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Posted: Oct 31, 2022   3:30:36 PM   |   Last updated: Oct 31, 2022   3:30:36 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Between What's Told, Recalled, and What Is...


Obscure PDLism: Hard thing to admit to — for an individualist, more so — but if building info or not, the effect is like sunlight to photosynthesizing thingamajigs. When sunshine becomes a prime motivator, but night is all that's reflected... How to best handle that? I'd be lying if I said I knew. Is there an option for an info building retainer?

Aside: Last Monday night, redirected through my main domain, a sudden, intense interest over the course of a short period that, rate-wise, propelled India from the 17th spot to the second, bumping Russia to third, the Seychelles climbing from 21st to fourth, Honduras and Romania also moving far up. Seemed like paid-for click-farm activity. Here? That there was such a willingness — they probably landed on the wrong address — the act provided a positive boost nonetheless. Must be China?

Speaking of China: I am glad to see Xi Jinping back for another term. Upsetting certain relationships is definitely what the West wants, but what's good for the world, however... and, boy, is the US ever in a regime-changing mood lately; with that level of shameless frenzy applied anywhere they may, you'd think they had a bet going to see how many they can pull off in a single year while annoying the crap out of everyone with their purposefully pedantic political posturing preaching pedestrian points principally presupposing patriotically predatory power problems of the sovereignty variety. Annoying. Just like that, but plentifully plus so.

Whatever the West has to say about him and the worldly menace he presents as a lone, abusive tyrant — the complex workings of the Communist Party of China (CPC) too complex to be considered, so, Westernly simplified, all rests on dictatorial Xi — there's not much of it I take seriously. Especially now, when all we're seeing are Western world leaders who don't practice what they preach.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
~Malcolm X (1965)

Foreign American Day DreamsWhen You Wish Upon a Tsar

The "F" in Freedom isn't for "Freedom"

Based on a true story


Antagonist [Presence announced by: John Zorn/Naked City's, "Jazz Snob Eat Shit"]:

Waking up one morning and feeling a little nuttier than normal, having stubbed his little toe on the bed post, a Russian dictator gives in to his obsession, seeks to revive borders of old and to tsar himself silly; a desire to take over the world was sure to follow, presaged some Westerners...

However, the mean Russian monster wasn't prepared to meet his ultimate match.

Protagonist [Presence announced by: Dramatic scenes - Superimposed laugh tracks from which Rossini's William Tell Overture emerges (if stoned); heroic scenes - King Missile's "Detachable Penis"]: 

Unexpectedly — minus eight-years or so of planning — humanity's fate now rests in the bravest of all court jesters, category: actor; style: sitcom-horror; class: politician. 

Once being the one generating laughs, our hero, having heard the closed call for auditions and snapping up the part of Foreign Leader Kaakiieed Heereau, Saviour of Democracy & Freedom with a near-perfect score, he is the one now laughing in the face of deadly danger as he dodges bullets, catches shells in between his teeth, deflects missiles with his bare hands, and stops tanks with his behind, all as he maintains his dignity, saves babies, and pleads for help from a cruel, uncaring world — a rifle, a rocket launcher, some Band-Aids, maybe? Anything is helpful. Heck, we'll even take a nuclear bomb. Please help. 

Setting: Alas, in a world now preoccupied with establishing equity, placing all its attention on handing out free bootstraps to all Blacks and some Browns, the non-Western world — now drunk on bootstrap moonshine and lost in a thick, unforgiving, imperialist multipolar haze of wild Russian and Chinese dreams and propaganda — all turned on the non-colour they obstinately insisted on seeing as whiteness in all those they labeled "supreme race" i.e., bestowed on them some sort of 'special human' status.

Consequently, the words of Martin Luther King clearly not having reached the illiterate and savage jungles of the dark, non-Western corners of the world, the Russian propagandists — who were now helped by the propagandizing Chinese simply because those types of Asians are always looking to team up with evil — created the white race, associating the non-colour whiteness with the liberal dignity and the democratically-realized success they couldn't attain. Then, in a real twisted mindfuck of a turn, they convinced people, subliminally, that they had to falsely blame the superior Euro-centric white folks for their failure to realize that the bootstraps were for pulling, not for distilling.

So, it goes without saying, which I'll say anyway: Due to Russian and Chinese propaganda, once under the evil and addictive spell of cheap Russian energy and cheaper Chinese made goods, the non-Western world was fooled into turning its back on good people just because they're of the colourless-white kind who also, though arguably, qualified as European — but not the good, classy kind — preferring to watch them die on Tik Tok and then Tweet about it. The anti-colourlessness that defined non-Western racism was putting everyone's Freedom & Democracy at risk. And for what?

Plot: The anti-voting Imperialist Demons of the Axis of Satanic Anti-Petrodollarium (ID-ASAP), the same gang that's perpetually attempting to destabilize the global international rules-based universal world order that's applied across the planet — affecting all countries — are at it again, now deploying the "whiteness" they've weaponized thanks to Marxian mind-melting techniques, possibly from Frankfurt, though more probably from a sticky keyboard or two inside the US. No matter, since origin stories are best told in sequels, and we're still in the opening credits of Part 1. 

So, where were we? Ah, yes: Once again, evil is at work spreading its terror, hoping the rock-solid USD crumbles so it can impose its Freedom-hating, non-Democratic tyranny all over the earth through another one of its doom-destined world-domination scheme.

Violently unleashing — suddenly and with no warning signs — their anti-rules-based and highly-racist, anti-white-supremacy beliefs on the jovial, always-friendly, and unsuspecting neighbour, Ukraine... oh, why? The evil monsters! 

Meanwhile, in Moscow, undercover British tourists acting as Pakistani spies have uncovered ID-ASAP's plan, dubbed Negative Earth Outlook through World Ordering Kommie Energy, or NEO-WOKE. To achieve it — killing two birds with no stone, just for the hell of it — and simultaneously fulfill the Russian monster's boyhood imperialist tsarist dream, the plan detailed a need to install a tyrannical authoritarian dictatorship in Ukraine, the brutal kind preferred. This is due to Ukraine's ideal geo-astronomical position, which aligns Kyiv with Orion's belt when the Virgo sun smiles upon Jupiter's moon up Uranus.

How can humanity possibly survive such a scenario?

Deus ex machina? Not quite. The Cavalry [Presence announced by: thunder of timpani; decrescendo to fade, allowing two standard bars or four 1/8th measures to marry beats, intermingling, melding to the rolling echolalia hammered on glockenspiel, crescendo ma non troppo, andante, driving the rhythm that sets the tribal march, the sonic backdrop that gives sense to Christian-certified, unmolested operatic cherubs vocalizing, appoggio, the sounds of celestial orgasms. Can you hear them? Aren't they heavenl—What's that? Where am I?

[Muffled voice, source not visible: "Get Bob, he'll have to stand in for Joe."]      


Enter God's right hand, a US President, the transcendentalized state of pure power that sits above self-actualization — Maslow never told you about that one for a reason — a state only attainable by mortal men if and only if much-moneyed; Socrates was a mortal man, but he was no US President. Unlike Gawds Wrighthand, the unofficial handle given to all but the 45th US President.

I probably shouldn't tell you this, for I may lose my membership, but let's just say that attainment of this state involves materializing supremacy expressed as the pure-white light of God, for, you should know, all elites' true purpose is to serve as a beacon on the Hill, overlooking the exceptionally blessed land He had clearly — just not legally — appointed #1 and Sheriff of this galaxy, perhaps the universe; there's still so much for humans to discover, you'll see...

Raising his arm, offering just a single wag of his index finger, but with a limp, open hand — the result of a cordial clash with a devil; the mending had hardly set, and healing had only just begun — Gawds Wrighthand lowered his right hand; he winced but he was no sissy — he was gonna get through this successfully, too, and bring that arm down, you wait and see...

Finally, three commercial breaks later, the saviour's saviour decries, on live TV, the non-Western world shamefully racist, for how dare they allow fellow human beings to be enslaved by such a terrible and violent force just because they're white? "Don't you remember when you were young and good was white, and black was bad, and Soviets had to be exterminated? C'mon, mankind," snarled Gawds Wrighthand. 

No spoilers for you. Will we all die? Will we become happy, tax-paying subjects of a Put-Xi dynasty? Or will the world unite and witness a great coming together, forces uniting, humanity proving its humaneness through mass starvation and freezing to death in the dark, glowless nights while our days are happily spent being doomed to face, wholly unprepared, an unending series of climactic catastrophes making it near impossible to pedal around while waiting for gas?

To find out, you'll have to wait and see it for yourself.

What's that? Really?! Again? OK, listen up, people, because I'm getting really fed up with having to answer this one. You! Stop reading; pay attention:

The reason why we didn't make such a fuss, ignoring the Russian and pro-Russian people in Donbass, or any of the Blacks anywhere in any conflict — including all Haitians — and some Arabs, too, and yaddi-yadda, the reason why is not because the Western world is racist or bigoted or xenophobic, or because it doesn't care about Yemen and Ethiopia, or all the other hell holes, OK? It's because... well, look, go back a paragraph. See where it says: mass starvation, freezing to death, etc.? Now, whadda d'ya think that means? The kind of humanity you people are calling for... that can only happen once every two-thousand years or so, maybe three. The human race would have to be nuts otherwise, 'cause we'd wipe ourselves out entirely. So, might as well make it count, no? And blue-eyed and blond-haired people are just cosmically more valuable. That's just the way it is. God said so.

Happy Ending

Peace Negotiations? Close. But no cigar. Those damn Russian monsters and Chinese demons. Why are they always opposed to peace talks? 

With the West always eager to discuss peaceful options rather than, per the Pentagon, waste more ill-spent funds on armaments and soldiering, all money that that ought to be invested in a healthcare thingamabob, and with the full weight of the Congressional Progressive Caucus incessantly encouraging and cheering on the West to be its usual, peacefully rules-based Westy self, the Biden Bunch, EU leaders and their support staff, all of NATO — even the guy that polishes the member's bombs — and more, all pleaded with the evil Russian monster to have a sit-down and a nice chat with Gawds Wrighthand and Kaakiieed Heereau, for, surely, by remaining open to everyone's needs, learned and understood through discussion, then by embracing a willingness to talk, to negotiate matters, a road to peace can always be laid, and taken.

Alas, the Russian monster spat red acid at all those who dared to ask, then threatened the world with nuclear missiles as the Chinese Demon giggled and clapped in delight. 

Is the world doomed? Is there still hope for a change?

When does evil ever triumph? So long as Hollywood and CNN still have their say on the reality that applies to you, that'll never happen; good* will always win!

*Note: "Good" is abstract, the perception of such arising from neural activity, oftentimes triggered through the sense organs, and not directly caused by external factors. Further, the term refers to aspects that can be modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background, and is, therefore, subject to change without notice.

The Reviews

Neocon Continuum - 6/5 stars - "Explosive!"

Weapons. Will. Win! Weekly - 5/5 stars - "A classic. In fact, through minute details like red, beady eyes and pointed ears, the director displays a disturbingly intimate knowledge of Russian evil and should be added to NSA's watchlist."

Entertainment Too, Night - 4/5 stars - "The "F" tries to blur the thin line between virtual reality, reality TV, and war propaganda, but the lack of a strong female character in any romantic-interest role, which the script obviously included but the director seems to have forgotten about, makes the ending far less memorable."

The International Coalition of Verbose Artists Seeking to Save, Protect, and/or Enhance the Ability and Access to Means of Expression and Foster a Desire to Express Oneself Newsletter - 3/5 stars - "It was OK." 

Do or Die Digest - 2/5 stars - "The deaths were too small or too big. And why? For what? For that little? That's too much!"

Teen! - 1/5 stars - "A snore-fest right up until the last minutes to midnight, but no one is watching by then; all are snoring. Needs more action and explosions. And where's the hot, scantily-clad chick with the big boobs? I want my minutes back."

Joe Blogs - I'm a YouTuber; what are "stars"? - "This is exactly what I've been saying. It's as if I wrote the script."

Journal of Humanity-Loving Realists - -5000/5 stars - "What the f*** is the matter with these people?!" 

Staging and Special Effects

Zeeskyy-Screen Hero

This ad was paid for by Musk Co. with tax-exempt capital gains earned through shorted Twitter stocks acquired by Tesla with an interest-free loan from Space-X, made possible through the Pentagon's appropriation-reallocation-misappropriated program (ARM), which, in partnership with the CIA, seeks to properly distribute governmental quarterly revenue surpluses, per standard governmental activities, namely, terrorist membership fees, drug cartel kick-backs, hush-money, and shares, the seizure of foreign reserve funds, the theft of other nations' gold, and US tax dollars, a portion of these funds having been used to cover Ukraine's monthly Starlink bill at a rate of $62.17 on the dollar, payments in excess to be applied toward the way-overpriced purchase of Twitter.

Twitter: Where life is a toxic bubble if not an advert. Minimally.

•     •     •

Having a bit of a laugh at what is a reality, but I'm not saying that Elon Musk is involved in that kind of 'funding structure' involving the CIA or that Musk and Moscow are in cahoots, nor am I accusing him of being involved in some sort of conspiracy.

I would, however, like to suggest that Starlink, being used militarily in Ukraine — hence, a valid target, as warned by Putin, who didn't ramp up his lunacy by wanting to shoot anything out of the sky, including "civilian infrastructures," as it's been spun by Western media — ascertains the firm Establishment connection with Musk that many had speculated was there. This, and Starlink, combined with Twitter... I'm not convinced that people are gonna be getting that "free-speech" Twitter they're expecting, even if, on the surface, it appears to be what they're given.

That little public tiff regarding Starlink's service bill wasn't Musk being a petulant billionaire, in my opinion, and there's an inherent contradiction in his eagerness to, finally, pick up the tab; the wealthy wield a special magic: the ability to do costly things without ever spending a buck of their own money. With Musk appearing and rapidly disappearing from Ukraine's "Peacemaker" kill list in the days prior — this being linked to his 'peace' poll on Twitter — while the sale of the same Twitter that all were lead to believe was an already dead deal, most being certain that he was going drop it at the last second upon realizing that the purchase may still go through, and exploit that somehow, well, it felt suddenly accelerated and a done deal... and here's Musk, walking into HQ hoping it'll "sink" in that he's now the Chief Twit.

And, from all that had transpired through his due diligence — providing substance for negotiations if not reasons for walking away — up to Musk walking in carrying a sink, what made him be so jovial about paying $44 billion for a company that's difficult to monetize, it's value being pure speculation, and one that all agreed was worth no more than $10 billion?  

By the way, Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro's forced glee over the Musk-and-sink moment: what a sad thing to watch that was. Pucker up like you mean it, at least.


Wagging the Dogs of War

There's so much about this conflict that boggles the mind; nearly all of it has to do with Western behaviour.

If all of the above seems accurate to you, if only mildly exaggerated for comedic effect, then, you've got severe Neoconitis; click the link for relevant posts you'll wanna catch up on, for you've been duped, the victim of persistent indoctrination and of the xenophobia it's engendered, exploited through widescale, coordinated, and effective strategies that none of us can fully escape.

We've had the 'proper' narrative pummeled into us, the headlines, numerous, loud and bold, assaulting our senses with the same 'West is Great, Russia is vile toilet residue' version of events that gets absorbed even if one pays no attention to them; this version invariably omits key aspects and collapses all the shades of grey into clear-cut black or white, good or bad,  and nothing else, presenting a foe whose existence as an evil menace makes sense based on all that we've absorbed and a human tendency to fear what we're ignorant of, so we accept it unquestionably, if not out of fear of any possible outcome for not doing so.

Consequently, anyone with even the most basic, universally-accepted sense of good and bad, if grounded in sound morals that take for granted that, even if leaning toward normative moral relativism like myself, acts categorized as "murder" always sit under the "bad" label, ditto for deceitful means that lead to murder, then, I assure you, the venom you spit is aimed in the wrong direction, targeted at a nation that's equally a victim — albeit in a more radical way — of the same capitalist-driven dominate-all attitude that's enslaving everyone but a few in their synthetic structures based on negative-gain-focused, distorted zero-sum-game view of life that assures you it's not what it is while making sure you start off life caught in a debt trap that's to keep you in line, for money is power and you're way behind; given your sad list of assets, should you even be allowed to vote on anything?

To anyone convinced that the manufactured mainstream narrative that's repeated through loudspeakers, brutally drowning out dissenting noise, is quite the opposite of manufactured, for it is the correct version and those who oppose it are traitors seeking to undermine Western Democracy and destroy the Freedom-embracing rules-based order that defines it, then, I've no doubt that you'll dismiss me as a kook for telling you that the true victims in this have, for over eight long years, been the ethnic-Russians in Donbass, then the Russians, and all of the Ukrainian people, pawns turned into martyrs but having been treated like disposable pegs, the people pretending to care for them willing to sacrifice every single Ukrainian for reasons related to wealth and power, and the hegemonic hold that these require. The evil is the West, the useful idiots the Kyiv regime.

Yet, anyone who's seriously and unbiasedly bothered to investigate matters has reached the only conclusion that can be substantiated, and for these, I'm willing to bet that it's not an exaggeration that's the comedic aspect in the preceding section, it's the role reversal, which captures the false narrative that's shoved down on us, the one that's spat back by tribalists and pathetically-patriotic warmongers, merely amplifying aspects that highlight the actual idiocy that's both bought into and put on display.

Details of some of these aspects are on the way. 

•     •     •

I'm not kidding when I say that I've never before been as ashamed to be one of 'those' as I've been since early 2022, and that includes Celine Dion's kayak speech and the shame all Quebeckers felt on that day.

All kidding aside (this time): the unscrupulous and reprehensible attitudes and acts of Western leaders in regard to Russia, and the way they've manipulated Ukraine, incrementally deepening the country's dependence on the US and, to a lesser extent, on Europe, reducing it to a tool of war that produced numerable deaths, each one avoidable, the West having identified a strategic value in the country whose government it's been trying to manipulate since at least 2004 and the Orange Revolution, the first real recorded instance of US meddling in Ukraine... nothing there to cheer for or to be proud of.

A similar story is now being crafted regarding China and Taiwan.

The True Story

The Reluctant Liberal

For Western news outlets, as for Hollywood or anime, truth shouldn't get in the way of special effects and warmongering is what makes a bland story sizzle. And bless the news people who cue music and/or lighting effects to indicate the proper mood and feelings that ought to accompany news stories; there's nothing worse than having to figure out who's the baddie and whose bombs we should cheer for.

This one's a no-brainer, though. I mean: Russians. If ever homo sapiens needed a name to identify a failed evolutionary branching off, it'd be "Russian", right? Although, it's true that "Chinese" also works... depends on context, I guess. Anyhow, that said, it's too bad that raping comes so naturally to all Russians, every country having been visited by at least one of them...

Come to think of it, that does explain why the entire human race is heading down the crapper. Russian rapes. Makes sense. It's a good thing that real Americans were spawned from God's own sperm, making them genetically impervious to all Russianalities, whether mildly evil, moderately malevalent, super-duper sinful, or antichristingly anti-Capitalist.

Sex with US billionaires or a full conversion of one's assets to the Church of Wall Street, those two things or a nuclear bomb are just about the only way to handle Russians and save the human race. Maybe.    

"How grotesquely Russophobic," exclaim normal people... who, uh... um... happen to be the abnormal ones these days.

After four solid years of nagging about white supremacy this, and fascist Nazi that, the peace-people were sick and tired of hearing themselves and needed to vent all their pent up hatred... but, now that the whole Black thing was starting to sink in — slavery bad — and they'd made a fuss about all other minorities, too, who could they possibly target?

It's a good thing that Progressives — like many Americans and much of the West — still haven't figured out that Russians are people too, so, fuck, ya! Let's nuke some Russians. Oh, c'mon, man. Just a few?

Troika Tropes, Commie Carricatures, and Spiteful Stereotypes

The type of Russophobic hysteria witnessed in 2022 is all types of special, and not in the good way. I can't speak for all, but, for me, it wan't the hate per se that I found jarring, it's how eager the majority of Westerners were to buy into whatever story allowed them to call "Death to Russians!" And no matter the amount of proof that contradicts the Western version, no matter how absurd it is, it's all gotta be Russian propaganda, because mainstream media is suddenly a trustworthy  source when there's a war on, and anyone that says bad things about Putin has got to be correct???

There are two key aspects that seem to lie at the core of Western beliefs vis-à-vis Russia, these two entirely false premises being behind Westerner's readiness to buy all sorts of lies regarding Russians. These have been deeply ingrained into us; they are:

  • Russia can't exist without a dictator; it's always been ruled by tyrants and will continue to be ruled by such, its people continuing to be oppressed until a Western-styled democracy can be installed.
  • Russia's ruling class and elites have always been consumed by expansionist dreams and imperialist ambitions. 

These falsehoods having been adsorbed as tacit truths about Russia by Westerners, the mainstream media only needs to outline the narrative it wants through headlines, we're already convinced of the rest.

There's a True HeroVladimir Putin

Certainly, this won't be an overly popular sentiment in much of the collective West, and the man deserves a proper post, but, and all the more so following his recent speech given on 18-Oct-2022 at the Valdai Discussion Club — out of which the Western media focused on a few words and summarized the whole thing into something it wasn't — Russian President Vladimir Putin has earned my complete respect.

And he's been making a fool of Western leaders.

Do listen to the entire address — as for all his speeches — if you're gonna voice an opinion. Official transcripts are available in English from the Kremlin website.

Perhaps he's acquired a wisdom that comes with age, one that genuinely seeks the betterment of life for all, but, whether he's always been this way or this is a new development — quite the radical change considering the image painted by the West —  no one can fault him for his vision and what he proposes, except those who wish to dominate Russia, to both assure US/Western hegemony and to control Russia's resources.  

Everything you know about the "invasion" and the man, if it came from the West, flush it out of your head.

And Progressives should be deeply ashamed, doubly so after that letter debacle (that I do want to touch on), as they're proving themselves to be shallow and easy to manipulate by the deep state to act in ways that counter their politics, while Putin is proving himself to be the more progressive politician, taking firm action to bring about the type of economic changes that are to give the developing world a more even and fair playing field.

It really is sad to see to what lengths Western elites are willing to go, and how shamelessly they're willing to lie, having warped reality to the point where people are cheering for the real evil to win.

Spotted Leaving a Theater

Stupid... Oh! And the Economy, TooLickin' the dream

On Sunday, 16-Oct, Biden and his big ice cream cone were telling a reporter that he’s not worried about the US, he’s worried about the rest of the world.

“Our economy is strong as hell; the internals of it. Inflation is worldwide. It’s worse off everywhere else than the United States. So, the problem is, the lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours.”

Wow. If I were one of many European leaders, I think I'd be superbly insulted. Ditto for most of the world's other leaders, actually. And to think that there are some who praised his foreign policy experience as a reason to elect him over Trump. The Biden Bunch's foreign policy has got to be the worst one to date. Or maybe not. The one clear goal that's emerging isn't one the Dems were keen on establishing clearly for all while campaigning, or since, which does explain why Biden's foreign approach to policy gives the impression of being a confused collection of ad hoc decisions, bumbled backtracking, and post hoc blame?

And so many lies. The justification for acts predicated on lies serving as building blocks for more lies that justify acts, fraudulently done with an aim to fool, perhaps, themselves included?

Unless he's happily gaslighting the nation and the world, I think Ol' Joe may want to review facts with more than sycophants.

According to a new survey from accounting firm KPMG (PDF):

  • More than eight out of 10 CEOs recently said they anticipate a recession during the next 12 months.
  • Out of the 1,300 CEOs at the world’s largest companies KPMG surveyed, 73 percent said they believe that an economic downturn will disrupt growth.
  • About 39 percent of the CEOs have implemented a hiring freeze while 46 percent are considering downsizing their employee base during the next six months.

Buttigieg - kissing butt

And it is difficult for them to ignore the data.

Wall Street has plummeted in the past year. The S&P 500 – a proxy for the health of retirement and college savings accounts – closed the third quarter at its lowest level in almost two years. The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 has dropped nearly 33 percent so far in 2022 while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost more than 20 percent.

Cryptocurrencies, which surged in popularity and price during the pandemic, have also nosedived. The world’s top digital coin, Bitcoin, shed more than 60 percent of its value in the past year while the second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum dropped 61 percent.

US mortgage rates have more than doubled in the last year, locking millions of Americans out of homeownership.

Overlooked Aspects

All the necessary 'dressings' and externalities, the unforeseen side effects, and life's habit of sticking sticks in wheels, hence, all the details that matter but which aren't captured and considered, too many of these aspects too often excluded from assessments, the more tribal, the more true this is.

A very telling aspect that few have touched on: The US can’t sell its bonds, not finding many investors willing to risk also having any of their funds frozen by the US for whatever reason DC feels is justified. If no one is buying the debt...

Sanctions and freezing of assets, then stealing them, the abusive, ill-thought-out circus that the world has been privy to in 2022 pretty much sealed it for anyone who still had doubts about the US' overall intentions, and who were still willing to consider that, maybe, the US Establishment wasn't just a big bully. These acts have left a permanent scar on the US' reputation precisely because the US uses those very elements of trust out of which it seeks to develop international relationships as a weapon to achieve geopolitical dominance, thus pretty much guaranteeing that the only way to keep the world on the USD will have to be through brute force.

How desperately will American elites want to preserve their global dominance, is my main worry.

By the Way, NATO... Don't Be Fooled.

Popularity in NATO hasn't increased in quite the way it's being promoted and cheered by the West. Across Europe, there have been an increasing number of protests, all of them a lot more 'anti-Western institutions' than one is led to believe, should these protests receive any fair attention in Western media (such as Reuters emphasizing the "anti-government" to play down the Moldovan protests' focus: Get rid of the current government that's conniving with the EU, get out of the EU, and get NATO out of here!). 

Anti-NATO Protests

Anti-NATO protests grow amid energy crisis |


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