Code of Ethics


Firstly, briefly, to be clear of our context: Morals are one's convictions regarding abstract definitions of right and wrong while ethics are those definitions of good and bad that a society imposes on its members; morals is usually linked to spiritual/religious beliefs whereas ethics serve to establish/define laws.  

Our Core Values & Standards

Respecting the dignity and moral wholeness of every person without conditions.

Affirming the uniqueness of, and differences among, persons, ideas, and ideals.

Co-creating and implementing transformative strategies with daring but informed ingenuity.

 ► We are committed to providing remarkable opportunities, performance, and results, always aiming to present a deep understanding and deliver superior services that translate into unquestionable value for our clients and stakeholders, doing so whilst never disregarding the interests of employees, customers, the community, and all others with whom we are engaged. 

► In striving for such exceptional performance and results,  we should not compromise our ethics or principles, for such behaviour taints any outcome, past and future, marking such performance and results as despicably ordinary.

To say that the company “places great importance on the morals that drive ethical choices and actions” may, for anyone with a good Philosophy background, seem as meaningless as saying, “the company values the sky.”

However, '''within the societal context in which we reside and the company operates, it is possible to:

► Ascribe qualitative ethical worth to behaviour and one's actions based on the albeit individualistic and abstract yet communally well-defined moral values referenced as Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Trust.

► Gauge workplace compatibility of one's ethics by evaluating passion and teamwork as a function of one's moral expression of determination, commitment, and innovation;

► Provide a loose framework that, nonetheless, delineates inarguable expectations.

As such, we expect anyone that operates under, represents, or acts in any manner whatsoever as an agent of the PDL name and company, to make it a primary goal, to:

►  Set an example for others and to recognise those who also demonstrate these behaviours;

►  Speak out in the face of conduct that threatens, compromises or degrades the core values defined by this framework. 

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