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Welcome to DMS&UY, where we assess what's going down on our streets and in our community, local and global, and up yours, too.

DMS&UY was originally launched over 12 years ago, created as means that offered a platform and a reason to continue writing at a time when all revolved around freely-generated user content, per whatever the site or topic; the heydays when quantity, in any shape, was seen as more meaningful than meaningful content.

DMS&UY's own focus is primarily on the media, which includes any means of disseminating info to the masses; what shapes info, how it becomes knowledge, and how this effects society are key, and science always informs our outlooks. We're hyper-critical of any manipulatory means and of any methods applied towards controlling a narrative... Yep. Fake News. Politics always lurk behind such intents, but culture and individuals also figure prominently into the equation, and, consequently into our examinations and efforts.

Below are some of the broad topics that we're presently devoted to, doing so in a serious albeit humorous manner (depending on that day's mood); nothing is so fantastical that it cannot be examined seriously, and nothing is too sacred to satirize, but in due time and in good taste.

Despite MSM's zeal to categorize anything it pleases as a "heroin for insane rightist brains called conspiracy theories," which includes many facets that are of central importance to these subjects, the same holds for them, as they are all real in some sense and in some minds, hence, so too is the attention and their influences, along with so many questions...

Clarifying DMS&UY's Intent

I don't make it my specific aim to attack a tribe nor outlets or individuals, and, although my political leanings are clearly to one side and I do judge the Right from a firm Leftist position, nonetheless, I try to remain fair and criticise what deserves it no matter the outlet or tribe if I feel there's something to be gained by doing so. "Gain" is abstract and may point to a reason that sits more on the personal side of things, such as expressing "much-needed venting", though these moments will always relate to matters that reflect popular interests, even if abstractly. Sometimes, simply recording a public version that rectifies or adds another perspective to certain events is good enough a reason, even if drowned by a competing version.

I don't have a hard-and-fast rule I apply, but I do operate per a strict, well-defined code of ethics. Especially as of late, it should be clear to anyone having read a few posts that I'm staunchly anti-imperialist and I fervently believe that the capitalist system we currently operate under has reached its end. Each new day affirms to me that absolutely nothing good can come from continuing to function under the inequity-creating inadequacies that are rushing us to our doom whilst turning the world into an authoritarian state that's bound to be more oppressive than anything claimed to be feared by hardcore conservatives and Libertarians — letting them have their way and deregulating all would only accelerate this process; we've had all the lessons we need to know better; you can't cure cancer by creating a better environment for it to grow in — and I do see value in attempting to communicate this end in order to avoid it.

And, no. A solution doesn't automatically entail "Communism". I personally believe that hybrid economies that prioritize people over profits will produce richer nations with all of its citizens enjoying a higher quality of life. The privatization of a nation's resources is equivalent to rape being done to that nation's people on a daily basis, and it is possible to retain — even ameliorate on — all the benefits attributed to Capitalism, but without funneling wealth to a very few. Corporations that are run exactly like private ones but with the government owning majority stocks, profits and dividends being used to offset a service cost to citizens, or channeled toward infrastructure costs or other services, possibly lowering taxes, is the simplest example that's miles ahead — per case studies — of the privatization model that's considered the only true American way, yet, serves little good to Americans, finding a way to shed accountability and shafting the working class while finding new ways to extract all it can, destroying the environment, ecological and personal, funneling wealth to very few, leaving tax-paying citizens with more woes than positives because someone somewhere decided that chunks of the country, or the rights to them, could be sold off at a price that turns out to be a huge cost on citizens?!

I also believe that "Democracies", as we know them, can be among the least productive of systems, and aren't the best fit or an actual solution for every nation or for all periods. For example, having had a better look at Russia, examining the validity of claims made by the West, I can say that the country could not have 'cleaned up' its act, tightening the screws on the oligarchs and their corruption, radically improving in a short period its situation and re-instituting itself as a world power despite the sad state that Russia found itself in in 1991, if Putin hadn't held on to power — fair elections were held put he played the system when he'd reached his term limit, presenting himself as the second in command then took over the presidential role once elected. Probably the best thing that could happen to the US is going 16 to 20 years with a morally-strong, anti-corruption, people-focused wise man and solid, trustworthy council that's focused on cleaning up governmental inner workings and setting a course for the country that the majority actually want, all with a good, healthy break from the ridiculous tribalities that plague it.

I look around, examine the societies Westerners have built and what we've allowed our lives to become versus the possibilities that, simply, are, and I see the crass, arrogant, and callous attitudes and methods through which we try to impose our ways over the entire world, somehow fooled into believing that Freedom & Democracy are the reasons, and that forcing on their ways of life — which we know little about — our "markets" is beneficial to all, us too, when, in fact, only the ruling class and their elite buddies benefit, the wealth-creation sold as Capitalism's 'good deed' and redeeming value sapped out of the so-called "developing world" rather than spread inside that country. How does the West gauge a country's progress? By a nation's corporate and market homogeneity with whatever ideal the West needs to sell, which results out of the commodification of all aspects of life and the course this sets us on, draining the beauty that, simply, is, and I can't help but feel that we've allowed ourselves to take a wrong turn, that we've allowed the nefarious forces that take hold of mediocre people to redefine life into something no one really wants, yet few seem to grasp that this, simply, doesn't have to be.


Firstly, briefly, to be clear of our context: Morals are one's convictions regarding abstract definitions of right and wrong while ethics are those definitions of good and bad that a society imposes on its members; morals is usually linked to spiritual/religious beliefs whereas ethics serve to establish/define laws.  

Our Core Values & Standards

Respecting the dignity and moral wholeness of every person without conditions.

Affirming the uniqueness of, and differences among, persons, ideas, and ideals.

Co-creating and implementing transformative strategies with daring but informed ingenuity.

 ► We are committed to providing remarkable opportunities, performance, and results, always aiming to present a deep understanding and deliver superior services that translate into unquestionable value for our clients and stakeholders, doing so whilst never disregarding the interests of employees, customers, the community, and all others with whom we are engaged. 

► In striving for such exceptional performance and results,  we should not compromise our ethics or principles, for such behaviour taints any outcome, past and future, marking such performance and results as despicably ordinary.

To say that the company “places great importance on the morals that drive ethical choices and actions” may, for anyone with a good Philosophy background, seem as meaningless as saying, “the company values the sky.”

However, '''within the societal context in which we reside and the company operates, it is possible to:

► Ascribe qualitative ethical worth to behaviour and one's actions based on the albeit individualistic and abstract yet communally well-defined moral values referenced as Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Trust.

► Gauge workplace compatibility of one's ethics by evaluating passion and teamwork as a function of one's moral expression of determination, commitment, and innovation;

► Provide a loose framework that, nonetheless, delineates inarguable expectations.

As such, we expect anyone that operates under, represents, or acts in any manner whatsoever as an agent of the PDL name and company, to make it a primary goal, to:

►  Set an example for others and to recognise those who also demonstrate these behaviours;

►  Speak out in the face of conduct that threatens, compromises or degrades the core values defined by this framework. 

 For more info, don't hesitate to contact us.

The simplest way to categorize DMS&UY's focus is: The same thing, from a different perspective.

The bulk of the material is best described as a mix of commentary and analysis.

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