When The Bad Is Badly Deluded And Up To No Good... Putin Does Carlson

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Or Should that Be the Other Way Around?

Did it again. Not sure how. But it was meant to be two quick paragraphs...

The anger surfaced; I allowed it. Figured I'd tone it down afterwards. Actually, given what I feel and what I've said, below, I seem to be going soft? It could do with more "rage".

Splits and divisions; parties and tribalities; sanity and utter stupidity. The triviality of frivolity of a divided bipolarity forced through a unity of orchestrated disharmony offers no refrain, bringing us to tertiary dualities and backwards-flowing dueling tributaries fed by a mainstream that seeks to drown countercurrents, those out of tune dying against the rage, rage of the killing knight.

Nope. Not quite a "mixed metaphor"; more of an "all-dressed" one, I think? My excuse: Anything too neat, honest, and prosaic can't possibly offer a good reflection of the times we're traversing; the more wild, pretentious, and seemingly reasonable to those lacking reason such statements are, the more they capture the 'essence' of our uncertain now.

But don't be fooled. Although we left that now behind, it's still not back when, not even back then, but wait for it, for here it comes, right now.

We're still in it. You'll know when the now is a was when you hear a closing number; with a fat man and a little boy down, a fat lady is likely to do the singing.

But will she?

Otherwise, how will we know when it's over?

•       •       •

Something's way off.

Our leaders—the Western ones—they're being frighteningly Eastern, no? And the East, seems pretty Western these days, yes?

I'm not sure what's happening, but I can't say I'm able to feel any pride for our current role in global events.  

•       •       •

When I'd come out of my 'bubble' in 2020 and took stock of events amidst the acute cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome that boiled over, melting skin and souls and liquifying brain cells, "destabilizing" is probably the tamest word I can use to describe the jarring effect of finding myself in that type of savagely tribalistic and grossly abusive info environment, not having had the chance to acclimatise to the insanely-loony-borderline behaviour that passed for journalism in the months prior to the 2020 US elections.

And, now, as the world heads toward the November circus that's to be the 2024 edition of "Billions for Ballots", recent events and how these same media folks handled them can only mean one thing: Far more of them should have been fired?

Probably. Definitely. But the "crazy", however, that's a guarantee. Cranked up to 13, at least.

Come to think of it: With all that's happening, maybe all dials should now go from 0 to 20, making it easier to crank it up to 11 without waking up the neighbours? 

Because something will need to be cranked... Because if the media are already turning into all kinds of shades of unprofessionalism and scumminess like they have since learning that Tucker Carlson was in Moscow, which could only mean that... dissolving brain cells and vanishing morals and, why not? let's fuse fiction with propaganda, hysteria, and pure hate and let's make up shit again... just for a bit; people wouldn't trust us one bit were we to not do it; we'd be outliers, called "Putin-Lovers" in statistics, I think.

Not sure I can handle that again. Not sure anyone should. All that media derangement, those waves floating through the air, they've gotta be a carcinogen, I'm sure of it.

Either way, corporate media, along with smaller liberal and conservative outlets may continue to wonder why no one has any confidence in them anymore, which just proves that the entire lot should have been fired, maybe rocketed to Mars, too, for no planet requires that many hopelessly pointless stenographers when one Netanyahu is three times the recommended amount, unless living in a world with many doors that have to remain open amid a shortage of doorstops and an overabundance of stenographer-fitted body bags.

I hear that such a world is hard to take at first, but harmony sets in once stenographer-filled body bags are jammed under doors, keeping them open.

Of Men and MonstersBibi the Baby Bomber

Not liking the ruling that had been delivered, the US-backed-and-provocative genocidists scoffed then aimed a juicy raspberry at the international judicial body that had not only dared to pass judgment on them, but had also interrupted the methodical, high-intensity bombing-and-decimating clean-up underway in Ancient Gaza, this being sure to translate into a delay of a half-day to a full day on the ground-breaking ceremony for the long-planned Hamelech's River & Sea Resort and Bowling Alley.

"That's anti-Semitic! Shame, shame on the ICJ! They are Hitler-Lovers! Hitler-Lovers!" shouted the US-educated, Corn Pop-backed and highly-provoking Israeli ministers.

"The horror! Why, why do you force us to relive the holocaust every single minute of every single day?" screamed the c-4 wielding, Western-backed, Islamophobic, Blinken-hand-shaking baby killers.Bibi the Baby Bomber

"Anti-Semites! This court is an anti-Semitic joke of anti-Semitic proportions!" booed the US-lobbying, US-backed, provocation-inciting, Israeli-American pro-genocidist Zionists.

"This isn't a court! It's a gas chamber! How dare you condemn us, we're the law & order people, not the pestilent savages who need to be eradicated?!" shrieked a US-mocking, US-dependant criminal Netanyahu, spittle spraying the judges. "Euh... by eradicate, I mean: kindly help move to Egypt, or the Sahara, of course. I mean, that is, if any people are found among the Hamas cockroaches we haven't yet bombed. But this is just normal re-zoning and city-planification stuff all nations must do when building a big, unrelated parking lot, you know. I spoke to all leaders, and they get it."

•       •       •

If you need that many weapons every other day...

"If Western countries do not increase the supply of weapons to..." then, the war will end, period. I'm absolutely certain of that. I've never seen a more shameless bunch pump out bigger, more despicable lies than what the Order of Rules-Based A-Holes (ORBAH) and the Kyiv Killer Klowns manage to externalize in any single day. The daily doo-doo demands got so big they all had no choice but to combine their cult activities with work, at which point much of the world realized that none of the ORBAH members shared a functional definition of "work"—except Orban, though he'll fall in line, you'll see, said Ursula Wonder Lying, hitting fist in hand, brass-knuckles shining—while all may have thought that "duties" referred to an airport tax on cologne and alcohol, but that's gotta be Putin's fault for sure, cause BLM told me to stop blaming Blacks for everything.

A committee was commissioned to commission a committee so the council could provide council to the conglomerate of Corp Co. Commercial Consortiums Coop and Chamber of Commerce and by the time that one email made the rounds, members of Congress stumbled on a few extra millions in their bank accounts, and no one remembers what the committee was for, while more children suddenly died somewhere... which would be tragic, if leaders weren't distracted by the sudden and constant appearance of Surprise Dollars and gold bars in their safes, mattresses, and safety deposit boxes. One of the pains that those ruling over the little people had to consent to, which they did, for us. Now that they were stuck with a few more millions they never wanted or asked for, they had no choice but to be responsible, which meant spending a bit of wealth and keeping things moist and trickleable.

And, so, because the quality people buy Rolls Royces, the passable people can afford a pizza so the poor people can, eventually, look at images of a peeled potato. 

Responsible government. And that's why a report surfaced on the Web 7 years later, and that's how we now know that it wasn't "cult" and "work" that had gotten blended into a single party, it's "corrupt" and "Woke", at which point we all grimace, vague bells ringing; eventual recall, having forgotten all about that word in those seven years.

So you can look forward to that, at least. Unless a rare disease or bomb kills you first.

•       •       •

It's precisely the stupidity that's verbalized as if forgetting to pass through brain matter before reaching that foul rectum that sits just below their nose. Always Putin's fault. They want peace, but each and every time it's Putin forcing them to refuse peace... Absolutely ridiculous. Especially since so many are willing to keep sending weapons and untrained kids to their death for a totally pointless battle that Ukraine can't possibly win, having long lost months ago given Ukraine's casualty count, growing weapons shortage, the current age of conscripts, and the presumed, delusional obsession with "full-scale invasion" that ends when Russia's army is dipping their toes in the Atlantic, pressing the heels down on drowning Europeans. Did I get that right? 

I've never seen stupider "leaders" in all my life, and then some. And, on top of that, Hillary Clinton refuses to crawl into some hole so the world can forget about her and her party-destroying hubby completely.

Putin had proposed a comprehensive security compact... just, everything. You people are mentally diseased. An absolute cancer. The all so easy to resolve, but clutching on to a fiction they pass as an impending reality, while saying they don't want war, and I'm wondering why we don't simply push these people off a cliff before they destroy us all. Anyhow, I've always firmly believed that being that stupid and expecting such individuals to live while not forgetting to breathe... seems cruel imposing all that on a person. 

So let's jail them all up. For their safety. They've no problem doing it for ours, so... Stop being selfish. Let us do something for our leaders for a change. 

Who's got the matches? And the jetfuel? 

Damn right I'm upset. And sickened. History is sure to remember this period as the one with the Western leaders that made the world forget about that moustachiod Haytlair dude and his Knazee army. They used to own education camps for kids with showering issues, if I'm not mistaken? Like fat camps, but for dirty people, I think. I forget.

But let's watch that documentary about those atrocity-causing monsters and the brainless bloodlust of the Biden Bunch Disposable Buddies, featuring the "We're Better than Anyone Gang", with:  Trudeau, Johnson, Scholtz, Bearbock, UVDL, and the Netanyahu Nuclear Zionist Zany Choir. 

That Westerners still tolerate having these people in any position of power is hard to comprehend, especially if German or Hungarian.

Two Monsters Meet, Murder Follows

Two people I’d currently have absolutely no hesitation classifying under the "truly despicable" rubric came together in recent weeks for what viewers were meant to interpret as a frank, casual conversation between two humans, but, as the pair demonstrated, it's tough to hide an arrogant demon in a pretentious devil, ditto for the murderer in a desperate psychopath.

The conceited, smug-oozing and vain-arrogance that is Douglas "Full of Himself" Murray, Lord Pretentious, raised his nose and pursed his pinched lips with the usual pomposity that overshadows his habitual narcissism whenever he's snobbing on his pseudo war-correspondent play-acting bit of phony snootiness, then crossed his leg, tightened his a-hole, and tried to look cool and human as he embarked on a contrived justification for a massacre with a white version of a mini-Shrek madman, US-backed Israeli genocidist, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Deeply revolting. That's what that was. Truly.

As he emanated all kinds of shades of self-importance, Murray was all too happy to guide Netanyahu to an opening that allowed him to spin his severely fucked-up excuses to slaughter so many, either sex and any age... Zionist don't discriminate. That's all so very WWII, in my opinion, but whatever rocks your boat, or blows your neighbour, right?

Anyone with an ounce of real humanity would never dare delve into the type of lies that these two are willing to embark on and polish, and smile as they reason murder, putting their depraved immorality on full display for all; only sickos could find anything to cheer about in these loathsome individuals.

Murray, who's essentially nothing more than a bitter, hate-filled BS-ing lobbyist for a hard-right Zionist conservative group, making him no better than the cheapest whore given the idiotic, divisive drivel he spews to spin fear out of a bogus foe, doing so in order to compensate for what he actually lacks, for there's no way I'm able to see what some praise him to be: he's not brave; there's zero courage there. C'mon! He's a pathetic, acrimonious bigot with a specialty in Islamophobia that places real heavy emphasis on falsely representing the "white supremacist" concept that's intended—which refers to euro-centric modes of colonialism, and its vestiges, which we owe to all to be aware of, that's it; no self-hatred necessary—and he's obviously doing so to maintain a synthetic division and the structures that have served conservatives, not minorities. Do not be fooled.

Hearing him: "Just say no! No!, No, no ,no. I'm not Woke..." What painful, idiotic theater he delivers, and people buy into his Leftist Commie Cabal BS, is what stuns me.

Using the Woke label as it is, that's a weaponization and exploitation of individuals who find themselves fighting for their individual rights, which is supposed to be a given in America, and a point of pride as I understood it. 

People like Murray and Steven Crowder care more about money, period, otherwise one would occasionally see a glimmer in their lifeless eyes, a sign that hints at some awareness that, at the other end of the hate-filled ignorance they try to pass off as politically relevant thoughts, there are very real people dealing with very real issues. You want to stir hate and hinder policies that may help some? Show real courage and spend real time with members of those groups you target, getting to know some of these individuals and their issues, at the very least! That'd be brave. Not the horse shit delivered for hate and money. And don't cherry pick the one case that suits your view and sell that as the majority. That's loathsome, not brave.

Maybe that's the problem? People are confusing the two? After all, I don't consider Murray an intellectual, how could I? He cares about preserving his world, not truth. Not one bit. Wake up! 

Judge Napolitano resolved an offshoot of that issue in a jip one day'; starting an episode visibly peeved due to, I'm guessing, a criticism of Libertarians that he may have perceived as an insult, he opened his show with (paraphrasing): 'I don't think the government should meddle in some areas; I'm libertarian and children shouldn't be sexualized. Anyone have a problem with that?' 

Yeah, he was also reacting to a criticism made against those who use the Woke label a certain way, I'm also guessing.

No matter, "Brilliant," I thought. It seemed to have diffused a potential for ill-placed tensions, from all, not just whomever those comments came from. I'm guessing? It's vague, it resolves nothing, except to set a firm parameter that avoids some forms of needless tribalisms. Food for thought to creators, is why I mention it.

As an aside, an aspect I have stated a couple of times though I make it easy to forget: The political ideology I most identify with is Libertarian; among the "accepted" models, the one I see as most problematic is also Libertarian; hence why I'm as critical. I've yet come across anyone with anything close to what I'd consider a viable plan, and that includes me. If living in a society, the best that I see as realistic is having libertarian spheres within a non-libertarian system. Another post, perhaps...

Back to Murray and Wokism and sexualized children. There are issues that should concern all; or there are severe communication deficiencies between institutions and parents, a mix of both is what I suspect. However, weaving these into "evil Leftist" plots, as does Murray, or James Lindsay, or Christopher Rufo, that's just nasty, in my opinion, and this is the real fascism I see, for all's done to bend and twist a horrid reality just to, ultimately, impose the one they want. How are they not just top-tier, high-quality yokel class preachers? Smart guys playing real dumb.

I'm being perfectly frank when I say: Anyone that uses "radical leftist" to refer to anything that Biden, the Progressives, Justin Trudeau, or others from that 'gang' are doing, that's my signal that I'm dealing with someone who's more brainwashed than brains, unless they're on the grifter end of things. Either way, the frustration that's sure to be had isn't worth the waste of time. There's serious reasoning gaps in the BS Murray and such push, sign that they always stay on the periphery of what they pretend to understand, always glancing upon those they judge from a perch safely nestled on conservative land, only observing, never interacting; picking up bits, assuming other ones, and inventing what's missing, per their obsessions and perversions.

Murray is a condemnatory and intolerant expression of a yesteryear that was snuffed out by the very destructive behaviour he wishes to save.

He spews disdain, not analysis. Haven't you ever observed him as he verbally grinds his Lord High Horse boot on a vague whomever that so happens to fit his anal-retentive folly of the moment? He's a puny man. Cheering for murder, because, apparently, at least 30,000 isn't a high enough number for those who see animals, not a long-oppressed, perpetually-abused people.

And, meanwhile, as the snoot is searching for his godly reflection in the blinding ceiling lights, Netanyahu delivers such heavy lies he's got a hard time not focusing on the floor while rehashing his panel-tested PR-set keywords wrapped around his formulaic, one-sided lies set in a world that was created only on 7-Oct-2023, where Zionists are semi-gods with selective amnesia, and Palestinians are vermin. 

Providing some satisfaction, however slight, Netanyahu did call Murray a “middling Satan” at one point, which Murray absorbed like the tiny ass-kisser of a coward he truly is. Netanyahu had warned Murray that he'd likely be insulted, then labeled him as such, repeating the label after Murray had mumbled it, somewhat incredulous, for he's a god, in his mind. Murray deflated a tad, slumping in his chair as the Zionitic genocidist continued waxing unlyrical about the massacre and slaughter clearly compensating for the waiting imposed on his new Viagra prescription.

Here's a bit from Lord Zion, the Criminal Genocidist in Chief, a.k.a. Bibi, the Baby Bombing Butcher of Israel:

This is all one big battle of civilization; our civilization against their… their wanton aggression, their violence, their rejection of all the values that we hold dear; the ideas of liberty of choice, and freedom, the rights… uh…uh… the rights of women, the rights of minorities, the rights of gays, all of that they want to sweep away, and the question is, 'do we stand or do we fall?'

There’s a standard for dictatorships, there’s a double standard for democracies, and there’s a third standard for a democracy called Israel. All other world leaders, they ‘get it’.

Jesus Christ! Really?! People buy his schtick? He sounds more nuts than Alex Jones, and more conspiratorial than a Pelosi or Maddow to boot!

Plus, I hear that Alex Jones is right most of the time. So I hear; that's all I'm saying.

Oh, I heard Dennis Prager deliver his version of a "Justification for a Senseless Massacre - Closeted Gay but Openly Racist" edition. I think that's how Piers Morgan had titled that Prager moment on his Talk TV show, but best not quote me on that.

Anyhow, Western Whiteys created the greatest civilization ever, which is why we need to protect our greatness and our claim on anything Holy, which comes from "wholly" which descends out of "white", surely—if he didn't say it, he was surely thinking it—so, it goes without saying that eternal peace is the product of Palestinians in ethereal pieces. Something like that; it's Prager, so you know it's a big pile of racist, conservative BS, and nothing else, especially not good sense.

I honestly find that man vile; anyone that invested in such idiotic propaganda they try to impose on others, and through schools, too... Kinda contradicts much of what he preaches, and conceit, closed-mindedness, and an ideological dependence that leaves one drunk on supremacy... keep it to yourself, I say, because too much of it falls outside of a generalized space and into a narrow sphere, managing only to alienate some, anger others, but he'll please a subset, and mostly force divisions. Hence, Prager is just as much a part of the problem he thinks he'll solve by acting like a dictatorial BSer that loves to remain ignorant to justify idiocy that insults all those he's intolerant of and lumps under totally wild and fictitious interpretations of "Leftists". 

Were his material honest and focused on producing good values, I'd have no problem with his brand of religious conservatism—to each their own—but all vids I've seen were nothing but severely warped versions of history twisted into, clearly, indoctrination material that's sure to offer the most idiotic of anti-Left message, just because... idiocy is what it is and Pragers are racist bigots.

Imagine someone talking about a car to describe a book. Anything that's "Prager" that mentions "Leftist", that's the type of 'smarts' to expect.

Plus, there's something about that man that really creeps me out, and I've finally put my finger on what I think it may be: pedophilia. Pure speculation; I'm not accusing him of such. Rather, to be clear: I wouldn't be surprised one bit to learn that that was the case, were it ever revealed to be so. People with Prager's socio-religious obsessions over others... they almost never turn out to be 'normal' folks, in the bad sense. But that's not 'the rule'.

Speaking of bigots, seeing as he is my favourite one by far, truly: TYT's Cenk Uygur was also there, engaged in a debate with Prager on the topic of Gaza.

Prager did nothing but assert white, eurocentric supremacy as justification for slaughter, obviously too dense to realize he was doing as much, hence, that aspect wasn't a barrier to be for his usual whining bleats about "white supremacy" being a Commie ploy. If there's no swastika, he's completely clueless and useless and turns even more categorically idiotic, per all he's put on display, anyway. Two separate concepts under the same label has proven to be nothing but a major challenge and hurdle for Prager, and he wants to impose his garbage on kids, play a role in their education. No effen way I'd be OK with Prager material being imposed on my kids without my knowledge or consent. Just as I accept those parents who feel that way regarding "Woke stuff".

After all, that Woke has become what it is is indicative of a communications failure between schools and parents. That, far more than crazy Commie corruption taking over the country, that's for sure.

But, anyhow:

Uygur put up some good fights, of which I caught at least three complete ones; on the whole: well done! I mean, for a Presidential candidate, anyways, seeing how we've been trained to expect only tax cuts from such people. A cogent debate? Fuggetaboutit! 

I really don't get why he decided to take that route, seeing only sense in it if he's legally bound to the Dems, somehow. Otherwise, anything outside of the two parties is the only good vote this year, and Uygur is hurting that. 

But, nonetheless, being outside his usual role seems to have done him some good, gifting him with a plus? The self-control he exhibited compared to past debates I'd seen, that did impress me, as did some of his attacks, done without insult but still laying a punch, as well as his willingness to delve into the uglier side of his own history. Worthy of all he presents himself to be. Finally?

The last debate he did with Steven "Destiny" Bonnell, however, that got messy. Ugly.

But, no matter how weak Uygur's proposal was accurately made out to be by Destiny, it was the latter I found truly disappointing, but only inasmuch as it confirmed the staunch US-exceptionalism-driven, pro-neo-imperialist Islamophobia he tries to pass off as a sensible worldview and approach to peace. There's just too much that's wrong with his thinking, and for anyone to call him a progressive, well, you just know that's a funded effort to ratchet progressive types to the right. I can't see that as anything else. For him, Emma Vigeland, Vaush, and Ryan Grimm being put together to form a "progressive discussion panel"... well, there's the proof. Find me one bona fide progressive who qualifies any of those four as being true progressives, and I'll produce two black people with white skin for each one you find.

As far Gaza goes: if Destiny believes that Israel's genocidal activities are warranted and should be cheered on because of 7-Oct, clearly ignorant of many details prior to that date and of the troubling doubts to be had regarding what, precisely, unfurled on that date, as this would force any sane person to rethink and lower their psychotic "acceptable ratio" view that's more mental retardation and bigotry than thought or sense, IMO. Thus, by the same token, if Destiny uses attacks on Jews to justify the 1948 Nakba, then what he's really claiming is that the Palestinian's real error was to let any of those Jews live; they should have killed all the Jews the minute one of them muttered "Israel".

Unless he's willing to say that, that all Jews should have been killed back when, then his own stance makes no sense, it's just pure blah-blah that betrays idiocy and hatred.

And I say that because I caught his debate with Ben Shapiro, in which he proved himself embarrassingly "stupid" on a few occasions that suggest it's "winning" that he's entirely focused on, and not "truth".

Shapiro's fast talking ways sent his head spinning a few times, it seems, which brought Destiny to an unpredictable place he couldn't argue, nor reason through to an easy refutation, is my guess.

One example is Destiny conceding to Shapiro that humans aren't bound to a unidirectional, linear time because, as Shapiro argued, there was Fascism and Nazism in the 1930s, and we're seeing those again today, therefore, time moved backward lately, not forward. Regression.

Wow. But it fooled Destiny?

One word: entropy.

Revisiting conceptual modes is done while moving forward in time, duh! Today's versions are nothing like yesteryear's, of course.

Or, hold on: If it rained yesterday and it rains tomorrow, is tomorrow yesterday? Don't hurt your brain on that one, Destiny.

Shapiro: tsk, tsk, but it worked.

Shapiro played him a few times like that. Kinda funny. Explains Destiny's propensity for such stupidifications in regard to the Zionist barbarity he's willing to give a pass to, spazzing out a tad should anyone not end up saying "blow the Gazan fuckers up!", having absorbed only the version he's been told to accept concerning events in Gaza prior to that date? He probably thinks John Kirby is an honest man, too. He sees "good" and "presidential" in Biden, so he's gotta see a Boy Scout in Sullivan, I bet?

Bonnell has a big shotgun hanging on his wall and he's admitted being willing to shoot anyone that's a threat to his home or pay, but Hamas and Gazans are vile terrorists with an acceptable ratio of civilian deaths? I was deeply sickened by his stance, to be frank. He flattened an important dimension, and relies far too much on all that seeks to dupe him for power if not for a buck, or both.

Yeah, maybe he should go walk backwards so he can rewind time and rethink things?

And while at it, he should have a minimum of decency and stop identifying as a "progressive", at the very least, is my two cents. 

If truly a "progressive", he wouldn't have such a simple and contradictory view of the Houthis, the one he gave establishing that he's looking at a rock when a view of the mountain is what's needed. 

Washington. How values change, it seems.

Kids today are starved for positive public role models transmitting good morals and good, healthy messages, these being solid, trustworthy influencers concerned with the good of all, and not with a perverted interpretation of "good' that helps push one-sided and selfish policy wants on governments, and needless plastic goods and useless and toxic pharmaceuticals on people.

There's so much there that's incongruous, much of that unthinkable not too long ago. It's not just the hypocrisy, which is dizzyingly flagrant and a major insult to much of the world, I'm sure, making it redundant to point it out, but there's also Washington's willingness to act in a manner that overtly obliterates all the laboured care that went into manufacturing that heroic, Freedom & Democracy™ archetype that, at the very least, had sufficient pride whereby it tried to hide its sleazy side rather than flaunt it then lie about it.

Now, what Washington says matters most may not matter much most of all. So much depends on... something other than the politics and policies that have been promoted and branded as emblems of a pride-filled USA; something that betrays the rot that's eating away the country's soul. What some have identified as the thrash of an empire, flailing as it falls.

The disgust I feel for the Military-Industrial Complex and all it's motivated and facilitated goes back to the early 90s. However, I never expected to see the level of entitlement, provocation, and depravity that now seems to have become the norm.

Among several, two examples stand out:

The first is Imran Khan. The US is behind his ousting; this has been known since it happened and it's become hard to deny when 'flashing' the document that proves as much is what got Khan the 10-year sentence, the 14-year one being for a fraud charge that can be easily refuted, the fraud there seemingly being the one perpetrated to create the fraudulent fraud charge. And one more bogus charge just added, targeting his wife, too. 

It's been widely acknowledged that it's his non-pro-anti-Putin stance that prompted Washington to trigger his ousting; in other words, Khan had made it clear that he wanted to remain neutral, maintaining relations with Russia. One can easily deduce that, not making as much leeway with India as they had hoped, the US wanted to make sure they had a country they could count on to call a "base" should their war with China break out the way they're hoping. Additionally, albeit I seem to be alone in pointing this out, having stated that he was skirting with being ousted the day after it had been released and I had read it: Imran Khan's new social and security plan, which sought to reduce the army's power greatly, had already sealed his fate but the "army" needed the US' go-ahead since, after all, they'd put Khan in office.

Washington and the CIA, with the British in tow, destroyed the country not long after it gained its independence, turning it into a terrorist recruiting and training camp from which to launch Mujahideen fighters and other jihadists at Russians, who hadn't invaded Afghanistan but were running an actual, qualified intervention to help the Afghans get the unruly, warlord-structured Mujahideen under control, these being the very same from which a portion were to become the Taliban and take over the country, thanks to US meddling, for they preach Democracy but heaven forbid a nation should choose a government that Washington doesn't like. And the cherry: these Talibans were the same ones that warranted that the US "saves" the country, wasting 20 years and many trillions there, destroying the country all the more, killing countless in an attempt to rid it of those they had handed the country to, only to hand it back to them after 20 very destructive years.

Learning no lesson, they pretty much tried the same thing again with extremists in Ukraine. And events there warrant they destroy Pakistan just that much more?

Afghanistan and Pakistan makes two countries destroyed, and the US is still vilifying Russia for acts related to its USAID and CIA meddling in all the regions that are adjacent to Russia, and they still throw around "Russian invasion of Afghanistan" as a reason to hate them, unable to accept or admit that US leaders have completely misunderstood "evil"—mixed it with "good"—which may explain why their allies are always worse off.

If ever Pakistan had a chance to rectify its course and rid itself of its cancerous army, Imran Khan, it turns out, presented such a chance.

But Establishment dicks in Washington don't care about people, or nations, even the US, we're now learning, the last becoming increasingly harder to argue against in any sane manner.

So the Biden Bunch ousted Khan then Biden makes a point of inviting Shehbaz Sharif, Khan's replacement, at his "Democracy Summit" that had stirred much talk after he'd uninvited South American countries who'd become less favourable of US-guided privatization schemes. The irony. What goes through these idiots' mind is life's real mystery.

And now, the White House, protector of all things Democracy and Freedom, they wholly ignore events in Pakistan altogether—sign they're behind it and there's no profit tied to doing what';s right—yet, they obsess in a foaming-at-the-mouth way over an unconfirmed human-rights abuse in Iran, Western governments and their uncles having plenty to say about "evil", "Iran", and a need to destroy non-Wall-Street-friendly leaders. Euh... I meant "totalitarian theocratic leaders", sorry. 

That makes it another country that the CIA destroyed for shitty greed and the power lust of ideological scum-snots. And destroy it, then destroy it some more is all that the US ever attempts, not being able to forgive the country for ridding itself of the sadistic Shaw put in place by Washington, how rude!. That kinda reminds me of Cubans, who dared to take back control of their country, which made Castro a monster and gives reason to savage sanctions. 

Psychotic. Hurts my brain.

And now, passively playing a part in the consequences of the direct one played, allowing Khan and his wife to be jailed for 10 years for a "bad marriage license" essentially, as well as the 14-year one for "fraud", plus Khan's other bogus charge and many other bogus ones hanging over his head... unless he and his wife leave the country and play no role whatsoever in the elections, the ones that just ended, so we know what his answer was. And where's the meddling US shitheads like Rice or Nuland et al. who want us to believe that the hint of a Democracy losing some democraticness is what usually motivates and justifies their shitty, meddling ways?

Fair and free elections... ha! The West doesn't give a damn about those, either. 

And there, too, things backfired, Khan managing to run, from jail, and took the lead—for the people have made their choice—and we have to listen to the Biden Bunch psychopaths slide "democracy" and "freedom" in every other sentence that comes out of their a-holed mouths, and they expect us to not reflexively spit on them, for failing to act each and every time it truly matters is all they ever deliver in between lame reasons given to destroy a country, for democracy and for good???

Maybe lobotomies should be brought back? Some are clearly in need.

And the Indians are no better. I laughed when I heard Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar voice how important it is that neighbours work at maintaining good relations, this being aimed at the Maldives and its new government's order that the small number of Indian military personnel stationed there leave the island by a set date.

So, Modi posted pictures of himself on an Indian beach.

Three Maldives ministers seeing this as revenge to draw Indian tourists away from their resorts made X comments in which they called Modi a "clown", "terrorist" and a "puppet of Israel", which got all three suspended after "summoning" and "complaining" took place, as well as triggering a nationwide effort to boycott the Maldives, stay in India.

The insecurity-fueled immaturity that drives much of India continues to baffle me, but it's also very far from reassuring when juxtaposed over the thought that that's the nation that may one day lead the world. But, the reason I laughed upon hearing Jaishankar's comment is the sharp contrast presented by their own behaviour vis-à-vis China and Pakistan, this contrast being amplified by the call for a boycott that came days later in, a reactive, kneejerk intolerance from people who spend an inordinate amount of time aggressively spewing insulting lies and venom at its neighbours, along with any country not throwing it the rose bouquets it expects.

All I've heard regarding Imran Khan out of any Indian outlets are cheap, empty insults and ridicule, all of it devoid of genuine sympathy, and, worse, said while complaining that the army rules the country, it's filled with terrorists, and someone needs to take control, at which point a weak but positive claim is made about Sharif, who seems like a good future for Pakistan because of a handful of policies that are a great match against India's needs...

Indeed, the level of navalism in parts of India is high.

And it's seeing them and Washington treat events in Pakistan that places neither in the desirable "global leaders" category, not in any manner befitting the self-praise that both Washington and New Delhi love to shower under. And that's what I find deeply disappointing. Truly.

If you can't see the contradiction that shouts why no one should take Washington or New Delhi seriously with any mention of democracy they may make, I urge you, please take a step or two back and take the time to make sure you do, as it'd be to your own benefit to do so, methinks, and that of the people. But make sure you're no longer drowning in your own navel first.

•       •       •

The second example is Gonzalo Lira's case. He was an American who'd been arrested for his views on the Ukraine war, which he disseminated on YouTube . He had a good feel for the war; he lived in Ukraine, after all, having married a Ukrainian with whom he had children. But he hated the Kyiv regime, and didn't help their narrative, so...  That bastion of democracy that needs countless of billions per month to keep up the 'saviours of the world' pretense that's now the Blackrock-owned land called Ukraine... yeah, hate to break it to all those with their head up their arse, but "democratic" isn't a word I'd readily apply to Kyiv.

There are credible allegations that Lira had been tortured but it's the conditions he was forced to live in that led to a pneumonia that went untreated, per the authorities' wishes, it appears. Things only got worse. He died a painful death in jail. For speech. In a country receiving billions and bombs to preserve its freedom and democracy!

Just... honestly... fuck you!

Not only did the US government refuse to act, I'm willing to bet that Kyiv got an OK from Washington before picking him up, dragging him away.

So much there that's wrong. Along with those Americans held hostage in Gaza, these having always been kept in the backdrop, only mentioned if for a specific effect, otherwise, inconsequential...

These are the details that, for me, signal something real ugly that's yet to come.

While I think of it: I just need to ask a quick, unrelated, and generic question, if it's OK? How incompetent, corrupt, morally bankrupt, and without an ounce of care for its citizens do leaders have to be to keep the world on a road to war, act like the biggest pricks the world could ever know, and blame that on another leader who's merely seeking the security of persecuted and tortured, nationally-linked folks just on the other side of the border given that said incompetent, corrupt, and morally bankrupt leaders watched on murmuring: "C'mon you bastard. C'mon... that's it; cross that border! Cross! Oh, oh,  Woohoo! Sanctions party, everybody!"?

Throughout all of history, I can't recall a more disappointing, pathetic, misguided, lying bunch of criminals who dared to ask, and expect, to be called leaders. Shameless sacks of shits, you are. No one elected you for your fucking wars or to hear your goddamn lies!

All of you have done far worse in far more countries, and for reasons that were nothing but despicable. Closing your eyes to what was happening in Donbass, allowing a massacre to go on, supplying more arms while at it... Who the fuck do you warmongering, power-lusting scum think you are?

You truly sicken me. Profoundly. Freedom and Democracy. You're all too stupid and evil to know the meaning of those words. Learn to spell "jail", I say. 

Not one of you deserves to represent me, this being a sentiment shared by many across the West, I'm certain of that.

Truly sad, leaderless times we Westerners are in. Boris the lying idiot

Options for a replacement are even worse. Someone like Nikki Haley is not only a blood lusting, mentally-unstable murderer, she's a veritable psychopath, telling people that Putin said the exact opposite of what he said, his version, wherein he clearly says that he has no intention, interest, or benefit to gain by invading the Baltic, including Poland, Lituania, Moldova, et al. And if the West wants to blame Putin for Georgia or Chechnya, at least be honest and start off with the US meddling that stirred shit, caused violence, and warranted a military intervention that only sickos could then try to spin into material used to justify wanting to kill Putin.

Haley and those who share such mindsets and see any validity in such actions should be in a straight jacket and drown in a lake, though I'll settle for an asylum. She's completely insane, and far from the only one in Western governments. Time for a good clean up!

The day we stop these scum from getting anywhere near seats of power is the day peace starts having a real hope.


•       •       •

Stupid spin is just that: stupid spin.

That's why I've firmly concluded over a year and a half ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not among those who present any real threat to the world. I'm willing to bet that more world leaders feel that way than the West would like to admit to. But accountability... not their think. Only lies and wars.

And go ahead, call me a Putin Lover if you must.

I gotta admit it, I do find him fascinating, and a far better diplomat and leader than any we've seen in the West for quite some time. If that weren't true and hadn't been so for some years, the world wouldn't be facing what it currently faces, obviously. Only bad leaders could have brought us anywhere near to where we now are; the shittiest in all history is why we're here, and why I'm livid.

And blaming Putin, still, again? Scum-snot. That's about all I can say.

But who invaded who?

With that level of stupid, why did anyone liberate those Jews that were in German concentration camps? No one invaded any of them, right?

Because being trained to hate Russians still defines us, it seems, thanks to losers in charge with a sweet-spot for hordes of extremists and Nazi off-shoots, what's constituted the Russians' actual concern, the Donbass, where they've focused their efforts, all without eyeing Poland and Lithuania, as activities in the Donbass never had anything to do with the superbly-moronic "expansionist invasion" obsession that says more about the head-up-one's-arse idiocy many Westerners and their shitty leaders seem to embrace, and it tells us very little about Putin's intent.

Those folks that lived over seven years of hell, fuck them, because, Putin??? I'm constantly amazed at how little they figure in the minds of all those calling for Putin's blood. Humanitarian groups even pleaded to send help to the Donbass and for Kyiv to turn the electricy and water back on, though some people are only worth their skin if willingly sacrificing themselves as a blessing for Zeeskyy's sacrificial brand of politics.

Stop being such morons.

Are you all really that easy to brainwash; just a few lies and y'all willingly surrender your critical thinking skills. Yeah, no xenophobia there, especially not in the form of Russophobia.

I'm sorry. I can't be as stupid as you all have, apparently, decided to be. I just can't. And the prejudices you're all  feeding off of... well, sorry, there, too; I don't let externally-induced biases and bigotries control my brain. You should try it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Putin is a dictator... totally totalitarian, I hear ya. And he kills opposing politicians... Afghanistan, Giorgia, Chechnya... flaunting his massive nuclear missiles, threatening the world with his nuclear big bombs... Crimea... eating baby marmalade on Kamianske-fried Ukrainian skin, of course, and dancing with Lucifer while raping bus-loads of nubile women, Valedictorians all, don't forget that part. And don't forget, not only does the entire country, its neighbour, their neighbours, and the West despise Putin, while, since Chernobyl, babies are now born with an anti-Putin gene, hence the decree demanding that parents remove it with a rocket launcher before their kids can attend any of the schools, where they're turned into Putin-Zombies and indoctrinated to hate the West.

Useful idiots, they say... I dunno. I can't see those being stuck in such idiocy as being any more useful than as a drooling lawn ornament, yet, proving it once again, the qualifications that make someone a great lawn ornament of the drooling variety must be the same as those that are targeted by most media outlets when hiring their hosts and reporters. Or is it inbreeding they seek? No, you're right; we'd spot physical deformities if inbreeding is what produced such challenged media folks, their utterly perplexing levels of moronicity identifying the raw and real useful idiots, IMO, these being in ballparks and playing-fields galaxies away from the innumerably more useful one Tucker Carlson is playing in, maybe?

If you fall within that group, deal with this: you're the reason why I've no problem wholeheartedly believing my last statement.

Plenty of Opposing ContradictionsDagur - Boris Nadezhdin

I won't get into the details of Boris Nedezhdin's case nor comment on it, but I include the following, clipped (translation) from a Finnish news outlet, as it contradicts the oft repeated claims about a complete lack of liberties and freedom of speech in Russia, all under the direct thumb of Putin. 

That Nedezhdin's candidature is currently contested is so for valid reasons, or not, but compared to the Biden Bunch and what they're doing to Trump, what Pakistan is doing to Khan, and so many more such cases, those in Russia are always pure evil yet always the most vague.

Further, I get a lot of my info from independent Russian outlets and institutions, among many others, so...

Propaganda. Western BS.

Clued in yet?

My two-cents: Personally, if Nedezhdin were smart, this is the one election he'd bow out of; I seriously doubt he's experienced enough and ready for what may come. Love Russia? Let Putin win, is my opinion. And I say this because I know the West.

•       •       •

Here's something I've long wondered but mentioned just once, long before 24-Feb-2022: Given Biden's age and mental state, I really gotta wonder whether he's playing a sacrificial role, which is what made him the best 'candidate'.

The Dems are willing to do "whatever it takes," that part is clear. Hate Trump all you want and accuse him of all you want, too, it doesn't change the fact that the Dems did nothing but act in a shameful and unconstitutional manner the whole time he was in office, and the whole of the liberal media—whatever the size—not only went along with it, they acted even more nuts. It obscured much that all Americans should be inquisitive of and express some degree of concern over, but there's lots that's highly-questionable, at best, and highly-illegal, in general. But Biden ploughs through while everyone around him plays interference, and, this part I've said a few times: it's clear he's following a plan, which would explain the stubbornness, the over-abundance of coincidences, the convoluted explanations for gross oversimplifications, and the reactions that don't match what's identified as their reasons.

Most people don't pay close enough attention to notice shifts in tessellation and new forms giving new patterns; they've a life, lucky them.

What I'm getting at is: The global-minded neolibs knew they'd need to take risks, not only by breaking international laws, but through actions that could reveal much, and could, potentially, land whoever was leading the Bunch in jail.

And who would charge a caring but dotty old man?

That was the exact reason given to drop the classified document charges against Biden, no?

Could that explain the sudden increase in lowered cognitive functions that's been noticed from Trump?

•       •       •

A BBC Select documentary called Putin vs. the West was posted on YouTube on 5-Feb-2024, amidst the buzz of a rumoured Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The description offers:

Throughout the two decades that Vladimir Putin has controlled Russia, global leaders have tried various tactics to keep him in line. Now, as war rages in Ukraine and the world faces one of its greatest tests to peace since the Cold War, this documentary attempts to identify where these leaders went wrong and tries to understand how we have reached this point of no return with Putin.

"Attempts to identify"? Really? Yeah... right. "You people have a mental disease" was the comment I left.

Also, love the use of "control", but the best bit of manipulation is the "tsarist" that appears at the end, when Putin opens the bridge; that level of propaganda, that's when you know that MI-6 was probably involved.

Further, that summary tells me that, perhaps, we should all work harder to keep our own psychopaths in check and not so free, preventing them from running around and falsely labelling as monsters foreign leaders whose actual lists of evil deeds are quite shameful for any Axis revolving around "Evil". If that's their "pro-level" stuff, maybe it's us who's labelling "non-Evil" and "amateur" wrong? 

So, out of their "attempts to identify where" EU leaders went wrong, their verdict is: The leading EU stains fancy themselves too kind and accommodating for the Putins of the world, i.e., the whole thing, they admit, is their fault given the fact that they allowed a Putin to roam the earth after 2013. I'm spicing their conclusion slightly, but, I swear to you, that was the gist.

Everything these assholes did they see as justified; the trouble, simply: they weren't sufficiently aggressive and violent, albeit the fact that none of these leaders have attempted to apply genuine diplomacy and to seek a veritable path to peace. All the blah-blah they blah-blah about. Pure blah-blah. Diplomacy, bye-bye.

All did their best to assure this conflict. And they've inadvertently offered plenty to reveal just how deep their 'ugly' goes.

Also, while I think of it, here's a reminder; perhaps an eye opener: I've seen way, way more atrocities being committed by the IDF than anything that's been indisputably pinned on the Palestinians. By the same token, I've seen more videos and posts that contained atrocities committed by the Kyiv regime's extremist groups and Banderites than by Russians. We're told a lot of things by Kyiv and the leading Western idiots, but notice how they never have clear proof. Instead, there's always some new evidence no one can have a look at, as well as new areas that are suddenly barred from citizens, for our protection... Nothing but a load of crock!

In the end: blah-blah propaganda. The whole thing. And it keenly reminds me of what it is that I've come to despise about the West.

Read carefully, please. I said "about"; make sure you've included it while reading that. I don't hate the West; I hate the puss that's now eating away at the core of all that's good about the West as it defecates on those reacting to the dictatorial aggressions they deliver but assign to Putin, or Khamenei, or Xi... doing so under the guise of freedom and free markets. The spilled Bloodshed. 

Only truly despicable individuals could ever manage to connect the two.

Guess which nationalities they're from.


•       •       •

The BBC documentary is 59 minutes of spins and Putin hate, re-spun, the whole no more than a carefully-constructed Euro-ego-stroking montage and a jail-dodging con that tried to present itself as being objective whilst making it clear that all involved are too braindead to understand that word, "objective", hence, the US-linked, pro-genocidist propagandists sought to paint arrogance as non-mentally-deficient European Union leaders and brave souls who are always on their guard, acting—aside from securing their economic prosperity, and Europe's, too—with no other purpose than to bolster Democracy in all they touch with their velvet freedom as they fight to protect Western sovereignty, standing strong to preserve your liberties—but only those that fall within anything that doesn't suggest a hint of pro-Russian sentiments (subject to change at any moment)—especially to shield you from the crazed-tsarist obsession of a megalomaniac named Vladimir Putin.

Because: He's an evil man; all those we've learned to hate and to not trust, they said so.

Featured in the doc are some veritably horrid people, namely, Catherine Ashton, the EU High Commissioner, and José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, along with former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski (who cheered the US for the Nord Stream explosion on X), as well as former French President François Hollande, along with a quick appearance by ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among with a few others.

Putin also makes a showing, but through an edited bit from an older interview, what he says having been carefully cut to say what the West wanted to hear whilst leaving a vague impression of an impartiality that wasn't there. 

Truly shameful and unprofessional. Unless one is a propagandist sleaze with rotted values who takes pride in producing drivell that makes murderous billionaires seem down to earth and humanitarian?

Otherwise, those who are key to the Maidan events and the ensuing clashes, possessing important info that can seal the valid course of events while negating false, competing opinions, well, oddly, they're never interviewed in that BBC doc albeit the fact that plenty of older stock footage of them is included, or that the pro-genocidist BBC didn't hesitate to put plenty of words and conclusions into their mouths, passing them off as if citations.

Providing the quintessential example of this is the case of former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanokovich, having been ousted to eventually be replaced by Petro Poroshenko, who also figured prominently; oddly Poroshenko seems to have been (and continues to be) just as corrupt as Viktor Yanokovich when in office, if not more so, yet, Yanokovich's corruption is invariably given as additional reason that validated ousting the very person who had been democratically elected. Fairly. Poroshenko's corruption, on the other hand, is entirely disregarded; never broached. Even after the Kyiv regime had him arrested. For fraud.

The other thing about Yanokovich: he genuinely had the good of the country at heart, is what I conclude. Thinking otherwise implies that one isn't aware of the details that surround the IMF, their pressure tactics and threats, and how going with them meant that the country would lose nearly all of its assets if he chooses the West's plan rather than the neutral one proposed by Moscow, while citizens would see their cost of living rise drastically.

Within a week of ousting Yanokovich, US elements were in there and begun privatizing all parts of the country. Ukrainian citizens will know: their gas prices skyrocketed not long after, leaving many unable to afford their monthly utilities bill.   Privatize Ukraine site

Here's the site: https://privatization.gov.ua/en/

Far too many important contradictions in the doc, but, as usual, unreasonable and destructive is what's to be expected whenever "values" and the "West" combine in any relevant way. And it's this kind of thing that identifies the West as the real problem and non-team player, not Russia. Consequently, it's actually the West that's shifting from Major A-Hole to a pariah state. Not Russia. And it's Europe that's suffering the most from SAnctions, not Russia.

Also, to all those bullying, lying, immoral scum pretending to be leaders—of the Western variety, to boot, just to make matters that much more embarrassing to decent folks—perhaps you should take a few minutes to review matters, honesty, in order to appreciate just how phony, incompetent, irresponsible, non-representational, intolerant, braindead, petty, bitter, savage, uneducated, uncivilized, and despicably white supremacist you all come across as. For shame!

The only acceptable course is to see all of you step down, NOW!

But why think?! Hate Putin. Now! Hate, hate, hate! Do it for yourself if not for the Western psychopaths who actually think they deserve any power whatsoever for, simply, being the worst, most destructive and inhumane bunch of supremely arrogant navalists and pro-genocidists the world has ever seen? And here they are, leading the idiot's charge! So, hate, hate! Gobble up the lies. Vomit, shit, spew hate, start again. Criminal genocidist Hillary Clinton will love you for it, just don't expect her to offer a "thank you" unless you're a billionaire dangling a dollar in front of her nose.

•       •       •

The "Rules-Based Order"! What a load of crock. That's just neo-Imperialist talk for a "self-granted free pass" so the US and those on its good side can do whatever they want, still fancying themselves superior and deserving of special levers. Yet, the biggest pirates on sea and land, that'd be the US, period, for the self-given right to freely dispense sanctions also comes with the right, apparently, to seize whatever they want from whomever doesn't comply with their loose "rules".

And they wonder why a growing portion of the world, feeling somewhat emboldened following events in Ukraine, now want to choose their own course, more and more nations finding the courage to say: Take your Rules-Based Order and go sanction yourself to hell!

The Rules-Based Idiocy. Could there be better justification for why the UN deserves to be blown apart. And rebuilt.

No need to send the army; the first was meant in the metaphorical sense. It can't be tweaked and helped with a Band-Aid or two is what I meant. Core structures have to be rethunk so no member can apply anything remotely close to the pressure and control that's turned the UN into a tool for the US.

The UN is now a mostly useless tool for the world, but the concept is one that's indispensable, the potential for it to be beneficial to all, across the globe, fairly and uniformly must be applied.

And the Security Council... Honestly, only a three-legged centipede could have come up with something even more dysfunctional, methinks. Though we know the US disagrees. Grunt, grunt, power, power; shoot that load!

But the US will never let that happen, will they? Reformulating the SC, I mean, thus, proving, once again, that all that flowery "join our club" talk leads to dandelions and crabgrass, where people with big guns are waiting, itching to take you out.

No. Not to the movies.

Nonetheless, as some comments made abundantly clear, the hate that the West spent much energy on cultivating is still paying off, idiocy being hard to shed, after all, given that some brain power is needed to rid oneself of it. A vicious circle. Like requiring a coffee to go make a pot of coffee.

And all of this raises nothing but questions about those who play a role in producing such crap—as in, well-crafted propaganda—and about the process that's employed if producing such heaps of crap is what anyone involved in the production would qualify as an honest and fair documentary.

Western media serves up levels of propaganda that the Russians and Chinese would absolutely love to be able to compete with but can't. Because all it takes is someone saying "Russian propaganda" for you to dismiss a whole culture and all the relevant info, it makes one stupid, it doesn't convert all that's valid into propaganda.

Maybe, possibly, do you think there's a reason why Westerners are those who possess the least amount of trust in their state and mainstream news outlets. Destiny seems to mostly believe in them unconditionally, and... well, his brain only seemed to work if promoting the massacre of Palestinians, so...

•       •       •

Imagine that, being willing to dupe your nation, playing a clear hand in events resulting in a high number of deaths, and passing the buck, refusing to press for a ceasefire, and selling that as a reasonable course meant to represent our interests. There's something severely wrong with our ruling elites.

Despite the production value, the whole thing had an air of having been thrown together rather quickly, this impression being strongly communicated by Petro Poroshenko, looking like he'd been thrown into an unfitted blazer to hide his beer gut and sloppy T-shirt and give him some air of respectability amid that bunker-esque setting. Something about his performance told me he wasn't all that happy to be doing this, but I can't confirm my hunch.

That less-than-happy feeling is one I also got off of François Hollande as well as Angela Merkel.

Know what's identical between these three? All three had divulged on air that the Minsk agreements were never intended to be respected by Ukraine and the West; they'd played Putin to buy themselves more time.

In that BBC doc, all three made it a point to emphasize the version that was later pushed by the West by grabbing onto and widening the slight ambiguity that hate-lovers spotted in one initial account of events of three.

Nothing there to be proud of, especially by greedy, corrupt, Western A-Holes who see themselves as any type of force for good.

That Mother Tucker, Putin' On Putin, Like That

“Tucker aligned himself with the enemy,” said Politico.

Media meltdown. It's not as if they had plenty of "professionalism" to spare; there's a deficit of that in the field of media, I'm sure.

But, nonetheless, these morons will manage to act surprised when told that people trust them even less today than they did last week.

The most clueless of all? Johnson embarrassed himself this way, with even more embarrassing from him below:

Boris in Doris Panic

Really? LOL. Guess what the Useless Bitch said!

Hillary Clinton went on the offensive, assumed she looked smart, but came across like a demented escapee of some asylum. Truly awful person she is. Want to slay evil? Take care of her before looking overseas.Crazy stoopid peephole

It's clear that she still hasn't figured out why she's mostly detested around the globe, sadly, hence why she thought that putting on such a pathetic display would be, in some way, taken as a positive? 

And Erin Burnett... I hear that "Back in Black" gets her all 'hot an bothered' now?

The Interview

I've not much to say; not much there I didn't already know, though a comment Putin made regarding Boris Yeltsin may mean that I bought into some of the spin that was a smear.

I would have loved to be in Carlson's place, frankly, and I find it tremendously sad that so many have been blinded to the reality, for what he's achieved, having lifted Russia as he did, I see a great man maligned by petty turds whose greatness is all in their heads, none in their actions.

That said: I can understand why Putin refused the rest, especially a snob like Christiane Amanpour. 

There's pushback, and there's being an idiot that's all ego with an agenda, no morals, and barely any brains, but plenty of willingness to make 3,200 edits in a 20-second so it fits one's politics, and even more gall to call that journalism.

"Carlson's not a journalist," cried many who offer far worse, for they think they are and, so, killed the profession by thinking so.

Killed the profession. That's only really true in terms of the outlets these bozos occupy. Ask Carlson, he knows.

Otherwise, he was underprepared, that's my only real criticism. But he pulled it off nonetheless. A truly important moment. For there's only one reason why Western leaders would go apeshit like they did: the truth isn't to their advantage, and lacking that kind of confidence in one's version suggests that whatever Putin has to offer stands up to scrutiny far more than what they offer, providing that one isn't brainwashed into Russophobic delirium like so many appear to have been.

Well done, Tucker.

On that Boris "The Scum" Johnson Bit... Johnson's the Liar, Yet Again, for that's Why He was Booted Out of Office: Lying

All that crop of A-Holes pretending to be leaders but proving themselves to be utterly despicable and incompetent buffoons, they really are that stupid and detached from reality, it seems, making matters worse with each attempt to correct or cover their baffling ineptitude, single-minded stupidity and deranged obsessions they top off with disturbing delusions betraying that it's really a complete lack of humanity that's making the gears in their head turn and churn, leading to today's shit times.

Were I Boris Johnson, I'd shut the fuck up considering all that he's responsible for but too much of an entitled monster and A-Hole to realise it, hence why he still flaps his rectum in hopes of deflecting what he and the other Nazy-courting, pro-genocidist supremacy-addicts need to be held accountable for.

Enough is enough. There's no jail that can possibly be too nasty for what they deserve.

•       •       •

Definitely not a "great" one, but below is the title of a piece that firmly established what had already been firmly established many moon prior, just not from a source that couldn't be accused of being pro-Russian/anti-Ukraine, or whatever label justifies "real stupid, and proud of it!"

Boris the Big Liar

On 24-Nov-2023, after a Ukrainian parliamentary figure confirmed what had been known since late March 2022 by all those that many partook in vilifying and branding as traitors, that's when some finally woke up, though, ideology being what it is, others dug into their hate-fueled bigotry and doubled-down on the lies. Which are all that's coming out of the West as concerns this conflict, and more.

And it's because I love the West that these people fill me with such deep anger, not because I despise all that I'm a product of.

Anyone who has the capacity to lie like Johnson has should never have been elected in the first place, period. He's scum devoid of leadership, spirit and elements; zero leader there, just a lying sack of shit trying to manipulate the world into a war. Him and the handful of crazies running the EU, and their Western buddies, Viktor Òrban actually being immeasurably more reasonable and people-leaning than the lot put together, it turns out. Which is why the EU mafia blackmailed him, though he's not the first, Italy having a few threats thrown their way, though they, also, weren't the first...

Sad part is: what becomes abundantly clear to anyone willing to get to the hard, supported facts, circumventing Western idiots and their spineless, ass-kissing toilet they call media, is that Ukraine affirming that it would not seek to be a member of the 'club' it'll never be a member of anyhow—unless it's just to force matters to irritate a greater conflict still—all of this could have been avoided or put to an end long ago.

The empty refutations of Western leaders signify just one thing: THEY DON'T WANT PEACE. The reasons they give, think them through. Pure BS when taken as reasons to continue their criminal course.

They've been wanting this war for some time. There's no reasoning with them on this matter. Not when the solution is so simple yet a false reality is what they still push to justify avoiding the simple solution they say they want. Zero reason. 

Prior to 24-Feb-2022, I shared the same feelings as most brainwashed Westerner regarding Putin even though I'd seen the conflict for the clear proxy war it is before the SMO had even been launched.

And because I genuinely tried to understand the full scope of events is why I now possess infinitely more respect for Putin than for any of the current collective West leaders, which I wouldn't hesitate to toss in jail for a few years.

If you go through a few accounts of those peace talks, it's clear that the main Western players were aware, didn't support any peace attempt, and did nothing but lie to us and the rest of the world, initially denying the whole and demonizing citizens, then admitting to it but brushing it off as something else. 

They're the real scum. Not Putin. Not Xi Jinping. Not the Iranians. Nor Imran Khan, or...

Boris the Big Liar

Boris the Big Liar

Source: We Had to Buy Time | Meduza

Here's another telling us that the pro-genocidist, Russophobic, closeted-Zeeskyyist and ousted—for he's unwanted—leader-ish boob, Boris "Toilet Mop" Johnson, is more than bad hair, for he's also a big ol' liar and a bigger bullshitter, but also the King of Fibber. So, snort or sniff, snub or snuff, whether for a COVID measure or to satisfy that burning Putin desire, what's a few lies if a Russian dies and one has no clue where "honesty" lies, and, anyway, "massacre" or "murder", as long as it lights Zeeskyy's fire as, this time, the condom and cream can't, to a rash or irritation, lead.

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson played a key role in derailing a peace deal between Moscow and Kiev, telling Ukraine to "just continue fighting," top Ukrainian MP David Arakhamia has said. Arakhamia, the head of President Vladimir Zelensky's parliamentary faction, was the chief negotiator at the botched peace talks in Istanbul, held early into the ongoing conflict.

The MP made the bombshell revelation on Friday in an interview with the Ukrainian 1+1 TV channel. "Russia's goal was to put pressure on us so that we would take neutrality. This was the main thing for them," he said. "And that we would give an obligation that we would not join NATO. This was the main thing."

However, Kiev did not actually trust Moscow to keep its word and did not want to reach such a deal without third-party "security guarantees," Arakhamia claimed, while revealing the lead role in derailing the agreement was played by Johnson.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

Oh, and by the way, he did it twice:

Boris did it twice

In the end, no matter the situation or what's at stake or what can be gained, the Kremlin has constantly made an effort to shift things away from the battlefield in order to reach a mutually-agreeable plan that offers security comforts to both nations, and every single time, what we get is a sour-faced Zeeskyy repeating the same idiocy, every time, wanting the world's money and weapons for his lies, each time, always closing off with vitriolic, shit-filled begging—just a few billions; to save the world—adding some guilting as needed, but instantly switching to insulting any leader if not satisfied, this, capped off with a mix of pettiness, entitlement, and big and bigger BS with a Zeeskyy cherry on top.

In short: Nothing a line or two of presiding powder can't fix, a good snort a sure way to regain one's Presidential snarl and politically-flared nostrils, readying one's missile, up, and armed, cocked. For Putin.

"Oh! Euh...um... oh-ho. Sorry," says Zeeskyy. "I just need to go change; be right back."

Not the Effect Boris the Doris Wanted?

Boris the Doris

Yes, Decolonization. Because You're Ignorant and Bigoted Doesn't Mean Putin's Lying; It Means You're Acting like a Brainwashed Idiot

Putin's mention of the West seeking to "dismantle Russia" is always scoffed at, this then spun into some bit of puerile stupidity by grossly ignorant individuals who appear to be clueless about much of their history and their leaders' capacity for corruption, and to embrace—and double-down on—cruel, criminal acts that the world is meant to overlook while the supremacists accuse some other of being "Evil"  for less destructive acts, these almost always provoked by the Western idiots who then point a finger at whomever they wanted to snuff out and off of this earth.

Pure scum-snots.

There's policy papers and geopolitical doctrines on the very subject that go back to the early 90s, with some mentions made in the 80s. However, since then, and after 2014 specifically, this plan had been pushed to the surface, passed off as "intellectual forums" and papers examining what's deemed by Westerners as a necessary act to slay Moscow's endless aggressions if we're ever to enjoy peace on earth.

That. Coming from war-addicts. Indeed, laughable. Deserving of stiff sanctions, too, methinks.

Funniest of all is how those pushing the "decolonize indigenous people of the land" bit are those who give the least attention to reparation efforts involving the indigenous people that they've displaced through actual colonization at scale that's immensely larger than anything needing to be remedied in Russia. Zero sense there, as usual. 

The links to the White House are there, a tad less visible with some groups, but, nonetheless, there's no need to go digging for that earlier proof I mention now that they're promoting the damn thing as a way to insert it into the collective sphere, rendering it acceptable, even desirable in the minds of many, for if one wants to get to the truth, this one is easily shown not to be a lie. And if one is keenly aware of what happened to Yugoslavia, one understands that the West is trying to reproduce that same plan, again. 


Decolonizing Putin's Empire

The Atlantic - Decolonizing Russia

[T]hat brings us to the subject of today’s discussion, the issue of decolonizing Russia. Russia’s barbaric war in Ukraine has exposed the Russian Federation’s viciously imperial character, something that has been apparent to an acute observer for some time, but now it’s apparent to the entire world. Let me make it clear: Ukraine is not the first. And, if left unchecked, it won’t be the last instance of this. The Russians for decades now have waged wars on people Chechnya, Syria, Georgia. This aggression also is catalyzing a long overdue conversation about Russia’s interior empire, giving Moscow dominion over many indigenous non-Russian nations.

I want to make it clear: These conversations are not new. … But it is after the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine that serious discussions are now underway about reckoning with Russia’s imperialism and the need to colonize Russia for it to become a viable stakeholder in European security and stability.

Source: https://www.csce.gov/briefings/decolonizing-russia-a-moral-and-strategic-imperative/

There's even a group with ties to US funding that does nothing but try to instigate a hatred of Moscow, hopefully start up riots, etc. etc., now a tired formula.

Decolonizing Putin's Empire

Western Disinfo on Disinfo

With a constant stream of disinfo and misleading or lying headlines being pumped out of the West, such as below, the truly arrogant and indoctrinated are convinced they're calling for the blood of a monster, yet none of them have been, or are, able to ascertain any of the claims that led them to believe as much, not one of them able to produce solid proof that stands up to scrutiny, offering more than the Western-generated allegations and speculations that say he's a monster, whilst no one in the West would would see any validity in the same spin if out of Russia, or China, or Timbuktu.

Knews - Propaganda

Knews - Propaganda

What follows, under an unrelated picture of a long-range bomber performing in-air refueling, the author writes:

"More precisely, the Russian military planes were detected in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), but they did not enter the U.S. or Canadian sovereign airspace."

Four paragraphs in, the article gives Reuters as the source; here's the title used by the wire service: "Two Russian strategic bombers flew near Alaska"

This is hardly news; Russia confirmed its planned activity and NORAD released a statement after some had labeled the act a "transgression", stating: "This Russian activity in the Alaska ADIZ occurs regularly and is not seen as a threat."

The Knews piece does mention the last, but it's not the impression that's passed off unless one reads the article... And since "hating" and "sharing" combine best if one sticks to headlines only.

Leaders and news outlets are a real problem, but we all play a part, too.

However, if we wish to have a fighting chance, I wouldn't hesitate to impose a global travel ban on Victoria Nuland  and family, along with others.

Meddling in other governments and elections, in truly evil ways, Washington tops all on that, providing another reason why the world has hit its limit on preachy A-Holes who do whatever they want.

Satan's Bitch


Carlson provided the best analogy to contextualize that anger I've expressed; it seems real evident and that all would think of it, but I only thought so after clueing in to where he was going with it, though I'll opt with the wider "parent" as the paternalism that framed his analogy is fitting but not necessary; essentially, paraphrasing:

You're a parent coming home from work to two fighting kids. Without thinking, what's the first thing you do? Anything other than breaking up the fight makes one a crappy parent.

Disregarding previous campaigns involving the US, looking at just Ukraine and Gaza equates to: the US is the world's shittiest parents; you lose your single-parent parenting privileges.

Non-negotiable. Most egregious failure of global leadership in history, but I'm willing to concede that "global" only applies to, roughly, the last two centuries.




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