble up whatever Western leaders want them to, their messages pushed through the mainstream media that Western indies claim replacing. That loop into stupid still boggles my mind, hence why I often point to it. It makes no friggin' sense. "Who da foe?" is the only real question asked from this group, it seems.

Despite the well-established and imperial tendency to vilify once respected friends and allies should said snap-of-the-finger Satan-worshiping, brutal dictators—and Commies, to boot—get in the way of USD-creating energy, there's a segment that always seems to fall for that plot each and every time, and again, as they're promoting themselves the real friends of Liberty and her now slutty, desperate-to-please friend, Democracy as she slips a US-industry-saving missile deep inside the invisible-cloak-wearing pole-dancing junkie, Integrity, but don't worry, no need to "cancel" anyone, taxpayers are footing the bill and she's no friend of Rachel Maddow, anyhow. They don't even know each other.

Did I say "friends" of Liberty? I meant "heroes", so don't forget to click "Subscribe" and "Join" if you can, and don't forget to "Like" and you can also...

And we're back, discussing the all-black side of what should be an all-white world. In every sense. 

For close to eight years, the West thought that Putin was a real swell and respectable, tell-it-like-it-is, black-of-the-eye-honest-soul type of man until he voiced a desire to see a multi-polar world, not quite trusting the uni-dimensional Rules-Based one promoted by ORBAH (Order of Rules-Based A-Holes). Can he be blamed for that. [No, it wasn't a question, thus the period.]

Is Putin to blame for the why de-dollarization is occuring, and at a far healthier pace than the inner-me had hoped in spite of the harm? [that question mark isn't in regard to the "blame" part, but, maybe, about my inner desire to see some types of "harm"? That'd be bad. Let's hope it's not that(?)]

That said, perhaps I should never have power over some things, I concur... 

I noticed that India started praising the need to maintain a Rules-Based Order (RBO) after having recently intervened (last week) in a spat between the Philippines and China. I don't have a full view, but the Philippines is increasingly turned into a US proxy; there shouldn't be any doubt there, even if I do believe it to be mainly unwillingly so, most probably threatened through one potentially economics-destroying or personally-enriching promise or other.

The clear and BRICS-contradicting emphasis on a need to maintain the RBO from India is sure to involve the US somehow, either in the Indian MEA S. Jaishankar's optics, and, by default, those of the BJP, or in the hopes of scoring brownie points with the West? [That one is because I haven't a clue.]

And, yes, BRICS is a money-and-trade-focused loose alliance of deplorable and evil nations, per Western textbooks, I'm sure, but such a view fails to grasp the philosophy that drives it; sits at its core. And a fair, equally-applied International Law-Based Order (ILBO) is a desire that defines the justifications to let go of the current ORBAH-led and synthetic-war-loving, disturbingly-pro-West world we currently live in. Well, um... until recently.

It's subtle, but did you catch the diff between ORBAH and ILBO? ORBAH isn't global, but it's globally applied. Per Western whims and needs. Not per set laws.

All that NATO Liberty-loving BS is just a way to enforce the US' war-dependent imperialism; NATO is a colonialist tool, plain and simple, and the war in Ukraine isn't amped up to ridiculously-grand-but-imagined threats and maintained by the West and sold as a Wall Street commodity to the USA by leading warmongers and ex-British PM David Cameron just for the spin; it's what allowing the US to bolster its economy and remain afloat, giving it a glimmer of hope it may regain full control over the globe. So, maybe that inner desire of mine wasn't so evil after all?

Instead of the Petrodollar it's now the Bombuck.

Of course, things aren't that drastic, but the economic windfall on the US for having manufactured the global threat warranting a rapid re-arming of the earth—for all purchases, allies through the front door; evil autocrats use the back one, please—is huge. And only Ukrainian deaths are involved, which makes it, per Blackstone-approved economists: "a great investment". 

These days, the American Made plan is centred on explosives and other tools of death, and those of domination if taking into account Washington's motivation for its huge sums in chip manufacturing that have yet to produce a chip.  

And, yet all those wars that are named to demonize Putin and Russia, doing so relies on a high level of ignorance. Several key factors need to be missing to adopt such a position while those that fall under "arrogance" are surely there aplenty. ORBAH seeking to satisfy its implied "global" part has far more to do with that than Russian "savagery".

Moscow is loyal to its ethnic-Russian non-citizen "citizens" is what Russia can really be blamed for, doing so in parts of the world that are in its own backyard, and never as the instigator. The same can't be said for the West.

Badly bizarre is the instant acceptance regarding anything said about "poison", fools now believing themselves experts in "Putin's modus operandi" rather than easily manipulated idiots, not even willing to consider just how obsessively-destructive certain Capitalism-all-embracing entities have become, and the perturbing power-lust and need to control the world that still drive those who are allowed to gain any real power in Western Establishment-friendly governments or extra-governmental bodies.

The oligarchic situation in Russia is one that was entirely created by the West immediately after 1991, and those who were punished for profiteering from the privatisation fraud pushed for by the West in order to create a situation Western elites could profit from and leaders indirectly apply control over, these, the West props up as exiled or jailed martyrs while painting those still operating in Russia as Lucifer's mob uncle. Where's the logic in that. [Here, the absence of a question mark denotes an absence of logic.]

The difference between Putin and Western leaders? The latter's oligarchs have been allowed to take full control of the state; Putin removed "his" oligarchs out of the Kremlin, and forced them to comply with the state's direction, not vice versa.       

I'll admit, it takes a certain type of forcefully-applied authority to achieve that, but, as a whole, the nation and the people are better off for it, a handful of oligarchs and the West are not. Like it or not, Putin brought back his country from a hell-hole of a situation, and did so in a remarkably short time, while still qualifying as a Capitalist, so be proud! Losing his position threatened the quick destruction—for a Western gain—of all that the nation managed to achieve, sinking them back into the horrible post-1991 period that had been far more devastating on all USSR countries than in the decades preceding it.

Aren't Russians supposed to hate him?

Sometimes, switching one evil for a lesser evil—lying boobs all—every X-number of years isn't necessarily what's best or truly desired. Today's Russia is nothing like it was frozen in Western minds to be. And there's a progression that must be allowed to take place, as well as a leeway—a compromise between 'different ways' from vastly different cultures—that is based on understanding.

And the war in Ukraine was never about invading Ukraine or imperialist dreams; get your goddamn head of your ass!

One of the absolute worst is Radio Times. Absolute old-school, Cold War-worthy propaganda that proves to be even more ignorant than any of the ideological ignorance embraced at the height of the Cold War.

Old-school, Cold War propaganda outlet

I honestly thought the world was past that type of dangerous, destructive, and totally empty rhetoric. 

There's absolutely no peace to be found there, except through oppression, violence, and needless bloodshed.

With that: I deeply respect Vladimir Putin, but I can't say I "love" him. I'd need to spend a weekend with him first. [wink]

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