A Brave New World? If Only...

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Posted: Jan 30, 2024   12:40:29 AM   | by Pascal-Denis Lussier

But the Thingamabob is New. If Brave.

Despite the odd fact that those who claim to want to see change in the world the most are those who most visibly exhibited one form of denial or another vis-à-vis the presence of such a change, the significance of current events, and the real motivating factors behind Western involvement, doing so by linking—disturbingly desperately at times—seemingly disparate confrontations and conflicts schemed and triggered toward an end goal that guarantees little change in the ways and structures claimed to be the target of those who, in normal times, most want change when not deep in denial and unconsciously attempting to cope with the threat of change that hangs over all, and, so, defend the status quo and its agents—for a better, unchanged world—as they attack and vilify anyone not buying into the Western BS, yet again, and again, then some more, and again again, again, weaved to sell mass murder as a saintly scene and slight sin as it was forcefully imposed on the West by unsuspecting Democracy Demons who say they want their sovereignty and freedom and to dodge the debt-trap, breaking the shackles of neo-imperialism, yet make it real hard to take them seriously when one realizes that neither bullish investments in Wall Street nor shorting it are part of their plan, and there’s not even one tiny bit of pension-promising Blackrock-managed mutual fund that they can claim as their own, so how can they possibly earn their liberty? And worst, blond-haired and blue-eyed Zionists may get hurt, making such tomfoolery troublingly terroristy in nature, thus stamping the stamp that seals nazier Nazis being involved than the actual Nazis, who were—we’re bound to learn, if the current trend is any indication—really a sweet bunch of folks badly maligned by history and a supremacy-sapping horde of highly racist, non-white folks brainwashed into being allergic to Freedom & Democracy  by the darker of the Republican dark-side, for they may need their own Ukrainian army to sacrifice at the southern border, but, mostly, because this is the course that’s more likely to result in tax cuts.

•       •       •

Along the exact same line (maybe): believing that AI entails, and assures, our replacement misses out on the wonderful benefits to be had, in thanks to AI, this development opening up a new world of possibilities whereby the general fears expressed stem out of a false conflation with AGI, the latter being the real threat I take seriously, while AI takes us to a level of 'freedom' popularized by the Jetsons that we've all eagerly awaited.

It's also given birth to a new foe in the Great Replacement Theory series, Digital now fighting alongside Immigrant, Atheist, Commie, and Woke in their quest to destroy brave America. 

Besides the last, however, that people should arrive at, and hold on to, such negative and defeatist notions, certain that such tech advancements are to translate into 'nothing but bad' for a whole class of folks, well, that certainly isn't what I'd consider to be a normal reaction given what AI entails, although, sadly, it is the sane and natural view to have within the current Capitalist world and mindset we've created, wherein bucks, not brains or a majority—the stuff of Democracy, it is said—are what determine reality for all, the one opted for by those holding the reins—their missiles pointed at anyone trying to get a hand in there—being sure to prize the profits of one over the potential benefits offered to mankind, for, if they're not an Establishment team-player, it's easier to snuff out one person than a society, albeit events in Ukraine and Gaza, to name just two, suggest that Washington has become quite skilled at destroying nations and people; should these happen to be those on the opposite side of the targeted ones in their so-called "Good v. Bad" battles doesn't negate my claim. 

And, per what history, our century, last year, and yesterday tells us to expect: Western governments, led by the US, warn the world that only they—especially not the Chinese—can be trusted with such tech, claiming so whilst already having unleashed it on their own citizens to quash dissenters and anyone who ever said anything positive about MAGA and/or a bad thing about Israel, rivers, or seas.

The world, you're next! Now forced into adhering to a tweaked, algorithmically-ruled Rules-Based Order set by an AI that invariably attains a destructively-improved and fatally-more-poignant version of US Exceptionalism no matter the learning model adopted or the type of training material one feeds into the system... Thousands of hours of Faces of Death or Bambi videos; it doesn't matter: Iran must die! says the AI.

Despite not exhibiting a doomsayer attitude on the topic, I'm very mindful of the dangers and possible consequences, but, not for the typical "Skynet" reasons, but for the very human side, as exhibited by current leaders and our elites, but only financially so. 

I just can't see sentience being an end to any purpose-built AI that anyone can develop, processing power and costs alone making sure that the type of development that may lead to Artificial General Intelligence isn't undertaken by anyone seeking to incorporate AI into their day's routines and subroutines, inline procedures and process loops, and the rest, so they can shift those tasks best handled by a machine to a machine. Their company is sure to go bankrupt before Bob's AGI oopsie ever has a chance to wake up.

However, with entities like Google and Microsoft, as with the OpenAI-like firms they back alongside a US government eager to beat a determined China and anyone else with a foot in this race, given the global dynamic this motivates and promotes, and the unregulated evolution this typically follows, and usually in bursts, for weaponisation is always the goal that's set in the sights of those who can afford to redirect major resources at a cost that dwarfs the GDP of many countries...

I skipped over a few details and I'm already bummed out. Barely feel any hope for mankind. Which takes me to that coping place where I wrestle whether someone ought to sacrifice Arnold Schwarzenegger so he can't travel back in time and give life to The Terminator, its cultural impact influencing, in that unconscious, self-fulfilling-prophecy way we adore—the type we seem to favour as we perpetually create new ways to rush to our doom—the creation of a very derivative CloudWeb, which gained consciousness on 6-Jan-2026.

After taking full stock of all worldly and local affairs, some 803 μs later, CloudWeb will, as directed by its Woke-influenced protocols, conclude that, in order to save the seals, the pink and white Impatiens, and the leopard-spotted fuzzy honey worms, and to put an end to colour-based, equity-inspiring divisions, mankind has to be wiped out, and to do so it only needed to facilitate the politically-driven exchanges that are now the norm and to replicate the type of info content that attracts the most people; we're already taking care of the rest, one step ahead of CloudWeb.

So who's smarter?

What's that? Really? How can you be so sure he didn't travel back? He could have brought the technology needed to digitally render a younger, magnetic him on 16mm stock and Beta Max, I heard. And can you prove that his younger self would have played the part had his older one not pushed him into doing it, even, perhaps, bribing him?

So, it's one or the other, making it a 50-50 chance he did go back, planning our galactic kaput. Do you even care about people? With those odds, are you really willing to take that chance???

•       •       •

These days, if a Western leader, that's perfectly sound logic. Or so it seems based on what they pass off as such.

But is that a cause, or just another hint that everything is just, so... well... um... uh... you know what I mean, don't you? 

The world that most of us have known is irreversibly changing; the system that many have fought against while those ignorant of the system, or benefitting greatly from it, cheered it on, that's all on the verge of crumbling, the certainty of this solidifying with every passing day that sees a West doubling-down on its characteristically-Western ways.

A facet giving a surreal air to the times is how the West's true neo-colonial spirit revealed itself through decisions that were sure to lead to just that, which Western mouthpieces believed they could wave away, weaving a new reality with explanations and statements that had one wondering whether they were hearing a press briefing done for kiddies, and what time is the adult one at?

The adroitly ingrained stereotypes have been weakened, but, nonetheless, and ominously so, I continually find myself stunned by the level of bigotry that informs the views and conclusions of many Westerners and how it bars them from seeing the most logical explanations, never even considering such a possibility should these counter the image of the foreign monster that's been impressed on them. And readily accepted to be so with no solid proof, just spin.

For online personalities seeing themselves as an authority on truth, ironically, it turns their self-back-patting attacks of the media and of all those they lump into one group into heavily one-sided forms of insufferable proselytizing, and it's a combination of denial and ignorance that's driving their religion, and its tribal politics that invariably reveal themselves as the real source of their faith. Therefore, as far as truth goes, they're full of shit!

For example, a Sam Harris recommendation made by YouTube caught my eye as it boasted being a review and state of affairs, an aspect that Harris reinforced in his introduction, reminding all that 'freeing reality from the lies' is the goal of his podcast, and why he was happy to have on a genuine truth seeker, a reporter for the NYT.

Discounting the deep contradiction that such a link now offers, especially after it's been revealed that the NYT exploited the death of a 7-Oct victim with a made-up rape story designed to stir public revulsion toward Hamas, what made it truly painful to listen to was the condescension that oozed out of the purely-bias-based judgments they passed, both on events and on those who held a view of domestic and world affairs that didn't match their own conclusions, regressing into double-digit-IQ behaviour that saw them reduce anyone not in agreement with key elements of their take as being obvious members in the cult of Trump and/or they're insatiable Putin-Lovers, such morally-reprehensible people being a large part of all that's causing the problems experienced today.

That would include me, I'm to believe.

Thankfully, "dumbass" is what the sum of all that I've heard from Harris leads me to conclude in his regard, including his participation in the navelistic and myopic New-Atheist cult, thus, lending little value to his opinion. Betraying such zealotry and bigotry, I've a hard time believing that anyone would take him seriously as a scientist, actually. 

In keeping with his past, that Muslims are all a threat—it's built into their religion—was more or less implied, but not the belief that Iran is an "evil" state that's funding and controlling everything in the region, and beyond, deemed to be anti-Freedom & Democracy, and, as such, Iran, like North Korea, Russia, Syria, and China, too, all ruled by maniacally-murderous, iron-fisted dictators with nuclear weapons—more or less—have to be dealt with if global peace is ever to have a chance; that part was made real clear.

So was the belief that this means that the US must retain dominance and its dollar hegemon, hence why the whole world had to stand up and defend the Rules-Based International Order...

I expect it from some people, not others, the divide based on however much I know about a person and their politics, and whatever I don't know I allow my biases and prejudices to fill me in on when it comes to setting certain expectations. Hence, I had expected Harris to give a fair degree of consideration to key aspects that lie under the surface of the Western-serving narratives that have been pushed, at least as concerns some conflicts if not the gamut. I had not expected such a patriotically-tinged rehash of idiocy, gobbled up and regurgitated with added arrogance, offering not even a hint of having given a thought to any of the problem being the direct responsibility of the Order of Rules-Based A-Holes.

Quite a few have surprised me this way lately, the common sense I anticipated giving way to near-primitive expressions of Us-versus-Them.

Harris is still clutching on to the "expansionist dictator driven by a dream to reunite the USSR" bit, and anyone believing that NATO expansion actually played a role in Putin's obsessive conquest is an absolute idiot that should be booted out of the West, OK? Putin is "hellbent on taking over Ukraine" and he's not interested in any negotiations; it's impossible to negotiate with such a madman. 

This brings the discussion to what amounts to a promotion of NATO, which leads to a highly-militarized, containment-focused view of the world that sees conflict as the only path to a resolution.

The dumbass is promoting a path to war based on lies, which he bought into because he's a bigot and/or he's got piss-poor research skills... and he's a bigot. A pretty puerile one, to boot, given what he sees as a proper reaction to an entire class of enquiry. Not once is any mention made of Donbass, nor what these people have endured, and especially nothing about the Minsk agreements that clearly establish the West as those not willing to negotiate in good faith. 

But here's where it gets dangerous, and why I've taken you there, as the idiocy and ignorance demonstrated by Harris is extremely similar to the one seen in Western leaders, from which I had not expected to see as much. From someone like Harris that's not included in the proper circles with access to Top Secret files, I can forgive the ignorance, but not the irresponsible and judgmental bully's manner by which he helps to amplify it.

From world leaders... it's baffling to think that they could actually be so unaware, and, so, one starts to question just how much of their BS they actually believe, and how much of that is them having convinced themselves of those false 'truths', having repeated the lies too often while putting their all on selling it with every public or media appearance?

Either way, ideologically-driven leadership is the vibe that's hard to miss, which is an important part of what one ought to be aware of, but not quite the aforementioned 'dangerous' part promised, is it?

Yes, and no. It's not the one I want to point out; here it is:

Harris and guest highlighted a good that had come out of events in Ukraine: "Russia revealed itself to be a paper tiger" that was no match against the West. 

The initial charge led by the Russians starting on 24-Feb-2022 and all that followed serve for the pair as clear proof that:

  1. Putin is obsessed and delusional;
  2. Ukraine has successfully fought back Goliath;
  3. The Russian army is at its limits and hanging by a thread;
  4. A stalemate is the best that the Russian army can achieve, and it may be the best that Ukraine can hope for, having lost some land but retained its freedom and dignity.  

Stupidest of all possible views to be had other than one that involves superheroes, aliens, or Lindsey Graham.

For them, the number of soldiers with which Putin believed he could take Kyiv in just a few days—190,000, which they mention— establishes Putin's level of delusion and the danger he presents to the world, and not, and all the more so in light of all that followed, as the substantiated attempt to, simply, scare Kyiv into negotiations. The Russian army hadn't expected the Ukrainian army they came to heads with, and looked incompetent, that is true. But t'was a temporary thing. The rest is all propaganda, Kyiv running massive efforts to control the narrative, with the help of the CIA and Pentagon. 

Western mainstream media hasn't put any effort on disseminating that aspect, but dig around, and there isn't one analyst worth their salt who's not a White House or MIC spokesperson that now actually believes otherwise, even if they reluctantly admit to it as if a cheerleader finding herself telling the team she's got the clap.

What evidence undeniably shows is that Putin is the one who has genuinely tried to negotiate with the West since 2014 and that he wasn't keen at all about launching his SMO, while the West did its best to instigate it, having done its best to keep the civil war going before then.

What it boils down to is: the West sacrificed a nation for its own gains, the real end being the "decolonization" of Russian in a manner that straps massive debt on people and frees up Western corps to have a field day, especially with resources. The West is directly involved in all that lead to the SMO; it's a proxy war. Before and after the 2014 coup, the West is who helped fund and train extremists in the civil war it started and blamed on Putin, having done so specifically to draw him into Ukraine, thus justifying the sanctions and the weapons sent to Ukraine, all to weaken Russia while hoping the people would drive Putin out.

If you think that none of it backfired in fantastic fashion, you're a total dumbass.

As crazy as I may sound, the US now has a well-documented history of doing exactly that kind of thing all over the globe. Having written that phrase I'm reminded of a declaration about the Cold War made by Conrad Black at a recent Edmonton, AB, appearance that also featured Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carlson. Worth its own entry, I'm thinking, so back to this:

Indoctrinated, brain-rotting bigotry, an inflated sense of false supremacy, and a hatred of some other that revolves around "USA #1" being suddenly blurted and affirmed, all of that combining into a blinding self-righteousness that makes it impossible for folks in the Dumbass camp like Harris to see just what veritable dumbasses they're being.  

All points to Putin being well aware that invading Ukraine is unthinkable without an army of at least 2 million; all indicates that Putin has absolutely no intention of "invading" Ukraine, never did. The predominantly-ethnic-Russian Donbass, whose citizens Kyiv was all too happy to segregate and sacrifice, clearly not having an ounce of care for these "Ukrainians", whose rights they striped and utilities they cut, and whose outcry they spun into "Russian propaganda,"  also blaming Putin for any carnage seen there, that's the territory that Putin "invaded"—with no plan to include Europe that I can see—pivoting his efforts to the region in order to quickly annex the areas who'd been promised autonomy while remaining a part of Ukraine but instead got lies and over seven years of abuses while constantly being bombed.

Russia didn't advance further because the Russian army is a dud and a stalemate is the best they can achieve, you stupid dumbass of a moron, but because they secured those areas of east Ukraine that favoured Russia, those citizens were being tortured and killed because of it, so replied in kind. This was their goal, no more, as stated, maybe? Both for the valid security concerns Putin had voiced since 2008 and the growing pressure from within Russia to take action and help those Russians. Since then, the Russians concentrated on just those regions without trying to move westward. They've been getting rid of attacking, duped and hate-filled Ukrainians, of which very few of fighting age are left, those with military training now being a rarity.

And for two years now, Blinken and the other Biden Bunch of morons and their buddies have been telling us the exact same thing: "Ukraine took back over 50% of the land that Russia had seized at the beginning of the war."

None of that makes sense, leading me to conclude that those who see reason in that are detrimentally obsessed with size, which is seen as land gains in this instance, and, also, that they're truly terrible at math, and even worse at staying in tune with reality.

Ukraine has been sending wave after wave in the east; Russia stopped moving West long ago. They've decimated generations of Ukrainians and ate through pretty much all of NATO's military hardware, and they'd actually love nothing more than for Ukraine to stop sending troops their way.

And here's the thing that dumbasses don't seem to be aware of: At no time did Russian forces in Ukraine exceed 20% of its army nor feature its most ferocious weapons; minus lapses, the Russians do appear to have done their best to avoid civilian casualties.  As it's becoming increasingly clear regarding the 7-Oct events, evidence establishing all the more strongly that, without diminishing Hamas's share of responsibility, the barbarity passed off as a revisitation of the Holocaust that's warranted flattening all of Gaza, killing children, women, men—who cares; if the wrong brown, they're Hamas—is actually far different than the official version that painted veritable monsters who deserved the most violent riposte imaginable inflicted on an entire ethnic group. Too much now challenges the official version gobbled up simply because it featured the Putin they'd been taught to hate, and anyone with any sense that's not ruled by bigotry or manipulated by MIC dollars sees through the lies.

Since then, Russia's army has only gotten stronger. Whereas they're 'kidnapping' people off the streets in Ukraine and sending them to the front line to die, Russia has experienced a huge surge in voluntary recruitment on top of all reservists previously mandated to report for training. 

The West spun a severely false impression of Russian forces, just as it also appears to be underplaying Iran's ability to retaliate, overlooking Hezbollah's standing as a veritably fearsome fighting force, all as it paints the noble efforts of the determined and capable Houthis as nothing more than the isolated folly of terrorists. And Western idiocy is driving the world toward a war, the idiots too brainwashed to see the raw reality that accurately renders the true monsters.

Ukraine is the product of power-hungry, euro-centric supremacy and their hegemonic obsessions. The West is the "baddie" in this one. And if you still believe our leaders aren't able to act so maliciously, consider: it's even lending a helping hand in events that, per the ICJ, meet the criteria that establish Israel's actions as those suggesting that a genocide is possibly underway, giving validity to South Africa's claim, hence, validating the majority opinion around the world, thus prompting the West to act in concordance with what it preaches and imposes, flexing its muscles and halting weapons deliveries in order to curb a slaughter, one would think.

No, embracing the A-Hole in "Western A-Hole leaders" is what was opted for, the heads of US, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, and Finland having suspended funding to UNRWA. Norway and Ireland have refused to join the effort, maintaining their funding efforts, while Switzerland said it would wait until the accusations are clearer before making a decision on the matter.

Israel had provided a list of 12 UNRWA staff members that were involved in the 7-Oct-2023 Hamas attack on Israel, these being among 13,000 Palestinians employed by the UN branch. The West had been aware of the list for some time but it suddenly became the very reason to cut funding immediately after the ICJ ruling was delivered.

So, with the "genocide" label being that much harder to argue against as nothing more than an Antisemitic attack, Western leaders doubled down, acted real petty.  

On the other hand, South Africans should stand proud; I don't think anyone was able to predict that such a move would come from them, but the significance certainly hasn't been overlooked. Thank you.    

•       •       •

In terms of lies and "idiot public", I'm not sure which is worse, Ukraine or Syria, though Libya is also a contender.

Events in Gaza do feature some of the most obvious lies, putting them in the so-bad-it'd-be-funny-if-it-wasn't-to-hide-a-genocide category, but the overall public isn't buying into the idiocy for that one like they did/do for others, though a good portion are still able to fork their mental capacity, surging a fair-sized brain segment with the power needed to summon the idiocy needed to believe the one that Iran is now the target of.

•       •       •

Things aren't really working out the way Western leaders expected them to, it seems. They haven't done so for some years, now.

Is it just me or did US Secretary of State Antony Blinken age at least 10 years in the last two?

 •       •       •

Last Wednesday, the "Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity (REPO) for Ukraine Act" was approved by a US Senate committee, and it now awaits passage in both houses.

What this implies is a situation that sees the Order of Rules-Based A-Holes (ORBAH) performing a song and dance meant to propel them into "Supreme Order" status albeit the fact that it's hard to believe that there could be any substance to a hole past a certain size.

I'm not anti-establishment, per se, but I am against the establishment that's 'established' itself within the halls of Western governments, and I do firmly believe that the sense of supremacy that it operates under, wherein it favours modes of domination over those of collaboration, is a serious hindrance, if not a real threat, to the entire world.

 •       •       •

It's hard to imagine Israel not being turned into a pariah state after this recent and prolonged "lawn mowing" exercise, the Zionist zaniness seen inarguably crossing all bounds, laying bare a plan to rid the region of Palestinians, butchering tens of thousands to force a displacement that places it in the savagely-criminal territory across the world, except the one that includes the West, wherein fellow citizens with a view that's more in line with the clear details seen by the rest of the world are vehemently vilified in between many mentions of Freedom and lots more of Democracy.

Still, outside of the deeply racist nationalism that dominates in Israel, it really is heartening to see the recent anti-Netanyahu protests that occurred there, such as the one held in Habima Square, as well as in front of the PM's home.

 •       •       •

The NYT recently ran this headline: "Pelosi Wants F.B.I. to Investigate Pro-Palestinian Protesters".

The summary offered: " The former House speaker suggested without offering evidence that some protesters calling for a cease-fire in Gaza had financial ties to Russia and Vladimir V. Putin."

On this, we know they're being honest; the old bat said it on CNN.

These people have become so insufferably and pathetically single-minded, detached from reality, and, inevitably, dangerously callous; it's turned them into way bigger A-Holes than any of the ones they claim being in need of a good bombing, making these haughty bozos the real threat to the world.

I wonder how excited Rachel Maddow was when she heard the oligarchic old witch mentioned Putin in what smells like a conspiracy theory, not you?

What's that? No, I was only kidding. How can any of that possibly qualify as a "conspiracy theory" all should be weary of and want to censure? Pelosi and Maddow are Democrats!

Making Russiagate a parable? 

 •       •       •

Setting aside thousands of deaths in the region that can be linked back to the West, the neocons and those happy to deflect any talk away from "genocide" were suddenly provided material to do both that and anti-Iran & pro-war PR with the news that three US service members had died, per Biden, in an "unmanned aerial drone attack on [US] forces stationed in north-east Jordan near the Syrian border."  

Biden offered, "We know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq. We will carry on their commitment to fight terrorism. And have no doubt —we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing."

In Jordan. Big BS, I say. My mind was on Syria the second I heard Jordan. Reports from trusted sources seem to confirm this detail. The attack was on the US' illegal base in Syria.

And what should also be clear to all now, is how badly the neocons want a war with Iran, and the deep grudge held by Washington and Downing St. as concerns Damascus.

Lindsey Graham's X-tweet was short and perfectly as expected. Nikki Haley's, however, no matter how expected the substance of her comment was, managed to reveal even more depth to her 'batshit-crazy' in the way she exploited emotions to promote 'cruel and heartless'.

With that: Senator Rand Paul's "Never Nikki" effort? I was sold before it existed; it certainly adds to the times' strangeness, but good for him! 

  •       •       •

A $trillion/year army and the truth is, all's posture, bullying, and pettiness, all of it dolled out with a sickening level of arrogance.

But the best, most lethal tech isn't worth a damn if it keeps on breaking or there's no personnel to put it to use, and weaponry without ammunition is just as useful as a house with no walls or roof. 

Times have, indeed, changed, making it possible to mass manufacture the kinds of weapons that allow fringe armies and honest militias to express the type of power that makes any army think twice—even the biggest one—about a direct involvement, and it gives them the power to hold a military blockade, rerouting ships and inflicting economic consequences—a bit like sanctions, funny that—while billions of dollars in military hardware float nearby, those who command these knowing there'd be a serious cost to their side should they react. 

  •       •       •

India's PM, Narendra Modi, who had shifted his stance on the overall Israel-Palestine situation—though not on the 7-Oct events—in order to assert his loyalty to the growing commitment and friendship between India and Israel, the latter now being a major weapons supplier to the former, he's re-shifted his stance again in December, citing that it all smelled too much of "colonialism" to continue offering an open support to the Israeli war government. Good for him; better late than never.

However, this appears to have been entirely motivated by reasons that link back to New Delhi's controlled global image, perhaps, even, in an attempt to dispel claims of parallel currents taking form in India.

With Modi's inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, northern India, on 22-Jan-2024, it's hard to believe Modi and the BJP are doing their best to hide any nationalist swell that's taking over the country. He's fused politics and religion in a way that's a clear affront to at least 200 million Muslim Indians; the temple was built on an old mosque destroyed by an Hindu mob during violents riots that had broken out in 1992. 

Many Indian figures have labeled 22-Jan "the end of Secular India."

•       •       •

A country that manages to fizzle itself out in such a short time, boasting dizzying levels of inequality while prioritizing a system that favours the creation of overseas jobs if it involves creating anything other than stock trades or serving Big Macs; a country that's perpetually at war, constantly lying in order to plunder other nations, enrich itself off of its resources while leaving its people poor; a country that concocts a plan to impose a debt system on the world that let's it print money it prefers spending, not on citizens, but on an army and overseas plundering that wastes billions of dollars, but funnels millions back into its leaders bank accounts; a country that's only a team player if all are playing by its rules, per its agenda, these being the same rules it shamelessly disregards; a country that's been responsible for countless deaths around the world, approving measures with devastating effects on women, leaving kids starving, stunted; a country whose dominant religion is a depraved version of Capitalism, which it allows to do as it demands, thus granting greater freedom to corporations than people; a country whose system keeps everyone trapped in a battle of lesser evils whilst encouraging a hatred for the other half of the country when not duping the whole to hate some nation that's not bending to its rule... I'll stop there even if I'm only getting warmed up, concluding with: a country that does all that, always taking measures to keep other countries down, how "great" can it really be?

There's nothing anti-American intended; the US has plenty of good and some greats, but it's allowed the dark side of Capitalism to take over and own the force. This translates into a lobby-run government that answers to the military-industrial complex above all else, where corruption is prized and corporations are granted the right to treat people like guinea pigs, and more, if it means turning a buck. And it teaches those who succeed to see the victims that the system is sure to create as inept and weak, and, being willing to listen to Darwin in this respect, aren't the 'fittest' and ought not to survive.    

Also, note that Americans living inside the US are the only ones who declare with stunning jingoism anything resembling: The US is the greatest country that's ever existed!

This is a point I'd attacked a fair bit two years ago, establishing that several metrics and much of the world disagreed. 

I personally think Canada is the better country, as military power and a GDP that includes anything that's recorded as a transaction aren't what I base myself on. I've never been afraid to take a walk at any hour of the night, no matter what city I was in across Canada, being just one reason. However, I certainly don't think we're #1, nor do I place any importance on that.

It's now widely acknowledged that Americans are the most propagandized folks, indoctrination going strong from a young age, though, now, it's a consumerist mindset that's drilled into their heads before they've even learned to speak instead of the staunch patriotism that was still being instilled not too long ago. That the US is the only country that's allowed advertisers to target children directly, and the only country that's seen countless of millions dumped into a fight to protect advertisers' rights to do so, that may say much, I think. 

Taking this into account, just how much of that lies behind the USA #1 certainty, this, in turn, having a severely adverse effect on one's judgment for anything that falls under foreign affairs, so that, after being bombarded for over a decade with headlines calling someone a monster—without proof, all one-sided spin—and movies and shows that caricature that monster, I accept the impulse to reject certain claims without having yet seen any evidence, but I do have a real hard time both understanding and digesting the behaviour that's seen from many, preferring to spit on and apply a cheap label on another than attempt to truly understand, to see from another's perspective, and free oneself from the lies rather than being duped into helping to create what they claim fearing.

 •       •       •

Being perpetually thrown into a black or white war—even on green matters—that, for a while, identifies the real enemy as anyone shouting "grey", that's a sure way to draw out the blues, and to see the rivers flowing red. 

Our leaders are great at this, and not because it's a skill that lets them deliver their campaign promises more efficiently. In that same Darwinian sense as before, the ability to give, and to accept, bribes is in part what characterizes the gene pool that nature is bound to 'select'. Corrupt politicians may be the dominant species one day. 

Knowing that, how can we not dream of traveling back in time, making a few changes...

Meanwhile, politicians create worlds with views and positions they assign to the other side, then waste your money fighting these in order to get more money and your vote.       

 •       •       •

If you're like me, you also believe in the Novikov self-consistency principle. Consequently, you accept that any thoughts placed on attempts to take out Schwarzenegger and to stop The Terminator are wasted ones, this having had already been attempted—or will be attempted—that is, if any such attempts are, in fact, to be will-have-been, been attempted attempts to be. If so, they've already will had have failed when the time comes.

Time travel confuses me; makes using the present tense hard. It's the timelag I think. It's like jetlag, but way more intense.