Jan 11, 2023: Jeff Beck, RIP - DHS Impeachment And The GOP Show

Jeff Beck

Posted: Jan 11, 2023   7:34:04 PM   |
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

The Show is On?

The tragi-comic reality-TV dramady is officially underway, just like the Republicans had promised?

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) introduced the articles of impeachment in the House on Monday, this being filed against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Republicans following through with their promise to seek revenge, though I believe they use a euphemism like "justice" to describe their "why".

And the border! If you haven't figured out how important that thing is to Republicans... I don't know what to tell you.

Mayorkas is being accused of committing high crimes and misdemeanors for his handling of the southern border. That seems like a bit of stretch to me albeit I haven't religiously kept up with the border updates in a relevant manner.

And what about Harris? Wasn't she in charge of overseeing the border. Surely she's had time to go to Europe by now and she's aware of what eco-steps need to be taken in Peru — besides coups — in order to improve the situation at the US southern border, no? Impeach her! Please.

What I'd like to know is whether the articles of impeachment include some of the abuses inflicted on migrants and their overall impacts on security... but why do I get a sense that any Republican reading this thinks I've suddenly switched to writing in Chinese? 

Further, the Republicans have voted to launch several investigations into the Biden Bunch's affairs, some of this sure to spill back all the way to events occurring under the Obama Band, as well as the business affairs of the Biden family.

Dems can whine all they want, as far as I'm concerned, the louder they do so, the lesser the respect that should be shown to them, for all they're demonstrating is how they like to play dirty but can't handle it when aimed at them, their whining also confirming that they're always, and shamelessly, willing to approach all in an underhanded manner, any lie being justified seeing how they're convinced that they're the good guys, albeit I'm willing to bet that most of the world wouldn't mind seeing many Dems behind bars.

In my opinion: Americans can look forward to the right thing done the wrong way, and probably for the wrong reasons, too, albeit the good intentions served up, for there's plenty of GOP history to question what's the real motivation that lies below the surface.

Having said that: Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, seems to see Ukraine as one of the United States' "adversaries across the world."

In a Fox News appearance, Comer discussed with host Sean Hannity the allegations of influence peddling that he sees at the centre of the events relating to Hunter Biden's involvement in Ukraine and China. Comer went on to describe a "pattern here with communist China, with Ukraine, with Russia, with our adversaries across the world"  

Comer then voiced concern for the Biden Bunch's loyalty and integrity, suggesting that Biden's relationship with elements within those aforementioned countries leads one to wonder whether the "bad decisions that Joe Biden makes, and this White House makes every day that has a detrimental effect on every American, you wonder, is this president compromised?"

Lemme guess, the Republicans are focusing on inflation, not their role in sparking an illegal war? Am I getting that right?


•     •     •

As several Republicans have made clear, if they win a House majority, Kyiv can expect that this heralds the end of the "blank cheque" treatment Ukraine received from the Biden Dems.

Rep. Rand Paul was the only one brilliant enough to make a federal case out of 'donation' accountability — lots of outrageous stories amply warranting it — and in this sense, even those that want to continue funding a massacre that could have easily been avoided if it weren't for Western hubris, power-lust, and greed, have to frown on the "blank cheque" approach adopted so far.

Which does nothing to substantiate any views expressed by rightwingers on the subject of state socialism, by the way.

Which brings to mind: The Department of Defense announced on 6-Jan — that date rings a bell; is it a holiday or something? — more than $3 billion in additional aid to Ukraine which would include around 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, 100 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers and additional ammunition for HIMARS (high mobility artillery rocket systems).


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Gone, but Living On

Guitarist Jeff Beck passed away last Monday, 10-Jan-2023, from bacterial meningitis; he was 78.

From session musician who'd been asked in 1965, on recommendation of Jimmy Page, to fill in for Eric Clapton in the British band The Yardbirds, which achieved most of its Top 40 hits during his brief 20-month collaboration as a band member, to carving his own path — ceding his spot to Page in 1966, and until the Yardbirds' demise in 1968, at which point Page formed the legendary Led Zeppelin — Jeff Beck will still live long.

Incidentally, there's much to be said about the fact that, with Clapton, Page, and Beck, The Yardbirds launched the career of three guitarists who would go on to be ranked in the top five of Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 greatest guitarists (not a list I quite agree with, but, nonetheless).     

Beck has been nominated 16 times for a Grammy and won eight, six times for Best Rock Instrumental Performance; he's also been inducted twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as being the recipient of a slew of other awards and honours. A legend. A Guitar God. 

I can't say that I'm a huge Beck fan, per se — anyone that knows me well isn't looking forward to the day Bill Frisell passes away — yet, news of his death hit me hard, as it's impossible to be a music lover and not be a fan of Beck in one form or another given the influence he's had, the influential people he's played with, and the impact and elusive "wow" factor that he lent to any project he collaborated on, appearing as a guest on many popular albums and gracing the stage with some of the biggest names in the music biz.

Aside from the devastating loss his passing represents for those close to him, Beck's death holds a far-reaching significance, a reminder of time's forced changes imposed on those for whom Beck vividly brings back bits of one's past against the realization that an epoch is fast coming to an irreversible end.

And it's not just the regular passage of time and all it carries through a period, obligatorily assigning a clear beginning and end to all, it's the loss of symbolic cultural markers that provide a familiarity and security through a shared and understood value that underscores the moments that make up a life, and having to face the loss of humanity one seizes out of the new modes that replace them, leading into an unknown future. Like past generations, no doubt.

It's about one's own mortality, I suppose. 

Pianist Chick Corea's death in 2021 was another.whose passing had had that effect on me. I'd followed his career on and off as I wasn't keen on certain portions of his musical journey, and the passion he elicited was nowhere near the same as that which pianists like Keith Jarrett or Paul Bley sparked in me, but the ingenuity and sensitivity found in Corea's volume of work, and given all he'd touched and all he'd contributed to, some of these being projects that have touched me most profoundly, managing to shake my sense of  'convention'...

No matter one's devotion to an artist, or lack of, some people have, through their art, weaved themselves into the cultural fabric that defines a period in ways that force one to acknowledge that, surely, without them, it'd be an entirely different world, and, given their positive effect on an art form and the joy they've allowed to be expressed by so many, we do owe some thanks for their being. Jeff Beck is such a person, perhaps far more among musicians than within popular culture, but the transitive impact of one on another shouldn't be discounted.

Beck once said of guitarist John McLaughlin, "[he] has given us so many different facets of the guitar and introduced thousands of us to world music, by blending Indian music with jazz and classical. I'd say he was the best guitarist alive." Indeed, the seminal 1976 album, "Shakti with John McLaughlin," along with his Mahavishnu Orchestra project, altered my thinking in indescribable ways, opening neural pathways and breaking barriers, delivering bliss and goosebumps with every listen.

One finds Wes Montgomery and hints of Les Paul and Ravi Shankar and traces of others in Beck's playing, which always remained relevant to the times, but, mostly, what one hears is Jeff Beck. A truly unique voice.

He's never enjoyed a musical vehicle that's carried him to the forefront, as Led Zeppelin managed to do for Jimmy Page or Pink Floyd for David Gilmour, to name just two, which may explain why, for me, Beck isn't one of those musicians for whom I've much to say about particulars of his career, yet so much to say about the period he represents, and his crucial role within it.

Here he is on Roger Water's 1992 "Amused to Death", an album I've always considered to be important, and part of a trilogy of sorts that includes Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall", but which didn't get the proper attention it deserves, in my opinion, until its 2015 reissue, proving that it was, merely, ahead of its time. The engineering work on that album is something else.

What God Wants, Pt 1

Jeff Beck, Guitar God


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