Jan 13, 2023: Chinese Invasion Doubts - Trying to Discipline Peterson

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Posted: Jan 13, 2023   8:06:00 AM   |
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Four Idiots Walked Into a Bar...

Video: Secs. Blinken and Austin Hold News Conference with Japanese Counterparts | C-SPAN.org

Transcript: Secretary Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa, And Japanese Defense Minister Hamada Yasukazu At a Joint Press Availability - United States Department of State


In a press conference held on Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that he "seriously doubted" that China's heightened military activity witnessed near the Taiwan Strait should be taken as a sign that an invasion of Taiwan by China was imminent.

"We've seen increased aerial activity in the straits, we've seen increased surface vessel activity around Taiwan," Austin said. "But whether or not that means that an invasion is imminent, you know, I seriously doubt that."

Gee, golly, gee-willikers! What happened that turned Token Austin into a reasonable man? Has he finally accepted his role in providing all that was necessary to ferment the growth of ISIS, has he connected the Middle East with those past efforts that gave birth to the Mujahideen, and did that force him to examine the US' current collaboration with the controlled group of extremists that NATO has been stoking and arming and pointing eastward, sending them into Donbass and to their death, having fooled the country to back their efforts with regular forces troops?

How I read that: Now isn't a good time for the US-Led Western Hoes to exploit such opportunities. For starters, the West is too low on weapons right now given all that's sent to Ukraine and lands in the hands of gangs, and, also, perhaps because people clued in to the economic devastation in store for Taiwan should the US have its way and force chip manufacturing to the US, and, especially for that reason, no one cares to have a war that few want to have except wealthy Westerners cozy at home, and, so, the US lost nearly all the footing it had in Taiwan since the last elections in Nov-2022.

Of course, according to Western media, people weren't sending a message to their leaders. Outlets like CBS leaned on anything and everything as a potential explanation for the sudden shift that occurred, offering statements like: 

"Concerns about threats from rival China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, took a backseat to more local issues in the elections."   

All liberal media outlets avoided the mention of, or denied, "US intervention" as the reason, never mentioning that a majority prefers to avoid the topic, focus on their island, and remain on the same peaceful course that Taiwan has been on with China, unification being in some future.

•     •     •

Standing alongside Austin were US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and their Japanese counterparts. Foreign Minister Hayashi and Defense Minister Hamada.

Blinken had this to say:

Japan’s new national security strategy, national defense strategy, and defense buildup program reflect the scale and scope of that transformation.

These new strategies make clear Japan’s commitment to invest in enhancing its capabilities, to take on new roles, and foster even closer defense cooperation with the United States and our mutual partners. We applaud Japan’s pledge to double defense spending by 2027.

Japan’s strategies align closely with our own National Security Strategy – both in the key challenges we identify as well as in how to effectively address them.

We’re committed to upholding shared values of democracy and human rights, defending the international rule of law, continuing to lead the world in tackling global challenges that no one country can solve alone, like the climate crisis and deadly viruses.

We agree that the PRC is the greatest shared strategic challenge that we and our allies and partners face.

We stand together with Ukraine against President Putin’s war, which threatens the principles at the heart of the international rules-based order – including that all nations should be able to chart their own path, and have their sovereignty, their independence, their territorial integrity respected.

Because he's even able to say the last part, in bold, without laughing, as if he actually means any of it, that is why I think Blinken belongs in a trash bin. Way at the bottom of it. 

Next,  Foreign Minister Hayashi.

"During the past year since the previous 2+2 meeting, Russia’s aggression of Ukraine, an event that shakes the foundation of international order, occurred, placing the international community at historical crossroad," said minister Hayashi.

The meet came after the release of strategic documents by both countries. Able to contrast and compare both documents, care to venture a guess as to what both defense-focused parties were able to confirm? Both strategies shared these precise desires:

"Today’s meeting," said Hayashi, "delivered three major outcomes":

1. "Specifically, first of all on China, China presents an unprecedented and the greatest strategic challenge.  Its foreign policy to recreate international order to serve its self-interest is a grave concern for the Japan-U.S. Alliance and for the whole of the international community. Upon confirming such shared recognition, we confirmed that Japan and the U.S. will continue to be united in raising objections against China’s attempts to change status quo in the East China Sea[.]... 

We also confirmed our strong opposition against unlawful claims and coercive and provocative efforts and actions by China in the South China Sea.  We reaffirmed that the basic positions of our two countries over Taiwan remains unchanged.

"On Russia, we reaffirmed our notion that aggression of Ukraine shakes the foundation of international order; accused Russia for its reckless nuclear rhetoric and attacks against civilian infrastructure; and concurred to continue our strong support to Ukraine.  In addition, we shared our concern over the enhanced military cooperation between China and Russia.

"Further, on North Korea, we strongly accused them for the launch of ballistic missiles during the past year at unprecedented frequency, and reaffirmed our unwavering commitment towards the complete denuclearization of North Korea based on UN Security Council resolutions."

2. "Secondly, we affirmed the further endeavors to bolster the deterrence and response capabilities of the Japan-U.S. Alliance in view of the new strategies based on the increasingly severe security environment.  I welcomed the U.S. resolve to optimize the force posture in the Indo-Pacific, including Japan, and we decided to continue close consultation how to further optimize the U.S. force posture in Japan."

3. "Thirdly, we once again affirmed the importance of the reduction of the impact on the local communities, including Okinawa.  We also reaffirmed that in order to avoid the continued use of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, the relocation to Henoko is the only solution."

Stupidest comments ever made? Close, methinks. And not just Hayashi's, Blinken's, too, as always, offering grand sounding abstractions he's too much of a scum snot to understand, let alone stand by them. The same is true for Hamada and Austin, but, both of these men being defense dept. heads seems to grant them the talent to say the exact same thing as the first two, but in a more vague and less targeted fashion whilst identifying key elements more clearly — it's a special gift, alright. From the military to them.

#3 makes me laugh. Essentially: Locals are fed up with the US army, so, we all agree we need to hide the build up of troops and weapons we all agree is necessary... for the security of the world.

The "foreign policy... self interest" bit (underlined, above)... How does one respond to such arrogance and stupidity? Minister or not, I can't respect such a person.

That said: Hey, you, the idiot saying idiot things! Forcing China and the world to bend to the US' idiotic "rules-based order" to be raped by their elites... how the hell is that not self-serving, and to just a few neo-Imperialist A-holes to boot!

Want more: Hey, you idiot A-hole! Regarding your "whole international community" and "status quo" idiocy, how about the world gets a say on that?! You up for that, you supreme idiot, you? Let's take a vote, and let's see how much of the world really agrees with your idiocy, along with the other WEF club members, the great majority all rich on idiocy as well.

Stating, "accused Russia for its reckless nuclear rhetoric." If all the mainstream media were in line with my say so and all of them repeated how much of an idiot I say Hayashi is, then, this would necessitate a clause in that joint-idiocy-agreement to spell out how much of an idiot Hayashi is, wouldn't it? Fucking moron, he is!

I don't think I have to point out how fed up I am with these types of people, all the more so because of the reality they create to then use against people and nations, and to their own self-serving and corrupt, greedy ends, always assuming that people are too dumb to realize what they're really saying and what's really behind their motivation, or that we're too powerless to do anything about it anyways.

They are not good people. Time we stop listening to their BS.


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Peterson In Need of Discipline

The College of Psychologists of Ontario has ordered Jordan Peterson to undergo media training on Thursday, concerned with the impact his Tweets may have on society at large, and worried over the potential danger he represents to all. They've even threatened to impose disciplinary measures if he doesn't comply.

You can guess Peterson's response to that, no doubt.Jordan Peterson

I personally agree that Peterson should undergo media training, but in the same way that I think that everyone should undergo such training, as too many are seemingly unaware of the real impact of what they may communicate, and 'responsibility' and 'accountability' come far too often as an afterthought.

In other words: Yes, I firmly believe that certain aspects of media dissemination should be packaged into a course that we should all be forced to take, this being integrated into all grade school curriculum, as well as through industry-related programs that target older people no longer in schools. The goal of such a course would be to raise greater awareness of the risks, of one's responsibility, and a greater appreciation for the breathing, living information eco-system all are granted access to, and our role in keeping the Internet a healthy and free space..

A bi-annual refresher, with updates, for mass disseminators would be a good idea, too.

But for the College of Psychologists — a professional order — to meddle in Peterson's non-psychologist professional life (he's making a living off of the media), well, I'm all against that. Strongly so. 

Albeit the College has received complaints, they all have to do with people not liking what Paterson is saying, and being petty bullies about it; none of the complaints received by the board concern anything whatsoever relating to acts or statements made by Peterson while acting in any professional capacity.   

Peterson has not been practicing psychology for at least five or six years, according to James Turk, from the Center for Free Expression, which has voiced its opposition to the demand made by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

The examples cited to back their claim and demand are Peterson's refusal to use certain pronouns, having referred to Catherine McKenney, an Ottawa city councilor who prefers to use the they/them pronouns, as "an appalling, self-righteous, moralizing thing", as well as a comment made about Elliot Page, the latter being the cause of Peterson's suspension from Twitter until he removed the offending post.

At the risk of being any less popular: I personally find those who get really offended over pronouns, making a huge case out of this, calling individuals all sorts of way worse insults than the ones that wrong pronouns could possibly carry, especially if one has decided, and is determined, to use such 'special' pronouns, I find these to be just as ridiculous as those who insist on using the wrong pronouns to make an epic (see: real silly) point no one really cares about, except as an excuse to direct their angst, this being true for both groups, obviously, as one feeds off of the other.


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Speaking of Free Speech

To clarify matters, given the Peterson affair that's sure to bring up the same lies, as this one fueled a fair number of cries calling for the liberation of Canada, as the country is fast morphing into a Fascist communist state before your very eyes... uh, um... for several years now. But watch out!

The comedian that got censored for telling a joke. This one got twisted in all sorts of ways and quickly became an urban myth, along with the father with the trans teen who was given a gag order, not to mention the Trucker Convoy, these presenting a whole other reality to conspiracy pushers, mostly all rightwingers, many of them south of the border.

Oh, and there's the euthanasia stupidity, too, which I'll tackle in another post as it fuels all sorts of idiocy by people like Jackson Hinkle, who exploit their inability to research policies or read laws in order to make any piece fit their grand and convoluted global conspiracy theory that, in Hinkle's case, says more about him being an ignorant and pretentious misogynist and opportunist than about the real state of the times.

Here's one of his recent 'brilliant' comments (too many to chose from): "99% of our country’s problems would be solved if men stopped being fat and women stopped being whores.”

Anyhow: The case of comedian Mike Ward, known for his crass comments and offensive jokes, who'd made fun of a handicapped boy, Jérémy Gabriel, who, gaining some fame after singing the national anthem at a Canadiens hockey game, lived out his dream and sang a song with Céline Dion in Las Vegas. Maybe more than one, but I lost all interest as soon as I heard the name "Céline Dion." He also performed for Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. I lost even more interest...
Jeremy's Hurt Feelings

Gabriel suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome, a congenital disease that's characterized by head and facial deformities.

The Jérémy-Céline moment was one of those awkward and annoying and grating moments that all had to go "Awwwww" to because he's handicapped, and the Quebec kitsch that this qualifies as and which often feeds Québecois nationalism tends to annoy Federalist Quebeckers if they're bilingual and made to care.

I'm of the 'two solitudes', as described by Canadian writer Hugh MacLennan: I'm too Anglophone for the Francos and to Franco for the Anglos. There used to be much hate between the two. This void is becoming less relevant, but it certainly placed me in a weird 'Canadian' space when I was young; Ward is one year younger than me and also fits the bill, having an Anglo father and a Franco mother (not my case, both parents are Franco). Though I don't much care for his humour, we share the same aversion of that Quebec kitsch. 

That he made Gabriel the target of his jokes in stand-up shows he gave in between 2010 and 2013 can be seen in several ways, it being in poor taste being the majority view, all the more so as much of it could be taken as an indictment of that kitchiness, which TVA — one of the main networks; seen as populist, low brow — just loves to exploit. 

A complaint was filed in the Quebec courts by the parents in 2012. This has nothing to do with the government tightening free speech or censoring a comedian. 

The parents, mostly the mother, obsessed, kept pushing, making a big deal out of the affair, and took it up to our human rights tribunal as a case of discrimination, for which they finally got a ruling in 2016, when Quebec's human rights tribunal had ordered Ward to pay $35,000 in moral and punitive damages.

Ward appealed the ruling, as the parents had turned a civil case into a human rights issue; two lessons we should take home from this:

  1. Most of us didn't react as we should have given the fact that Mike Ward is mostly seen as an offensive arse;
  2. The Quebec court allowed itself some prejudice due to the handicap state of Gabriel.

In Oct-2021 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of Mike Ward, having determined that the comedian's jokes "did not meet the criterion of discrimination."

While acknowledging that Ward's comments were hardly edifying, the ruling argued that discrimination within the meaning of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms could not be invoked to obtain redress in a defamation case.

The high court had said that "the Quebec tribunal, which hears cases brought to it by the provincial rights commission, had overstepped its legal bounds in several cases where it awarded thousands of dollars in damages after finding that comments alone amounted to discrimination."

In Feb-2022, Jérémy Gabriel and his mother had, again, each filed lawsuits against Ward in civil courts... Keep trying until you get the verdict you want, is that it?

Jérémy Gabriel had filed a motion in Superior Court, claiming $288,000 in damages from Ward, while Sylvie Gabriel had filed a similar motion in the Court of Quebec, Civil Division, for the sum of $84,600.

In both cases, the plaintiffs believe that Ward knowingly attacked them "with malicious intent," seeking "to ridicule, humiliate, and expose them to the hatred or contempt of his audience," personal attacks which, according to them, "are in no way justifiable in the context of a show."

According to the Canadian Press: Sylvie Gabriel claims to have "been 'devastated by Mr. Ward's comments' and that he "broke everything she had built with her son." She alleges suffering from insomnia, having 'lost confidence in people' and says she has been taking antidepressants since 2012."

In Jun-2022, a Quebec court judge dismissed Sylvie Gabriel’s defamation suit against Ward. Good thing, in my opinion; that antidepressant claim was just too much for me. 

Since the Oct-2021 Supreme Court ruling, the commission in charge of investigating cases of discrimination has has to drop 194 complaints it would have otherwise ruled in favour of  (shorter to say than "nearly 200", so why push a worse impression?).

It's interesting to see how this mirrors a certain shift occurring in the US. The far more progressive Quebec is more quick to censor and penalize than conservative Canada. 

According to the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse, which released their activity report last December, 2,290 requests for investigations were made in the 2021-2022 period. The most frequently cited grounds of discrimination in Quebec have remained consistent through the years; these are: 

  • Disability issues: 38%
  • Race/ethnicity/national origin: 27%
  • Age: 8%
  • Criminal record: 6%
  • Sex/gender: 4%
  • Social conditions: 4%


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