Daily Wire Says B'Bye to Candace Owens

Posted: Mar 22, 2024   12:32:41 PM   |   Last updated: Mar 22, 2024   8:37:14 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

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Earlier today, Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of The Daily Wire rightwing media network he co-founded with Ben Shapiro, offered the following X-tweet:

“Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship.”

No official statement elucidating a clear cause for this sudden change has yet been provided by either party, but neither should this come as a surprise to many given the explosive 'talks' that had spilled out of the Daily Wire (DW) offices and onto the public sphere, these having to do with just one subject: Gaza.

Her anti-war stance on Ukraine, combined with her willingness to lay much of the blame on the West for any military action seen there, had already created a tense friction between Owens and the rest of the DW personalities, as well as many of the staffers, no doubt. However, things had taken a nasty turn for Owens immediately after the 7-Oct-2023 events, at which point her anti-Zionist rhetoric turned merciless and pointed, proving too much to bear for facts-over-feelings Shapiro, warrior of Free Speech?

The last isn't confirmed, but it is the supposition that all who are familiar with the situation are working off of.

Further, this decision appears to have come right after a statement made by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in which they accused Owens of associating with Nick Fuentes, a well-known white supremacist and Holocaust denier, after he'd praised one of her comments on X.

The ADL, one has to admit, acts at times as if possessed by a perverse desire to call out anti-Semitism in anything and anyone, occasionally focusing on other hate groups and personalities, if politically motivated to do so, of course, perhaps with a donation, maybe with a Washington-flavoured favour. It's not a bad organisation per se, but it does delve in politics far more than such an organisation ever should. 

She took a lot of heat, and she handled it pretty gracefully for the most part—even in her comments to the Rabbi Shmuley loon about his hag daughter—and also did so with much more patience and respect than I could ever muster if finding myself dealing with the likes of a Rabbi Barclay and his insufferable, patronizing, and one-sided, antiquated rules book dictating proper Semitic terms and grammar for the world.

Personally, I hope that Owens draws the appropriate lessons out of these events, for though she was the victim in this particular situation, actions and statements she's made to push her politics have also imposed that sentiment on many an innocent person; I simply want her to remember this experience, recalling it when she finds herself indulging in certain types of commentary in order to assess her own behaviour in relation to what she underwent and felt as a result, curbing her attack and opting for a different course when relevant and appropriate.

Candace Owens isn't someone I like or have much respect for, but—though I've never admitted as much before—she's got tremendous talent, but, sadly, she places her efforts on superficialities expressed through attitudes and positions meant to stir some controversy through a rebellious spirit that's more theatrics than honest politics, her approach having been so far mostly designed around achieving a quick notoriety and financial gains.

As her recent appearance on Steven Bonnell's stream exemplified when they discussed schooling and student loans, she's still willing to offer empty lines and to jazz up any anecdote in order to push the political wants that are earning her a big paycheck, but it has been real nice to see how war managed to draw out a level of care on a topic that was deeply genuine, and for which no one can accuse her of doing any of the things that one can usually count on being able to accuse her of.

Will Daily Wire take a hard hit for what may be a clear case of "say, don't do; judge others but justify if us" as concerns free speech, Shapiro not willing to tolerate certain views on topics he's passionately devoted to, no matter what the truth may be?

There are also rumours that Owens wanted to leave ever since the heat was turned on her given her views on the Israel-Palestine situation; such an outcome being desirable to all, was an arrangement worked out, as I can't imagine there'd be any payout offered for breaching her contract if she quit?

There are also rumours that Tucker Carlson is aiming to take down DW and Shapiro, Owens potentially joining Carlson, seeing an opportunity, but keep in mind that this came out of Dave Rubin, which he offered on Patrick Bet-David's Valuetainment, P B-D rightfully challenging Rubin's take on the matter, in my opinion. 

Posted 2 months ago  Last updated: Mar 22, 2024, 8:37 PM


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