On TYT And Why I've Stopped Caring About A Movement

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When Libs and their Egos Play Progressives...

Among other things over which I've become deeply blasé as of late, these failing to invigorate me, not managing to stir any sense of motivation, leaving me bereft of my usual desire to keep up or interact with such, having very little to gain besides frustrations even though these rarely impose heavy loses—except ones related to time—now sits much of news media.

There's a certain degree of 'midlife crisis' in that generalized blah sentiment, I'm sure, as well as a mix of other internalized causes and reactions I now externalize as a blend of ennui and targeted tedium, but, more importantly, there's a lot of disillusionment.

I'll discuss more media aspects of this within the context of events in Gaza, as well as other conflicts and geopolitical matters in another post, while, in this one, I'll discuss that disillusionment, focusing on TYT's Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian to do so, and, as with previous mentions, doing so as it makes little sense to discuss some obscure, unknown outlet when a well-known one that serves up the loudest and clearest example that anyone could ever hope for is serving up a too-good-to-pass one in all sorts of ways as of late.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the progressive media outlet The Young Turks is the one I've devoted the most words to throughout DMS&UY (I'll dedicate some time to getting those posts back up soon), but please note that the focus has always been on leftists and the Progressive movement, and not on attacking TYT even if junior-high levels of attacks are what has many calling themselves an info source.

On DMS&UY, extremely rare are those who DESTROYED, SLAMMED, SCREWED, BLASTED, or ENDED anyone, ditto for those who've been inflicted those or any of the other standard media-appropriate action words, which may seem odd given the high number of outlets for which such things are a part of their daily grind, with political figures or crazy leftists sometimes getting DESTROYED twice a day in between repeated MELTDOWNS.

I must be doing opining wrong, or something.

As such, best I specify that the criticisms I offer may be aimed at precise outlets, but rarely are they not addressing broadly-relevant issues, hence, what this post attacks may be aimed at TYT but it's expressed for all media folks who shouldn't limit their interpretations of what's targeted as issues and topics that apply to the TYT pair only. Such a limited and tribalistic construal certainly isn't what I have in mind as the take-away. Therefore, as in previous critiques of the movement that I've offered that revolved around TYT or it's hosts, my focus is on "mindset", not "brand".

•       •       •

Cenk Uygur, officially putting his presidential campaign on pause and appearing on Bad Faith for yet another revealing chat with its host, Briahna Joy Gray, that sealed matters for me as far as what can be expected of TYT and that whole progressive arm, which extends to other leftists and left-leaners, liberals, and libertarians, and, therefore, to all shades of conservatives, too, excluding all those who never think of themselves as being included in that set whenever a politician utters "the people" unless religion and evolution is the topic.

That face; Gray was reacting to an insulting remark made by Uygur when they last had a one-on-one to discuss "Force the Vote" and movement unification roughly two years or so ago, having created that for that post (not back up yet). Compared to the usual, cheery expression and the friendly vibe she gives off, that face says it all, and then some. Truly hilarious; it still cracks me up.

BJG - Out of the Blue

This time, too, the tête-à-tête between Genial Gentleperson and Grumpy Growler triggered a wave of titles showcasing orthodox media VERBINGS, most of these merely delivering the tribal junk that's often flung between non-rightists as they accuse each other of being rightwingers, usually of the Fascist or Nazi variety, which some call MAGA, they themselves referring to non-MAGA Bidenites as Gender Commies or union-loving trans Nazis, while these, once identified as BLMs or Antifa if with hoodie, back when Proud Boy's and Fox News viewers weren't yet added to the Klaus-controlled Global Terrorist To-Be-Cancelled List, now creep around in shadows of Western societies under the radical-left, Commie-backed Woke label that's filled with racism-indoctrinating, border-deficient, pro-crime people looking to convert everyone into a woman in order to replace the anti-abortion, non-birthing, penis-possessing purple-haired, pro-piercings, friends to migrants people who just want a handout, and, mind you, want it without providing a valid ID along with proof of at least six anti-COVID jabs while simultaneously refusing to sign an open condemnation of Hamas that also declares 7-Oct-2023 as Satan's birthday and the absolute worst day ever, ever in all history. Ever.

Indeed, I also have difficulty keeping up at times, more so when so-and-so was ENDED by such-and-such albeit some other telling us that such-and-such was ENDED by so-and-so. DESTRUCTION ensued. I think. Maybe. Wish I'd taken an advanced journalism class... sigh.

However, I did come across one conclusion that had been offered in reaction to that discussion—with consideration given to Uygur "dropping out"—that did hit home and reminded me of the host's tremendous value to the political segment for which she's a continually-expanding voice.

What made what was delivered truly meaningful wasn't the result of arriving at a profundity that she led viewers to, but for the manner in which she arrived at and delivered a simple deduction that most already know yet few acknowledge, and fewer still discuss on their platforms in any serious manner, the last feeding that sense of disillusionment, having arrived at but not yet recognized what I was still in the process of accepting.

That message, offered by Sabby Sabs, was, simply, that media should stay out of activism except to help spread the message of on-the-ground, grassroots people, whom activism should be left in the hands of.

It may seem trivial and as meaningful as saying that licensed plumbers should not electrocute licensed electricians who plumb without a plumber's license (except if paragraphs 5, 33, and 74, under point 7.a.iii of article 47, sub-section F, are satisfied). But it isn't.

Trivial and meaningless, I mean. Not paragraphs or points, for Rules & Regulations are always significant and created by God to be followed, and that's why He spread his arms and proclaimed "YUSAH" as He created a Rules-Based civilisation on the 8th day of the week. 

A good part of the problem relates to a shift that's transformed news media into hyper-tribal op-eds, reducing political discourse to trash-talk under a firm but loosely-defined and highly-juvenile tit-for-tat philosophy.

•       •       •

I had hoped for better after that supposed turn in attitude and perspectives that put TYT's two main hosts at odds with a segment of their audience/supporters roughly a year ago, this 'metamorphosis' marked by Kasparian's "I'm not a vagina and don't call me 'birthing person" incident that nearly broke Youtube due to an overload of "MELTDOWN" containing titles that referred either to Kasparian and Uygur or to all "crazy, radical Woke leftists" depending on who it was that was publishing their take, be it via video, articles, blog, or social media posts.

I'd commented on that marked change (also to be back up soon), seeing a positive in Kasparian's outburst and the ensuing online drama that provided a surprising level of venom spewed at Kasparian, Uygur, and TYT as a whole, as this had provided an opportunity to lay bare and discuss the 'looniness'—the technical rightwing term—under which a segment of that so-called left operates, these being the dominant voices on the Internet that most readily identify, abstractly or directly, as the entire left and all progressive-looking people, thus, the categorical views they apply toward any attitudes or behaviour that doesn't align with their own they label as "the right" and treat with vehemence, digging both sides in a deeper tribalism while also having forced the divide that now splits leftists, wedging needless differences among those that had found common ground and cause under Bernie Sanders.    

•       •       •

One of my earliest complaints about TYT concerns their deeply tribalistic nature, a facet seemingly motivated by what drives their shameless self-promotion and constant requests for donations they link to any supposed activism they purport to be doing, while their approach and structure is entirely rightwing and corporate-minded in spite of any and all of those causes and 'battles' they attach to their monetary needs and perpetual collection drives.

Uygur's financial worth is estimated to be above $10 million.

And don't get me wrong: I only bring up money if I believe it to be relevant. For what Uygur preaches and given the negative, divisive impact they've mostly played a hand in within the progressive and leftist space that seeks better conditions for working-class folks, his wealth does matter.

In December, the host of a serious news show had accused me of "hating millionaires", clearly misreading my position based on my personal situation. I've no problem with someone making money; I've a problem with people who make it their aim, anything they do being toward that aim. Corporations are legally compelled to see the world as a function of the latter, which also helps, in great part, to explain why pop music has sucked so badly for at least the last two decades.

I also see real issues in regard to wealth distribution, this period giving us the wildest levels of disparity ever recorded in all of history, per a report I heard but didn't confirm, though, how accurate that is doesn't alter the reality that's become harshly clear.Bigoted TYT and homophobic MAGA

But, back to TYT, whose self-praises can easily be discounted with a fuller view, hypocrisy being inseparable from the tribal warfare that still dominates their landscape albeit weak attempts to camouflage the 'same-old' with less bigoted titles, as seen, although a clear effort to link MAGA to an undesirable behaviour. “MAGA domestic terrorists” is one they used for the 6-Jan people.

And because they believe something is so, that doesn't actually make it so and offer justification for their absolute positions based on pure suppositions and bigotry. Statements like "all rightwingers are racists and crooks," pushing such views as if established fact warranting that any Republican supporter be treated like a deplorable, are absolutely no better if considered within a context aimed at a veritable resolve to the issues such comments are said to want to target.

Such statements, and way worse, can be attributed to TYT, Uygur owning the majority of them. Uygur has greatly improved in this respect, but much leads one to wonder just how genuine an effort it is.

Bigoted TYT and Racist MAGA

As such, once I had soaked up enough of their fare and could confidently draw a conclusion on the channel, I've since identified TYT as the embodiment of the flip side of the same 'behavioural' problem for which they continually attack the right, having played a key role in fleshing out a damaging stereotype and fuelled a hatred that solidified a bubble that now feeds on the type of stupidity that keeps members tribally loyal even if no one remembers what the unifying cause was.  

And they're beyond being full of crap on many things, but they can't see it precisely because they are NOT what they proclaim to be. However, it's never been clear to me whether their BS was deliberate, achieving their agenda taking precedence over the ethics and "truth-seeking" they claim to ooze like no other media outlet has ever done or could think of doing, or if they're victims of their own BS and bubble, not possessing the drive and analytical skills they sell, hence their eagerness to repeat grand claims made by the very media outlets they disparage, pointing to stats showing the low public trust in legacy media to then glorify "indie media" and claim themselves today's ideal and necessary replacement.

That shift, what Woke-prone progressives called TYT "going rightwing" while accusing Kasparian of spouting far-right talking points—proof of a detachment from reality that's the opposite but equal to that of those rightwingers seeing radical Commies everywhere—I had instantly seen it as a positive for, given TYT's impact within the space they occupy, I had hoped that it would help dissolve some of the baseless, tribally-held barriers, this, in turn, helping to unify the young and working-class folks, their momentum bringing together the broader masses, bourgeoisie or proletariat no longer relevant in the fight that united all, across the globe: Dignity. The battle won, freedom and equality are a side effect.

To reach such an end, more primitive barriers must first be destroyed, and a synthetic tribalism that keeps members focused on attacking those others so that any consideration of 'joining forces' is seen as some naive ideal held by fringe losers too weird to fit into either tribe is one of those issues that merits intense focus before "world peace" is on everyone's lips.  

•       •       •

Can't say how long ago this was introduced, but recent segments taken from the main daily show and offered as stand-alone videos all feature the same abrupt interruption before the halfway point, Cenk Uygur suddenly appearing on screen to tell viewers:     

“A lot of mainstream media don’t give you honest news. We do; you know why? Because of you. Paid membership on YouTube makes all the difference. Hit the “join” button below and you become the hero that sustains us.”

What?! That makes sense, why?

First off, their emphasis on "honest" has long been a problem with me given how much is pure ideological knee-jerked commentary that betrays zero honest research, it being devoid of any real objective value. Drawing clear conclusions on aspects that absolutely no one can know, doing so for clear political reasons while basing oneself purely on one's biases... you can only do that on the rare occasion to still call yourself "honest", per anyone's standards, losing that right entirely when every episode is marked by that kind of behaviour, this being one of the reasons why, as I stated, I keep up with the show but can't bear watching it daily, or fully, when I do watch it.

Daily Wire has paid memberships. Maybe that's why Uygur says "a lot of" rather than "all other"? But is TYT mainstream media? 

•       •       •

Ana Kasparian is tired of tribal takes that strip her of shading and bar her from getting to the truth; she claims to now want nuance and if her fans don't like it, too bad!

Yet... well... um... how to explain the many claims she makes along the lines of:

"There's no such thing as a leftist friend. They will backstab you; they will turn on you' it's a cult. Like, if you're not ideologically the same, in every regard; if you don't agree with them 100% of the time... and the left scores so, so low in the moral foundation of loyalty."  (Source: A Special Place in Hell)

Bit of a totally brainless comment to make if hoping to deal in nuance, methinks. But what do I know? I fail to use media action-words, so...

•       •       • 

A recent TYT segment meant to debunk the Hunter and Joe Biden affair titled "Former Trump Crony Says He Found NO Evidence Of Biden Corruption" exemplifies the major problem I have with a vast majority of outlets who peddle tribalisms over offering the news, these delving in absolutes and offering as fact versions that can't be proved.

The segment deals with the statement made by an ex-Giuliani associate who, during the Biden pre-impeachment hearings, claims to have "found precisely zero evidence of the Biden's corruption in Ukraine." 

The state assures us that the Russians and Chinese were behind it all. Of course. 

And the man's statement raises many questions, leaves me feeling that the language was carefully worked over to present a truth while legally avoiding telling the whole truth without possibly being accused of having lied. But, despite the title, his entire statement is glossed over as a given, the topic receiving around 2 mins in an 18-minute video, the topic quickly changing to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilling former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, offering nothing of value but theatrical re-wordings that sought to frame as invalid the clear answer that Bobulinski had provided to her question: Yes, he witnessed Joe Biden partake in criminal activities.

The clip provided suddenly cut there, with AOC simply playing the hard-ass lawyer-type by re-asking—and being mean about it—her question in a way that dumb people would instantly assume to be a refutation of the answer he's already provided, but had she really "destroyed" him, they wouldn't have cut the clip right before Bobulinski re-re-replied to the same question simply amped up with biased attitude.  

Also lending less credence to any weight one would think such an outlet would assign to that "former Trump crony" and his statement, the video's summary offers this description: "Even right-wing media is starting to be tired of the the House Oversight Committee's evidence-free impeachment investigation."

So, right after that AOC bit offered as yet more illogical proof that Trump bad, Biden old in order to satisfy tribally stupid people, viewers are then shown a series of clips wherein rightwing news hosts are questioning the wisdom behind continuing the investigation, though one senses that they're doing so only in relation to the upcoming elections, in fear of a negative impact on the GOP, and not due to what can be primarily qualified as rightwing media no longer seeing any validity behind the purported claims.

I don't want to go into this specific subject in any more depth in this post, but you'll never convince me that there aren't shady events and elements that tie back to the Dems. I've oft said that going after Hunter Biden may not be real fair given what he may just be on the periphery of, but he's the one that provided a key to something that seems to extend beyond him, and his father, implicating many EU members. I don't approach it as an anti-Trump/anti-Biden affair, but as a truth worth reaching that many absolutely don't want anyone to reach.

Behind it all, I suspect, are the neolib-driven, power-hungry elites that navigate within the same political circles and economic development clubs, selling the same "democracy" and "free market" salad as vague promises to justify the needed regional wars that can facilitate a Bank-based globalisation under ORBAH (Order of Rules-Based A-Holes). 

And it's hard to argue against Ukraine being an important element in that hegemonic fight.

Some are still pointing to Russian imperialism and Putin's expansionist goals as the reason behind what they stupidly label as his "full-scale invasion of Ukraine", claiming to believe as much because they listened to what Putin and the Russians are saying, having clearly listened only to the West's awfully twisted versions, perhaps having bought into the bogus bond between Putin and Aleksandr Dugin. I want to address some of these, but will do so in that aforementioned "other post".

Sadly, though, establishing a rare ability to disguise just how clueless or full of crap they are as they continually help the 'establishment', they recently took on a parental tone and told viewers that 'there once was a time when the US government partook in coups in other nations, but those days are long over; the US government doesn't do that kind of thing anymore.'

Really? I can think of four that saw direct US meddling in 2023 alone. Plus, a desired regime change in Russia as cause for events in Ukraine is a well documented affair that dates back to the 90s. Further, John Bolton admitted being party to such efforts under Trump, portions of which were continued from efforts made under Obama... that's not going too far back.

Taking such positions, always defending "America" through their instant willingness to attack whatever foe the Pentagon tells them to hate while always denying wrongdoings by Dems if it offers a plus to the GOP, thus never addressing corporation-driven neo-imperialist issues that are really at the heart of what's preventing real global change, this mindset eagerly keeping some portion of the world under perpetual tension when not in conflict, subjugating entire nations to satisfy a need for cheap resources and labour, and all that TYT does and says ends up being to the benefit of those who are behind the supremacist, colonial-minded perspectives, which renders any of the progressive goals put forth by TYT moot; pure marketing.  

•       •       • 

Enjoying the attention as she makes the rounds again for saying what sounded like rightwing talk, the general political discourse among independents regresses further; because Kasparian recently made some wild anti-left generalisation that upset many leftists given its vapid, insulting nature, while rightwingers instantly absorbed that as solid proof that they were right to see any non-Trumpian, pro-Bidenite as a "crazy radical leftist" that only insane people could possibly communicate with, the whole left having lost its mind...Insane Cult Meltdown, Says Insane Cult

As such, Uygur interjected as she ranted, hoping to add some moderate to Kasparian's sudden extremism by pointing out that the aspects of bail reform that explained why violent criminals had been released without bail don't reflect the policies that any sane leftist wanting bail reform had called for, and was therefore seen as the deluded, apologia-serving Commie leftist to Kasparian's clear-headedness. Gimme a break.

If you ask me, rightwingers blaming all leftists for any aspects of criminality that are now touted as conservative talking points couched within their one-sided law-and-order rhetoric are either playing their audience for political wins or being played themselves, either way, their attitude betrays the lack of consistency this makes apparent in terms of their beliefs in an "evil other" having infiltrated the US in a very Commie manner, seeking to destroy it from within, thus having made schools and transgenderism their prime focus. Of course.

If one looks at how little actual, concrete wins were had under any defund-related slogan by anything qualifying as leftwing and one examines where and what changes were instituted, suddenly and almost magically, un-asked-for policies appearing overnight on matters for which shedding blood could barely move things an inch... seems to me like whomever is behind those implementations focused on delivering an illusion of reform to create a manageable chaos of sorts, one that's sure to justify what those in power wanted all along: a highly-militarized police state.

There's no rhyme or reason behind the changes that were made, nor were there any public processes involved, so hearing a position like Tim Pool's, who automatically blames "the radical left" and goes on speaking about that vague segment meant to refer to any Dem voter as if all were braindead children, well, that can't be anything other than ideologically-tribalistic nonsense from someone willing to find validation in any morsel that comes their way.

While it may not be so for all these rightwingers who cling to such all-or-nothing, hyper-reductive views, I do know that Pool demonstrates far greater sense on most things, even unwillingly revealing this at times in his 'solo' segments through moments when his unpreparedness generates a spontaneous turn that adds a contradictory depth to the surface narrative being pushed, so, on this topic, why does he still refuse to inject the logical shades of grey that, surely, he knows are there?

And adopting and promoting such perspectives while accusing leftists of treating all rightwingers the same, or of automatically lumping certain behaviour under "rightwing", especially if doing so as one mentions that they're for bail reform, but with limitations, well, that kinda says that one is playing the political arse that's willing to put a tribe-serving and disingenuous shine on an issue.

•       •       •

In one appearance she made, when the two hosts had rightly pointed out to Kasparian that, though she denounced the behaviour and deplored its effect on media as a whole, TYT still serves up plenty segments in which they played the attack game, as was evident in their many media-action-word-titled videos available, Kasparian was quick to treat their version as something other that was both justifiable and easily explained by normal human behaviour toward a situation in which, anyhow, she played no responsibility.

It's a whole other group of people who create those titles, and she never has a say on that nor does she interact with them—people work off of erroneous impressions of how a media company works—and those people are simply doing their job, acting per whatever formula seems to work to generate views, as their performance is judged by the views their titles are able to generate. They know what needs to be done, and they're just doing their job as best as they can.

OK. She managed to brush off the titles despite her co-producer title, but what about the content? The two hosts, for some YT channel I didn't note nor do I feel like looking up, acted more like fanboys than interviewers, unfortunately, as her answer reveals a disturbing shallowness that's in contradiction to the depth and consideration she purports possessing in regard to journalism.  

That answer served up the huge problem that, in various forms and through a different focus, is what's expressed by all who were once-supporters and willing, not-compelled-by-hate viewers of TYT who've turned on them at some point, seeing them as nothing more than a commercially-minded entity whose sole goal is to shepard all shades of progressives under the Democratic Party label.

Uygur calling himself "anti-Establishment"?! Ha! Who's buying that?

•       •       •

In a segment titled, "TYT (YouTube) - MAGA Supporters Have Thoughts About Ana", after a comment on Kasparian that was little more than a catcall providing the attention she craves, a conservative interviewed at a rally by TYT's Michael Shure criticized Uygur for supporting the Dems that he hated because of Biden [insert generic anti-Biden complaints]. Uygur commented on what the man had said, telling viewers:   

“It’s a legit critique of Biden. And I betcha that if the guy watched the show for a while, he would begin to realize, ‘oh, no. These guys are anti-establishment, and, so, I misunderstood them, and we still might massively disagree on things, and we certainly would, right, but a lot of rightwingers and independents that watch us go: Ooooh. People have been lying about these folks. …[T]ons of people on the right assume that, oh, we just blindly support the Democratic Party. That means you’ve never watched a minute of The Young Turks, right?”

As such, that the (black) MAGA supporter accused Uygur of believing himself to be “superior” isn't valid, proclaimed Uygur.

I've watched more than a minute. And I've seen him interact with Briahna Joy Gray on two occasions, taking in his grimaces and hostile disposition, and I listened to his categorical replies and one-sided perspectives that sees change as a business opportunity that TYT must be at the heart of, Uygur applying the control if they're to be a part of any effort, and any pushback means you don't get it... so, yeah, though I'm not sure that "superior" is the right word, but there's definitely some ego-related problem there, though one that's different from the ego that drives Kasparian.

Ugur went on, telling viewers that the other media and establishment people tell them: “How dare you treat them like human beings and listen to what they’re saying and see if they make any sense at all. So, if you’re new to us and you… and now, you’re a Democrat and you’re starting to worry, wait, are they pro-MAGAs? No, guys. You can actually listen to people who are your political… who’s on the other side politically, and go, ‘hey, I wonder what makes them tick; I wonder what drives them? Why are they so angry?’”

One doesn't have to look too far back to see that a poor short-term memory can work wonders for ego-strokers.

Uygur continued, “The rest of the media and the Democratic Party says, ‘No, don’t do that. Just shut off your mind and call them all racists, etc.’”

But wait, a profound revelation was made by Uygur as this points to “another piece of irony” according to him, for the MAGA anti-racist, anti-Uygur man “called [Uygur] racist even though they hate the idea of calling other people racist, right, that are MAGA.”

This brings us to Uygur's supposed point: “So, [TYT is] not in favor of shutting off your mind.”

All of that was nothing more than a lame ass PR bit. Spending so much time on that, no wonder they're so helplessly ignorant on foreign affairs.

•       •       •

I hadn't dared to offer a pronouncement before now, having my doubts but no clear proof, their behaviour allowing for the possibility that their turn was an honest one motivated by a desire to bring a change within the space in order to unify a fighting chance. I no longer believe that.

Learning that Uygur was running as presidential hopeful under the Dem banner highlighted just how bad a problem is at work and operating under "ego". Not only does his logic make no sense, thinking that he was in any way acting to save the day is delusional while also offering an insight on that "superior" thing.

In that recent chat with Gray, talk of third-party candidates revealed that TYT had not yet given any air time to any of them, including Cornel West.

That TYT has refused to push an independent vote for this election, especially this particular one given all the variables that have come together to offer such an opportunity, that tells me he's a stupid political man lacking the necessary vision and/or that he's placing business wants above all else, be they imposed or hoped for.

To claim to be and to believe what the pair continually repeat being and believing in, their political acts make no fucking sense whatsoever. Incongruity, thy name is TYT. 

In my honest opinion, each, in their own way, but Kasparian most of all, are pulling a Dave Rubin

•       •       •

List of names meant to mean something to MEGA tribalists

Here's the proof that Uygur was right to run as Presidential candidate; these are the names of people who now say that Joe Biden has to go, Nate Silver having been omitted by error.

Offering a general review of his campaign after he had officially announced to viewers that it was on pause and he was no longer campaigning, his time and efforts devoted to TYT again—for them—Uygur laid out what were to be understood as his goals:

It’s an act of desperation to try to change the course of this campaign because, Biden, I was positive, was going to lose.”

The second goal was the naturalized citizenship issue.

The third goal was winning.

The fourth goal was “Gaza and a reconsideration of Israel’s funding”, a goal that sprung up after Uygur was already running. To substantiate this goal, the hosts cut to a CNN interview of Bernie Sanders that sees him firmly affirming that not “another nickel for their war efforts” should be given to Netanyahu’s rightwing government.

The Hill reported in November that Uygur and his team had collected a bit over $250K from roughly 6,800 donors.

Keeping things in perspective, the article also reports: "Biden’s campaign committee has raised $24.8 million during the third fundraising quarter. That figure, coupled with money raised by his joint fundraising committee and the Democratic National Committee, amounts to a war chest for the president’s reelection of more than $71 million,"

A big part of his campaigning was on fighting the rule stating that one has to have been born in the US in order to run as President; Uygur was born in Turkey. A case was presented in one district, establishing a limited nationwide result had he won. But a gold star for him, nonetheless, as the judge, Joseph F. Anderson, of the US District Court for the district of South Carolina, did say that the “case was unusually well briefed and well argued.”

The issue, according to Uygur, is money related, having “miscalculated” his team's ability to raise donations.

Per Uygur, his “high watermark was hitting 2.2% in Oklahoma.”

“So, did we move the ball enough?” asks Uygur, heading into some wrap-up that’s sure to be more promo that assessment. He continued, “I don’t know, and that’s good question for everybody out there to decide. Did we move it enough to say ‘victory’? No, I don’t think so.”

You didn't move it fuck all, is my answer. And you wasted money and efforts that should have gone toward a third-party push, and "nearly winning" his case to allow naturalized citizens the right to run for President won't have the cumulative effect he sells as a plus despite having accomplished fuck all.

Just one big ego-satisfying act that only a big ego could think of. A detrimental quality for progressive goals.  

Yet, Uygur also adds: “You know, maybe Biden drops out after the primaries, in which case we say we had a big role in that. Not a definitive one, but a sizeable one in what we did.”

Really? How? Makes zero sense.

“If next election cycle a naturalized citizen wins, or if we can actually get Bernie Sanders and others to push for ending the funding of Israel, if they’ll continue to do this, then we’ll have won something tangible and real. But for the moment being, I got caught trying.”

Kasparian then asks, “Is there anything left in the Democratic Party that’s worth looking forward to or feeling any hope about?”

If you’re wondering whether she meant it, well, she did conclude that statement with an emphatic, “And I mean that; I really do.”

With that, how can I not see her as a Navalist. not a progressive, as well as being little more than a huge impediment to change as long as TYT seeks to retain any semblance of being activism-focused and not just the money-focused, tribal-news outlet they really are.

To close that segment in which Uygur showed off why he's the master of vigorous Uygurbation, he stated:

“I asked you to donate so I could help you, but we can’t do that anymore in the context of this campaign because it’s now suspended. Okay, but if you’d like to help in, making sure that teams that works so hard, that tried so hard to try to do something positive in the world, I would deeply appreciate it, and that would be amazing, but you don’t have to, because, again, whenever I ask you to donate, it’s for you. It’s to help you guys get the power and leverage, etc.”


He then goes on flattering himself as he pats himself on the back, prompting Kasparian for the confirmation she gracefully offers with: ‘You know Cenk; he’s awesome and the best and always gives everything he’s got, and, best of all, unlike anyone else in the world, he’s got no agenda other than, “wouldn't it be amazing if someone actually fought for you and actually delivered on the things that are so popular.”

You know, the popular stuff that used to be a “progressive agenda before the progressive activists and the cities took over and went in a completely different direction,” was how Kasparian had put it on a more rightwing-leaning outlet.

But he's setting up a slack channel, so TYT will become the hub that unifies like-minded outlets in order to amplify messages.

A slack channel. That alone tells me just how truly wrong a mindset he possesses.

I hate to use the word "grifter", but, in a sense...

•       •       •

As I specified, it's not just TYT. Within any of the media layers, I fail to see anything that's bound to result in the type of movement that's necessary, while the media's current role in politics makes such a necessity. Combine that with the isolation I've been imposed, offered no in within any community, and I've lost any interest, my motivation being sapped out, and for whatever little it may mean, you've lost an ally.

I'm just one. How many have been lost.



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